Friday, September 28, 2012

The power of comedy.

@the 2012 Comedy Awards.


9/28 - treadmill - 400m - walk 4:07, jog 2:37, run x3 2:02, 1:50, 1:41 - 210m x2 57s, 55s

9/27 - shadowboxing [Bas Rutten MMA Workout] - boxing - 7x3m rounds

Awesome - - Over 40 Amateur Of The Week: Fitness Parenting:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

"...when people have lost the ability to set their own agendas or knowledgeably question those in authority."

"Texts From Last Night" = always entertaining.

Some laugh inducing Texts From Last Night from the last couple days:

(250):  Just once I'd like to do blow in a nice bathroom.

(626):  Remember when puke and rally meant a good time? Fuck pregnancy

(785):  Beer is acceptable at 830am if it's your bday, right?

(813):  People around me are just doing lines of cocaine. Like its no big deal. And I'm just here like.... Y'all want some cheezits?

(631): She cracked her neck before the blowjob and I knew shit just got real.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


9/26 - legs - 4x10 - zercher cable squats, step ups, split squats, bench hip thrust, lunges, calf raise - finisher glute bridge [max reps + isometric hold]

9/25 - pull workout - 4x10 - pullups [rest/pause sets 2-4], pulldowns, stiff arm pulldowns, seated row, bent row, 1a cable row, curls, wide cable curls, alt db curl, superman - finisher 2x neutral grip pullups [10/7]

53 years old = total victory - - Over 40 Amateur Of The Week: Cutting Corners:

Making Sense of the Bible.

Monday, September 24, 2012


9/24 - push workout - shoulders, triceps, chest - 4x10 - upright cable row, cable laterals, cable press, db laterals, front/side stiff arm laterals, db scott press, triangle pushups, pushdowns, overhead tricep x, cable fly, incline pushup, incline db fly/press - finisher 2x dips [14/12]

9/23 - 60m stretching

9/22 - 40m yoga

9/21 - push/pull superset ladders - dips/wg pullups ladder to 6 [21 reps], pushups/bw rows ladder to 10 [55 reps], 2x25 medicine ball twists - Body Transformation: Tessa Howsden Wins 2012 MusclePharm Live Shredded Challenge!:

Food Log.

Back at tracking food intake/nutrition.  This past week M-F eating clean/healthy/paleo-ish/primal-ish/low carb-ish, S-S indulging cravings, junk food & alcohol... tighten that up to one day a week free, as soon as feasible.

9/17 - coffee w/half & half, coffee w/milk, protein shake, water, tuna, cheese, protein bar, nut butters, Odwalla juice, tomato
9/18 - Odwalla juice, protein shake, mozzarella, crab, mixed nuts, coffee w/milk
9/19 - coffee w/milk, water, protein shake, steak, coconut water
9/20 - coffee w/ half & half, coconut water, water, steak, tomato w/mayo, mixed nuts
9/21 - coffee w/half & half, tuna salad, coconut water, protein shake, steak, salad w/shredded cheese & honey mustard dressing
9/22 - coffee w/half & half, beer, lobster dip, celery, crackers, cheeseburger sliders
9/23 - coconut water, latte, doughnuts, crab rangoon, beer, beef egg fu young, diet tea, diet root beer, tortillas

Reality is Interpretative.

"No meaning save what we choose to impose."

'Louie' is Great TV.

Review: Louie - Late Show (Part 3): Yo, Letterman! I did it!:
"...But what made this episode great wasn't the movie homage, but the way Louis C.K. used the structure to tell a universal story about striving to be more than you are, and how the fear of failure and of success can be equally crippling..."