Saturday, November 15, 2014

"What marriage is..."

" you write some shit down on paper and then when the woman gets tired of your nonsense she can leave and have sex with new men.  But you have to continue sending her money...  Yeah, well, OJ wasn't buying that either."

This actually explains a lot, given the number of times this was on TV when I was a kid.

Hitting up one of my regularly scheduled training blogs and, boom, solid relationship stuff.  LIFT-RUN-BANG: Thoughts about life, crap, training, and stuff - Cheaters: "I remember a while back that someone posted a meme that read "Don't let your man leave the house horny, or hungry" and some women got offended by it. 

Why? Seems like good advice to me.  

Wouldn't doing so mean you're simply doing a part of keeping your man fulfilled in the relationship?  The counter argument to that is that the man should love her enough and be disciplined enough not to be persuaded by other women.  Maybe.  Maybe not...

Mind you, none of this is an excuse for that kind of behavior if he is an committed relationship.  I'm just trying to talk about reality here.  It does happen.  It's less likely to happen if you treat your man like it's "steak and a BJ day" more days than not...

And now we're at the crux of it all. The fact is, a man will get used to looking at his beautiful woman.  As the saying goes, show me a beautiful woman and I will show you a man tired of her shit. There's sort of a deeper message lost in that very red-necky saying. And it's this.  After all of the novelty and newness of someone wears off....what are you left with?  What are they "feeding" you?  Emotionally, intellectually, and physically.  

For a relationship to continue thriving it has to be fed on all these parts or it will wilt and die.  To add, as people grow they change, and need different types of things to be fed.  It's up to both people to be open enough and receptive enough to listen to those needs, and more importantly, have application in regards to them. 

This is why communication isn't enough.  The application part is probably more important.  Lots of couples fail because while they hear the needs of the other person, there is no application of those needs.  Communication is only worth it if the other person applies those needs that are being communicated. 

If you tell me that after work you need your feet rubbed, but I fail to apply a foot rubbing, then communication isn't the problem.  It's the lack of application of what I know you need.   What generally happens next is that the communicator stops letting the other person know what they need, because they feel doing so is a waste of time...

The point is, if you are going to be in a relationship don't expect it to be just about your own personal needs.  There's someone else involved too.  And I see far too much entitlement now about how a man treats a woman, yet so little in the way about how people are supposed to treat EACH OTHER.  A big part of a loving relationship is understanding the needs of your partner and caring enough to meet them. Let me rephrase that....a big part of a loving relationship is understanding the needs of each other and doing what it takes to meet them.  It's a reciprocation that is done because it's important to you to make sure your partner is happy.  They do the same for you."

Friday, November 14, 2014

" rules, Sammy."

Of course.  Gen. Martin Dempsey Opens Door to Combat Role for U.S. Forces in Iraq - NBC "Gen. Martin Dempsey, the nation’s highest-ranking general, said Thursday that he is considering recommending that American troops fight alongside Iraqi forces to retake the city of Mosul or border areas with Syria from ISIS militants."

Thailand 'most dangerous tourist destination' claims book - Telegraph: "It pulls no punches and paints a bleak image of the future, going on to state: “Thailand has a dying king and serious succession problems, weak democratic institutions, an economy slipping into recession, faces issues of corruption across many of its key services and is host to international crime syndicates, awash with despised foreigners and drifting perilously towards civil war.”"

Thailand bans Briton's book that 'defames monarchy' - Telegraph: "The author said he was painfully aware that the book would provoke a furious reaction. “Open political debate is criminalised via draconian enforcement of the lese majeste law that outlaws any perceived criticism of the royal family," he said. “The Thai monarchy controls a fortune of at least £25 billion and Thai royals have frequently intervened in politics, so no sensible analysis of Thailand can afford to ignore their role. It’s also widely recognised that the death of the current king could unleash even greater instability. But saying so is illegal in Thailand — it is, quite literally, a crime to tell the truth.”"

Grandma tries so hard. 

Pushing white guys rightward on the political spectrum - Chicago Tribune: "One that gets me frosted is the routine depiction of white men in commercial advertising as dumb dads and/or macho morons. The tide of political and gender correctness has been so powerful that straight white guys are now the only demographic that can be safely ridiculed. Women are no longer shown venting frustration over waxy buildup on their kitchen floors, and that's good. But it's OK to depict beer-guzzling guys in sleeveless tees, sprawled on the sofa, mesmerized by TV sports even as something far more important begs their attention. It's a staple of modern advertising.

