Thursday, December 27, 2012


12/27 - P90X+ D39 Yoga X

Strong Angels —
"Lauren’s progess in 10 months. Wow!"

"One day you are going to have to make that choice."

AGENT STERLING: We decided not to prosecute. Order had to be restored.
NATE: That's why you joined Interpol? Screw justice, you're the order guy?
AGENT STERLING: It's not a choice.
NATE: It is. Justice, or order? One day you are going to have to make that choice.

"People like that, corporations like that, they have all the money, they have all the power, and they use it to make people like you go away. Right now, you're suffering under an enormous weight. We provide...  Leverage."

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


12/26 - shadowboxing/boxing 5x2m/3x3m & kickboxing 3x2m + 3m footwork drills -- band dislocates/pullaparts 3x10 -- grip COCT 3x10/3x5 -- P90X+ D38 Total Body+

Down 65lbs and ripped/awesome - - Body Transformation: Fitness Formula:

Post Holiday Blasphemy is Good.

And finally, not religious.  Just because.  For reasons.  And math.  You can't argue with math.

Monday, December 24, 2012


12/24 - P90X+ D36 Upper+ & Ab Ripper X [no pullup bar available this week, so subbing in band pulldowns for pullups and Ab Ripper X for Abs/Core+]
12/23 - P90X+ D35 X-Stretch

"Now I have a machine gun. Ho-Ho-Ho." - Die Hard.

Ah, "Die Hard" favorite Xmas movie.  With "Lethal Weapon" running a close second, naturally.

And not a machine gun, obviously, but still... you know...  when you get a chance to quote "Die Hard" - you should.  And not terrible shooting, considering I only get to the range once every few years, at best.

The family that puts rounds downrange together stays together.  And is more prepared for the zombie apocalypse than you are.

In the "small world/great minds think alike" category, both my best buddy from college and my older brother both availed themselves of mail order meat services.  Delicious - Made of Awesome, Filled with Victory.

Food Log.

12/17 - coffee, half & half, supplements, water, almond butter
12/18 - coffee, half & half, supplements, water, almond butter, tomato, mozzarella, black olives, olive oil, chicken wings, ranch, Diet Coke, mozzarella & prosciutto roll
12/19 - coffee, half & half, supplements, protein powder, water, milk, BBQ beef tips & sauce
12/20 - coffee, milk, supplements, water, BBQ ribs & sauce, beer, salad, beef tartare, coffee, Splenda
12/21 - coffee, Diet Coke, supplements, water, M&Ms, Reeses Peanut Butter pieces, protein powder, cheddar, Hershey's Kisses
12/22 - water, supplements, Diet Coke, sausage egg McMuffin, bacon, coffee/energy drink, Jack Links beef stick, fried chicken, pulled pork BBQ, diet tea
12/23 - coffee, half & half, water, protein bar, protein shake, egg nog, beef BBQ ribs, beef tips, brisket, cookies, milk, beer, Diet Dr Pepper