Thursday, July 09, 2015

'The maps we use cause humanity to "appear inherently disassociated, remote, self-interestedly preoccupied with the political concept of it's got to be you or me; there is not enough for both."' - Buckminster Fuller

2090 isn't messing around.

Framing and perspective.

"After failing to criminally prosecute any of the financial firms responsible for the market collapse in 2008, former Attorney General Eric Holder is returning to Covington & Burling, a corporate law firm known for serving Wall Street clients."

Nothing to see here, please move along.
 Covington & Burling Gets Eric Holder Back After 6-Year Stopover

In order for you to live, something else must die.

Circle of life and all that kind of thing.

"I'm weird all the way down! You just can't handle it!"

"It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. It biases the judgment."

"What didn't hit you - and me - fed this suit, Clark..."

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Training - "You’re going to go through periods where you feel bad about your training... You’ll be frustrated... It’s not forever. Trust in your training."

7/7 - bench, bw row, dips, chins, curls

 Exercise anywhere.  No excuses.

It is so easy to lift weights...: "Hey real talk now. It is so easy to lift weights and get strong when it goes well. Like there is nothing easier. It’s fun and exciting and you literally get watch yourself adapt and become stronger. It’s also not forever. You’re going to go through periods where you feel bad about your training. You won’t make progress or you’ll feel that you are actually regressing. You’ll be frustrated and probably feel like quitting at times. It’s also not forever. Trust in your training and keep pushing and you will eventually find yourself in better days. As you learn more and become a better lifter you can make better choices that let you keep the net balance of good:bad training in the positive. Keep grinding. There is no glory without struggle."

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Just in case?

All religion is pretty much like this.

Problem? Or advantage?

I've heard.

"None of these “ISIS arrests” involved any actual members of ISIS, only members of the FBI... posing as such."

"The ominous FBI (or Department of Homeland Security) “terror warning” has become such a staple of the on-going, seemingly endless “war on terror” (d/b/a war on ISIS), we hardly even notice it anymore. Marked by a feedback loop of extremist propaganda, unverifiable claims about “online chatter” and fuzzy pronouncements issued by a neverending string of faceless Muslim bad guys, and given PR cover by FBI-contrived “terror plots,” the specter of the impending “attack” is part of a broader white noise of fear that never went away after 9/11. Indeed, the verbiage employed by the FBI in this latest warning —“we’re asking people to remain vigilant”—implies no actual change of the status quo, just an hysterical nudge to not let down our collective guard. There’s only one problem: These warnings never actually come to fruition. Not rarely, or almost never, but—by all accounts—never. No attacks, no arrests, no suspects at large."

And so it begins. "U.S. company challenges Japan to a giant-robot battle."

*Updated* - Oh.  It's ON.

USA vs. Japan Part II: Giant robot duel accepted - "On Sunday... Suidobashi CEO Kogoro Kurata responded, saying, "I'll fight. Absolutely." The MegaBots challenge gives both teams a year to make the modifications necessary to engage in robot-on-robot combat. "It's interesting, I'll give them that," Kurata said in a video response posted on YouTube and the company's Facebook page on July 5...

Referring to a rich -- if fictional -- history of giant robots, or "mecha" as they are known in Japan, Kurata explained that the country's pride was at stake. "We can't let another country win this," he said. "Giant robots are Japanese culture."

...Kurata clearly feels that there is a patriotic element at stake -- and has a way to ensure Kuratas' dominance. He suggests that robo-primacy would only emerge if the two robots were able to slug it out in "melee combat." "I want to punch them to scrap and knock them down to do it," Kurata said."


Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources: "After introducing the MegaBot Mark II, “America’s first fully functional giant piloted robot,” there was really only one thing left for MegaBots Inc. to do:  Challenge Japan to a giant-robot battle. Seriously, if you had a mecha what would you do? Build public-works projects? Hell no, you’d fight other robots! For America! To that end, the gang at MegaBots, whose sole purpose is to create giant piloted fighting robots, has released the most patriotic video you’ll see this week (yes, I know it’s Fourth of July weekend), throwing down the gauntlet to Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry, which has its own fully functional mecha."

Monday, July 06, 2015


6/6 - db row, db inc press, goblet squat, chins, dips, leg press, calf press, neck nods

Sunday, July 05, 2015

"I don't like bullies. I don't care where they're from."

