Friday, April 06, 2012

Thursday, April 05, 2012


4/5 - rest/free/off

4/4 - 45m clinch/pummel/plumb/duck under & arm drag drills

4/3 - PT II - 60m grappling  
PT I - press 80x12/9/4, ring dips 7/5/5/5/3, Grip/CoCt 7/6/5/4/3, neck nods & rotations 75, wrist roller 10x2, neck harness 25x25

Monday, April 02, 2012


4/2 - PT II - PruFit - 3 rounds med ball slams/sandbag lunges/pullups/run a lap
PT I - pullups w/40lb weight vest 8/4/4/4, db dl 180x6/10[with hooks]/4, hyperx w/10lb med ball 12/8, db pullover 30x20

4/1 - rest day - lighter volume/deload/recovery this next week as I wrap up the first 3 month program of training in the year.  Think after a week deload I'll start running a round of P90X before the summer/for some general athletic conditioning/before I have to pack up the weights for shipping to the next post.

3/31 - PT II - 2x2m rounds boxing pad work, 2x2m rounds kickboxing thai pad work, jump rope, band throws, pullups x2
PT I - db dl 3x15, calf raises 3x20, 13m light shadowboxing

3/30 - PT II - grappling 60m
PT I - Back: Low pulley pull (1 x 12) / lat pull-down (1 x 12) / two dumbbell bench rows (1 x 12)
Triceps: Close-grip dip (1 x 12) / rope pull-down (1 x 12) / kickbacks (1 x 12)
Forearms: Barbell wrist curl (1 x 12) / reverse barbell curl (1 x 12) / zottman curls (1 x 12)
shadowboxing (13 minutes)

3/29 - PT III - PruFit - all exercises 50x - dips, side raises, lunges, jumping jacks, pushups, pullups, air squats, situps, mountain climbers
PT II - repeat PT I
PT I - Chest: Wide-grip dips (1 x 12) / wide-grip neck press (1 x 12) / incline dumbbell press (1 x 12) / wide push-ups (1 x 12) Shoulders: Side swings (1 x 8 each side) / shoulder row (1 x 12) / side laterals (1 x 12) / bent over dumbbell laterals (1 x 12) Biceps: Preacher curl (1 x 12) / drag curl (1 x 12) / incline curls (1 x 12) / seated dumbbell curls (1 x 12) shadowboxing (13 minutes) 

3/28 - PT II -  skipping rope, offense/defense kickboxing drill, pull ups, push ups, clinch work [wrist control, plumb, pummel]
PT I - goblet squat 3x15, calf raises 3x20, 13m shadowboxing, hand conditioning x100

3/27 - PT II - 60m grappling
PT I - Back: Low pulley pull (1 x 12) / lat pull-down (1 x 12) / two dumbbell bench rows (1 x 12)
Triceps: Close-grip dip (1 x 12) / rope pull-down (1 x 12) / kickbacks (1 x 12)
Forearms: Barbell wrist curl (1 x 12) / reverse barbell curl (1 x 12) / zottman curls (1 x 12)

Cooking/Food Log.

3/26 - coffee w/milk & Splenda x2, water, chicken, mayo, camembert, coffee w/cream & Splenda, multi, omega, Jack Links snack, almonds
3/27 - coffee w/cream & Splenda x2, protein shake, omega, multi, neuro, eggs, cheese, salsa, chicken, water, protein shake
3/28 - coffee w/cream & Splenda x3, protein shake, omega, multi, neuro, eggs, lunchmeat, cheese, salsa, almonds, Jack Links, water
3/29 - coffee w/cream & Splenda x3, water, omega, multi, neuro, eggs, bacon, cheese, salsa
3/30 - coffee w/cream & Splenda, coffee w/cream, water, jamon serrano, chorizo, camembert, brie, protein shake, multi, neuro, omega, Diet Coke
3/31 - coffee w/coconut milk, water, Diet Coke, Cadbury Egg/candy, beer x4 , chips, cupcakes, Coke x2, salami, pizza
4/1 - Diet Coke, coffee w/Splenda & coconut milk, water, pork hot dogs w/cheese & ranch/mayo/wasabi dip, cup of hot chocolate, candy, peanut butter

The only meal I actually put together for my other half this week, given her time out of town...

Whereas she, herself, spent Sunday afternoon whipping up her own Southern style food feast.

Never too late, never too old, never give up - "Maurice Smith Gets KO Win At Age 50."


"Maurice Smith, the former UFC heavyweight champion... had two HUGE accomplishments in MMA: he was the first kickboxer to take the UFC heavyweight title (at that time the best in the world); and he helped Frank Shamrock develop the first fully well-rounded skill-set in MMA history, sending Frank on one of the all-time title runs.

Now Smith has added another unique accomplishment to his resume: he won a professional MMA bout at age 50, by KO."

Robert Anton Wilson Speaks Wise On Libertarianism. Robert Anton Wilson on libertarianism:
"If libertarianism means anything, it should certainly mean progress, not stasis; change,  not medieval dogma; a liberation of energies, not a new cage.
Of course, there is an opinion broad in the land that libertarianism does mean a mindless, heartless and mechanical system of medieval dogma. I don’t know how this impression came about, although it probably has something to do with Randroids and other robot Ideologists who occasionally infest libertarian groups...  
I am not interested in Ideologies and don’t give a damn about labels at all, at all. I am interested only in what makes the world a little more reasonable, a little less violent and somewhat more free and tolerant than it has been in the past."