Wednesday, November 06, 2013


11/6 - db curls, db shrugs, concentration curls, neck harness, drag curls, neck nods/rotations, calf raises, crunches

The Rock is a goddamn beast in the new Hercules movie - The Rock's 'Hercules' Set Shots - Muscle & Fitness:

Today's Internets - Crossbow!

"Well, that's not very kind!"

Jimmy Jenson is better than you/all your excuses suck - Jimmy Jenson becomes first Down Syndrome person to finish New York marathon | Mail Online
"A Los Angeles man yesterday became the first ever person with Down Syndrome to complete the New York City Marathon. Jimmy Jenson may have finished hours after the winners but he raced into the record books when he crossed the line in Sunday's prestigious competition. The 48-year-old who completed his first marathon in Los Angeles last Spring finished the New York race in just over eight hours, with the help of a very close friend, Jennifer Davis."

Tuesday, November 05, 2013


11/5 - seated Arnold press, press, machine press, superset Gironda swings/lateral raise, plate halos, plate front raise, rear lateral raise

Monday, November 04, 2013


11/4 - bench, dips, inc db press, tricep dips

Today's workout brought to you by DayQuil, obstinance and a heroic wack of caffeine.

"'At 56 years old, I was overweight, couldn't really walk, had braces and was walking on canes and walkers. I wasn't really happy with my life and the way things was going,' he says. He couldn't keep up with his children or grandchildren and he wasn't in good health. After watching fitness videos on YouTube, Robert decided to go to the gym. He was undeterred by people who questioned his abilities because of his age and now, he's fitter and stronger than he's ever been before. 'I feel better now than I did when I was 18 years old,' he says. 'My advice to other people is to take an hour or two a day and get started on the calisthenics, cardio, weight-lifting - whatever you can do. It pays off in the long run, you feel a lot better.'"

"If you’ve ever wondered why I share so many age-related stories on the site, now you know. I post these stories to highlight that the body can handle much more work than the average person will ever comprehend. Age is not the crutch that many believe it to be. No, we won’t live forever, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our time with health and vitality. Exercise is not dangerous, assuming you progress gradually, listen to your body, and don’t get ahead of yourself. I’ve been training for over 20 years and have NEVER had any serious injuries in the gym. I don’t take any drugs, recovery supplements or even a vitamin. I’m just a regular person who happens to be passionate about training. Ignorance is dangerous. Inactivity is dangerous. Letting time pass you by with your ass stuck on the couch is dangerous. Hard work that is performed consistently and intelligently is not. Since when did hard work become such a rarity? In today’s world, if you work hard to better yourself physically, you essentially become part of a small minority. Meanwhile, physical inactivity is slowly killing countless others."

Batman AND Supergirl.  You're welcome.

Today's Internets - "...sheer elegance in its simplicity."

"What you don’t understand you can make mean anything." - Chuck Palahniuk

People can be awesome.

"You may watch The Middleman and come to the conclusion that our characters live in a fantasy world: an unreal realm where friendships are sustaining and sustained, where heroism is rewarded not with tragedy and further burden, by with hope—and where evil is the result not of an unbeatable, unknowable, and all-encompassing conspiracy, but of a stone-headed unwillingness to face the challenges of life with common human decency.

You may even be tempted to think that the worldview of The Middleman is naive, that you have been watching a bunch of Pollyannas spinning away childish fantasies of positivity…

…and as you walk away into the inky moral darkness of our complicated world—the truth of cruel, cold, and meaningless existence—you may even be tempted to smile at a stranger you pass on the street…maybe because you are amused by our callow misunderstanding of life’s bitter reality…maybe because you look at us and our little show as one might a child who doesn’t know any better…

…or maybe just because it looks like that stranger on the street could use a smile.

And when you do…just remember…our plan is sheer elegance in its simplicity." - Middleman comic and TV show creator Javier Grillo-Marxuach