Consider the new Cadillac commercial that shows a dapper but dweeb-ish guy walking down the street thinking women are staring at him — when actually they're ogling Caddy's new ATS Coupe for 2015. Reshoot that ad with a female or minority playing the fool and advocacy groups would be talking boycott. In better times white guys let such mockery roll off their backs. But these are not better times, especially for the vast majority of guys not at the top of the economic pyramid...  lower down, where the middle class lives, the gender/wage gap is closing in an economy that increasingly rewards feminine tendencies toward cooperation and attention to detail over masculine brawn and impulse.

Women now predominate at degree-granting colleges and professional schools. Of 15 job categories expected to grow fastest over the next decade, ladies dominate all but two. Traditional good-paying "male" jobs, especially in manufacturing, are being off-shored or automated. So it's an awkward time to be claiming there's a "war on women" or, for that matter, a supposed epidemic of rape on college campuses or a sudden outbreak of unreported domestic violence. Sexual violence and domestic abuse are never to be tolerated, period. But a growing majority of us wife-and-daughter-adoring, please-and-thank-you white guys have lost patience with widespread male-bashing..."

Misha's the best. 


Awesome.  damilyn: Today is apparently... - APE IN A CAPE: "Today is apparently #cosplayappreciationday ! "

Training - "Advice for Success: 1. When you don't feel like doing your workout, do it anyway."

11/14 - squats, lunges, side bends

 The Rock's wheels... just ridiculous.

46 Years Old/Aging Is A Choice/No Excuses/Inspiring as Fuck.  ChickenTuna: "I am not a trainer, nutritionist or fitness professional of any sort... Just chatting about how hard it is, but very rewarding to stay fit. I put this site up in 2006 after hearing so much nonsense about people trying to get fit by attempting schemes and magical tricks.. which of course don't work.  Please don't treat fitness like an unsolved mystery.. all anyone can do is eat right and exercise consistently to be fit.. just a matter of actually doing it.  Being fit is doesn't cost anything.  You don't need to buy a workout plan or a magic meal plan.. keep making healthy food choices and do your workouts.   I've done it consistently for over 22 years now by using common sense and I will keep at it throughout my life.    I've had so much positive feedback about taking the confusion out of fitness so I'm keeping my site up and adding more.."

FAQ: "Q: How old are you? I’m 46.  I’ve been exercising consistently since I was 23.  The longest break I’ve ever taken from working out has been 1 week. Q: What supplements to you use? A: NONE." 

Philosophy: "Anyone  embarking on a mission to be in great shape should first be honest about what you are willing to do before you start looking for results.  If you are only going to workout once in a while, keep skipping workouts, putting in little effort  and you are not willing to say 'no' every time someone offers you a piece of cake, then don't torture yourself by expecting to see the best results.  I know I wouldn't see any if I started canceling my workouts and eating all the crap that came my way everyday.   Being consistent is the most important part of seeing results. I recently had a friend ask me what he should do about getting in shape.  My first instinct was to tell him to do what I do.  I workout regularly with weights and cardio,   I eat only non-processed foods, and I say no to eating all junk food and drinking alcohol.  When I told him this he said, "well, I don't like any of those healthy foods, I hate working out, and I love eating my treats."     I said, " well,  I feel the same way.. join the club."   Then he asked me how I do it, and I told him that I am just realistic about it and I like how it feels to walk around so fit.   I love being in shape and I am willing to do what it takes to stay there even though it's hard and not so much fun to give up all the good stuff.    But I think it would be less fun to be aging and become a pile of lard, jiggles, and flab.  I eat the boring food to have the exciting body.  I don't think I would enjoy it as much if I were eating all the exciting food and having the boring body.  Being fit and strong is a great feeling."