"...the strong man who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows compassion."


7/5 - press/push press, chins, pike pushup/press, curls
7/3 - skip rope, shadowbox, ab work

Gina Hunt on Instagram:: "...if you scroll down my feed, you'll see that I always "kinda" trained and always "kinda" got results -> rewind to just over a year ago. Pretty sure I was close to rock bottom in this one, I had just lost someone I couldn't have anticipated losing. And honestly, I think of myself as a pretty hard person so it came as a shock when it hit me as bad as it did. For some time I managed to convince myself that I didn't belong in this world any more. Everyone has a different coping mechanism and mine is isolation, I just don't see the point in public self pitying because in the end nobody was able to help me if I wasn't willing to help myself first. I knew I needed to fall in love to overcome this loss, so I decided to give myself a temporary aim in life, a new direction; distraction from the numbing emptiness inside my chest. So I decided to compete - prep forced me to focus on each day as it come, exhausted me physically so that all I was able to focus on was the present moment..  I was never in this for the fit body but for the mental strength you gain from living the iron life. The hardbody merely reflects the discipline and dedication. And although I'm proud of all the things accomplished in the process, judgment will find you regardless of your appearance; you will be branded selfish/shallow if you have a six pack and lazy if you don't. So relax, take a breath and just keep doing what you're doing, because in the end, all what really matters is invisible to the eye"

Freedom Brothers - Outwork Workout Motivation: "Successful individuals make the most of their surroundings. They do whatever is necessary to fuel their passion. Rather than making excuses for what they lack, they make the most of what they have. A perfect example of this concept can be seen in the video that follows. Freedom Brothers – Dream Watch how this man (Erik) has turned a wooded area in Slovakia into his own highly effective training grounds. He truly epitomizes the idea that the world is our gym. The physical displays highlighted throughout the video are beyond impressive. There are no secrets to this man’s success however. When the Freedom Brothers contacted me through Facebook, they were quick to point out that Erik has been training consistently for over 7 years. He does not have any overnight miracles to share. He also doesn’t take any supplements or drugs. Instead, he is simply the product of hard and consistent work...
Erik has also worked extremely hard over a long period of time. His passion, diligence, and consistency are responsible for what he has become today. All Erik needs is an open strip of land and he can challenge his body in countless ways. The creativity that he displays is almost as impressive as his physical strength. Erik clearly makes the most of whatever is around him as he sees ordinary objects differently from most. In his eyes, a tree isn’t just a tree and a rock isn’t just a rock. Instead, these are freely accessible tools that can challenge and strengthen the body in ways that most could never imagine. If more people saw the world through Erik’s eyes, physical fitness would be much more common and fun. While he certainly trains hard, I can guarantee that he also enjoys the work. People who see the world as a gym tend to share at least one thing in common. They enjoy the outdoors and the opportunities that it provides the body and mind. Erik didn’t just find himself training outside by accident. There was a concerted effort to venture outside to fuel his passion."

Batman, FTW.

Get It In Anywhere - Anthony "iNatural" Alderman: "At age 53, Anthony Alderman is physically more capable than the vast majority of adults half his age. He performs exercises such as muscle-ups with ease. His physique is also a testament to his hard work and consistency. All of those years of training have created a body that is strong, lean, and capable."
"No Secrets 
It’s obviously great to see a 53 year old man perform at such a high level. What I like most about the story isn’t Anthony’s ability however, but rather the simple approach that he subscribes to with training. There is no secret to his success. Anthony Alderman has trained for longer than many reading this entry have been alive. He is yet another product of hard work and consistency. As far as the exercises he performs, there are some neat variations, but everything is relatively straightforward. There’s nothing overly complicated or flashy. He’s clearly rooted in the fundamentals. The bodyweight squats, pushups, and pull-ups that he performs are available to anyone. The difference therefore between Anthony and others isn’t the exercises that he performs, but rather his willingness to continually perform those exercises on a regular basis. He doesn’t jump from program to program. He’s figured out what he enjoys and what works for him and never strays far from the basics. I’ve often said that the average person does not need anything but a regular dose of a few basic exercises. For example, imagine if it was common for every adult to regularly perform a few sets of pushups, pull-ups, dips, squats, and lunges. That alone would lead to huge improvements in quality of life for many adults. Anyone who suggests otherwise is either ignorant or likely sells gym memberships for a living."