Saturday, February 15, 2014

Training - "Hard work is a choice..."

2/16 - P90X3M D35 Dynamix, med/20m

"3 years of progress and still going!! Fitness isn’t a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle! Left: 418 Right: 218  Total Weight Loss: 190  Goal: Muscle Gains"


 "Peretz Partensky called 911 when he stumbled across an injured biker on a San Francisco street, it led to him being shoved, tackled, kneed in the temple, having an existing elbow injury exacerbated, cuffed face down on the street, his hands stomped on, arrested, told he "was going to be a problem," denied medical attention, stripped and shoved into solitary confinement, then let out the next day. When he went to court he had his charges summarily dismissed...

'the process of checking out was unremarkable. I signed a few papers. Retrieved my backpack. Confirmed the contents — laptop, wallet, phone, books and keys. “The charges will be dropped if you show up on Tuesday. If you don’t show up, there will be a warrant for your arrest,” I was casually informed. “Deputy, should I have been here in the first place?” “No” It was almost too good to hear. “Then why did I end up here?” “You have to consider the source.” This phrase I remember verbatim. “How do you mean?” “I mean, there are a lot of young cops on the street, trying to make a name for themselves.”....."'

I conclude with several public service announcements: Don’t call 911. Obviously, there are exceptions, but the sad lesson is, there are fewer than you’d think. Call Lyft to take you to the hospital. (Worked well when I broke my elbow.) Take such incidents to trial, where justice isn’t veiled by the POBAR. It’s not a matter of litigious vindictiveness. It’s just the only available way. The SF Office of Citizen Complaints is not a valid alternative. Consider wearing a video camera at all times. It has been shown that when police wear cameras and are aware of being filmed, it moderates their behavior. As self reports of the need to use force decrease, so do complaints."

"On November 15, immediately after the Cranston City Council narrowly defeated a proposed police union contract, the wards of two Council members who voted against the contract were flooded with parking tickets. As Steven Stycos, one of the Council members, documented, 128 tickets were issued in those two wards in the two nights following the vote, while only nine tickets were issued in the entire rest of the city. The 128 tickets actually exceeded the number of parking tickets that police had issued in the entire city during the months of September and October combined. This disturbing use of power by police to apparently retaliate against public officials raises serious issues..."

"So a guy named Eliseus was traveling to Bethel when a bunch of kids popped up and made fun of him for being bald. That had to suck, and you can't blame Eliseus for being pissed and cursing them to God. But God had Eliseus' back, by which I mean he sent two bears to maul 42 of these kids to death. For making fun of a bald dude...

God drowning every single person on the planet besides Noah and his family is pretty well known, but he also helped the Israelites murder everyone in Jericho, Heshbon, Bashan and many more, usually killing women, children and animals at the same time. Hell, God once helped some Israelites kill 500,000 other Israelites. God's crazy...

right before Abraham drove a knife into his son's throat, God yelled "Psyche!" and told him it was only a test. And then Abraham received some blessings after that for being willing to kill his own child at God's whim. And all it took was the dread of being forced to kill his own child on behalf of his angry deity and, presumably, a shit-ton of awkward family dinners for the rest of his life. Abraham got off better than Jephthah, who had to follow through with murdering his daughter (burning her alive, specifically) in order to get on God's good side before battling the Ammonites. (Genesis 22:1-12)"

Friday, February 14, 2014

Training - "Aging is for people who don't know better."

2/15 - P90X3M D34 MMX, med/2x20m, chest opener/20m

Never too old, never too late, never give up.

Thursday, February 13, 2014