Philosophy: "I think the biggest excuse for not working out (besides not liking it) is that there isn't enough time for it.   Sorry, but that's not a valid excuse.  Everyone is very busy everyday and fitting in workout is just a matter of making it a priority.  I have a neighbor who has the most beautiful garden and I see her working in it everyday.  She is also about at least 100 pounds overweight.  She says she  doesn't workout because  she doesn't have the time.  But she has the time to keep her yard beautiful.   Not having the time is just an excuse, if she really wanted to be in shape she would find the time but being fit just isn't a priority.  Everyone has different priorities."

Magic Seekers: "Advice for Success 1. When you don't feel like doing your workout, do it anyway. You'll feel better afterwards. 2. When you feel like eating pizza for dinner, eat grilled chicken instead, you will survive. You'll feel great about your choice the next day. 3. Keep doing the above every week consistently. Consistency is KEY. "

Rants: "Feeling Deprived? I hear this a lot.. I am offered cakes, muffins, and all kinds of delicious assorted pastries on a daily basis at my real estate office and many other places (drooling over the Starbucks pastry case every morning). I always turn them down, and I’ll hear so many people say to me, “why deprive yourself?… life is too short.” I see these people chowing down all the muffins every week and I’m actually thinking the same thing about them… Aren’t they depriving themselves of nice bodies by eating them everyday? None of these people are in shape and they are all sitting around with big belly rolls and jiggles all over their bodies.(not like I'm judging but if I am questioned about my choices I will point fingers)  I’m just thinking to myself when I see them, that they are depriving themselves of the great feeling of being fit. They are depriving themselves of being at their best. So I guess it’s all in how you look at it. I’ve personally never felt deprived by turning down the goodies. Sure I love them. I was raised on junk food and sugar,.. it’s like mother’s milk to me. But the feeling of being fit all the time is far greater to me than the temporary satisfaction of feasting on the morning pastry basket. "

Confusion: "Also very common….. Women will see me looking lean and tone and give me nice compliments and then say, “ I went to the gym for a while but I just didn’t like it, I wish I liked it like you.”    ( I just love assumptions) Oh really?    Excuse me but who said I LIKED going to the gym? I think that was just an assumption. The truth is, I DON”T LIKE IT!!!!  I kind of love/hate it... Its hard!!!!    It is a pain in the ass. But I do it anyway because I like being fit. It is such a great feeling and so much fun wearing nicely fitted clothing that is it worth the effort. I don’t necessarily love brushing my teeth or taking out the garbage either, but I still do it everyday.. ."

Working Out: "When I first started exercising regularly at age 23, I purchased home workout videos and just kept rotating them each week. I always did the videos 3 or 4 times a week or every other day. I still use them as my preferred cardio method and have  many in my collection. Over the years, people have often asked me if the exercise videos work,.. and the answer is YES, they definitely work,....only if YOU DO THEM on a regular basis. Many people will do a video once or twice... don't see any results and then forget about it and that will never work. Force your lazy ass up off the couch and get the workout done, and keep it up on a regular basis for the rest of your life. That is what I do, and it works. I mostly use Taebo,  but ANY cardio workout that you do regularly will be effective."

Working Out: "I knew nothing about weight training back in my 20's and I wish I would have started sooner but it wasn't too late. I was in great condition from the videos and I think they keep me in better condition than if I had been just running on a tread mill for cardio. Now with the combination of eating the right, weight training, and cardio, and I am finally doing it right and I am still striving to be in better shape. Since I'm not a trainer or any sort of expert on this stuff, I am not going to talk about "the right routine", "the proper food amounts" or " a "how to section". If you aren't sure how much to eat or what type of exercise program to begin, do some research, but don't overcomplicate it.  It really comes down to this... you need to work out and eat right consistently to stay in shape. "

 That's just cute.

 Frank Zane, Aesthetics 101.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Carry on My Wayward Son."

It's the Whedonverse, I fully expect this to end in tragedy.

Suicide Squad may end up being the DC flick I'm most looking forward to.  Suicide Squad: Jai Courtney in talks for Deadshot, Will Smith rumored for Captain Boomerang, Tom Hardy for Rick Flag - Batman News: "Suicide Squad casting is beginning to come together quite nicely. Variety is reporting that Terminator: Genesys star Jai Courtney is currently in talks to play Deadshot. Will Smith smith has been rumored for a while now, and Variety says that he may be The Flash nemesis Digger Harkness a.k.a. Captain Boomerang. Tom Hardy is also rumored to be up for the role of Rick Flag. This comes after the news that Warner Bros. is trying to get Jared Leto to sign on as the Joker, and that Margot Robbie has reportedly been cast as Harley Quinn. Jesse Eisenberg will likely reprise his Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice role as Lex Luthor."

The best American Ninja Warrior tryout reel you might ever see.

#science. The Hottest Trend In Boob Jobs Are 'Vacation Breasts' But What The Hell Are They?: "The New York plastic surgeon who developed the “insta breast,” a saline injection into the breast that gives the impression of implants for 24 hours, is now working on a method that would last two to three weeks. “Twenty-four hours is great,” said Dr. Norman Rowe, a board certified plastic surgeon who practices in Manhattan, “but it’s still just 24 hours.” 
That. Is. Amazing. I love you, science. 
Rowe said the two-to-three-week breast “implants” are perfect for a special occasion — such as a wedding or vacation — but also give women a better opportunity to see what living with larger breasts is really like. Oh man, chicks are going to start getting new racks like they’re spray tans. “This weekend is the big rush party. Time to get my tits right!”"



Scott Walker's Repellent, Unconstitutional Call to Drug-Test Welfare Recipients - Hit & Run : "A 2003 case out of Michigan established that “suspicionless” drug testing for prospective social welfare beneficiaries represented a violation of their personal liberties. The 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled in that case that drug testing can be imposed on an applicant only if there is reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing. That's how it should be. There's no reason to treat food stamp recipients or collectors of unemployment benefits (for which they paid unemployment insurance) as moral defectives... 

This sort of drug-testing is not only repellent on ethical grounds, it's a clear waste of money. If a recent program in Missouri is any indication, Wisconsin will be collecting urine by the bucketful to catch very few bad actors (and that assumes smoking dope, say, should be a reason to pull somebody's benefits). Last year, Missouri started testing suspected drug users (note: suspected, meaning there was at least some hypothetical reason to think a person was using drugs). The state ended up spending $500,000 to test 636 people, of which 20 were found to be using. So around 3 percent of suspects tested positive and each test cost around $786. Before courts ruled Florida's drug-testing regime illegal, the Sunshine State spent $115,000 on piss tests and ended up coughing up $600,000 in reimbursements to applicants who had been denied benefits."

Officials Blame Elections for Afghanistan's Opium Boom - Hit & Run : "More than a decade after the West installed a new regime in Kabul and promised to stamp out Afghanistan's opium trade, it's no surprise that the authorities have not been able to eliminate the country's signature crop. But as poppy production reaches new heights, I got a wry smile out of officials' explanation for the latest boom: Opium cultivation and production in Afghanistan reached record levels this year, United Nations officials said Wednesday, blaming at least part of the increase on politicians' need for campaign cash during the country's protracted election season."

That's just funny.  A Man’s Guide To Women Based Purely On Looks: "...a Ukrainian girl once told me, “There is no such thing as an ugly girl, just a lazy one.”"

Ethan Nadelmann's Fiery TED Talk: What has the war on drugs done to the world? | Drug Policy Alliance: "Twenty years ago, Ethan Nadelmann left his teaching position at Princeton University to become a full-time advocate for ending the drug war. As the founding executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), the largest and most influential organization promoting drug policies grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights, Ethan’s vision and leadership have had a monumental impact on public opinion and changed the course of history. Take a few minutes, as soon as you can, to hear Ethan Nadelmann’s newly released TED Talk that’s featured as today’s lead item at"

From the comments:  "In 1970 cannabis was temporally placed in Schedule I, the most dangerous controlled substances group, pending the results of a commission created by Richard Nixon to study cannabis and its effects. In 1972 this commission, the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse, recommended that cannabis prohibition be ended, which would remove it from Schedule I. Instead, Nixon ignored the results of his own commission and four decades later cannabis remains in Schedule I along with heroin! Nixon was recorded in the Oval Office on the now infamous Nixon White House tapes speaking with his Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman: "I want a goddamn strong statement on marijuana, I mean one that just tears the ass out of them. You know, it’s a funny thing, every one of the bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish…. You have to face the fact that the whole problem is really the blacks...The key is to devise a system that recognizes this all while not appearing to.""

Supernatural 200th episode.  #RightInTheFeels