Friday, July 01, 2016

"I support marriage equality... a woman's right to choose... term limits... internet freedom..."

"Intelligent immigration reform... Small efficient government... personal freedom...  government out of your pocketbook and out of your bedroom... It's time to end the wars and use those dollars here at home...

If after 4 years you decide you don't like peace, prosperity, and freedom you can always vote a Trump or a Hillary back into office again."

Thursday, June 30, 2016

"...educating people so that they can make better choices."

LIFT-RUN-BANG: Why we won't or can't fix the problem of obesity in America: "Right now, there's no one single answer to fixing the problem of obesity in America.  It would require a massive social and ideological shift in order for change to happen.   Jobs would need to stop asking for 50+ hour weeks.  A huge emphasis on the importance of the nuclear family would have to be put at the forefront again (buh bye feminism), kids would need more time for activity both at school, and at home where parents would need to stop hovering over them and being overly protective.  In other words, they would need to be allowed to go outside and play unsupervised.  I know, that's crazy talk but that's how normal people used to grow up. And emphasis on educating about food would need to be made starting at a young age by qualified individuals.  

I'm against making franchises change their menu because that's wrong to me.  I'm about educating people so that they can make better choices.   Basically, we'd need to revisit our past in some ways and think that maybe our grandparents and great grandparents generation lived as long as they have because of the dynamics they grew up in, were pretty simple.  You moved a lot, you played a lot, you worked a physical job, you went to Church on Sunday, you ate highly nutritious foods, you let your kids run around the neighborhood, and you didn't spend 30+ hours a week watching TV. There's really no simple answer here because the complexities in "solving" the obesity problem isn't singular by any means.  It's complicated and layered in problems all the way from food selection to social habits to work, school, and family."

"Well regulated militia."

"Stop trying to misinform America, you filthy hippies."

"The facts don’t matter. Facts never matter."

Persuasion Update: Clinton Vs. Trump | Scott Adams' Blog: "The persuasion kill shot against Trump is the accusation that Trump is a crazy racist. When you combine crazy and racist, you have a lethal persuasion cocktail. And that’s what the Clinton side has done. 

The folks on social media tested lots of accusations against Trump until they found traction with the “crazy racist” theme in all its forms. And Clinton’s campaign team wisely amplified it. Remember when social media was saying Trump wasn’t serious about running, or that he was a clown, or he was doing it for the money? 

Those accusations didn’t get traction, and Trump swept them away with his continued success.  But the accusations kept coming, one after another, until the combo of crazy and racist bubbled to the top, as measured by social media virality. The Clinton campaign recognized the crazy racist theme as the best approach and started hammering on it through a variety of “fear Trump” message. Fear works when facts do not. And “crazy racist” is totally scary. And totally working. You can test it for yourself by asking any anti-Trumper to list the top three reasons for disliking Trump. Some form of “crazy racist” will normally come out on top. Persuasion-wise, every other reason is just noise. 

If you’re new to what I call the Master Persuasion Filter, and you’re on the Clinton side, you probably don’t see any persuasion there at all. What you see appears to be facts that say – without a doubt – that Trump is a crazy racist. But all of that is confirmation bias and persuasion...  The facts don’t matter. Facts never matter. What matters is that the “crazy racist” label picked up enough confirmation bias to stick like tar."

"If all of this sounds petty and ridiculous and racist and utterly barking mad to you..."

"Well it sounds that way to me too.  But that's who these crybully tribalists are, insecure fascists..."  

"I do applaud the principle."

"By the way, everybody who’s triggered by this column is eating."

No, JC Penney... - Breitbart: "You can see the commercial logic, of course. America’s obese population is growing— both numerically and horizontally— and JC Penney sells clothes. Someone has made the brilliant decision to market this once-respected brand to women who wear fumigation tents as prom dresses, and who think of Cool Ranch Doritos as a food group. 

In fact, realizing how easy it is to sell to fat women I might announce a line of tea biscuits called “Milo’s Virtuous Snacks” with inspirational quotes on the boxes, such as, “You’re amazing even though you ate the whole pizza,” and, “Don’t worry that your left arm is numb, that’s just your FIERCE shining through...

In the long run though, this sort of business strategy doesn’t work. JC Penney is joining the ranks of consumer products companies following a bizarrely quixotic business model— help your customers feel good about themselves until they drop dead from obesity-related illnesses. The problem? When they die, they stop buying your XXXL clothing. By the way, everybody who’s triggered by this column is eating. Stop typing that angry comment and look down. Are there snacks in reach? I thought so. You may think this is mean, but I’m upset. JC Penney is sending their customers to the great buffet in the sky earlier than intended, merely to turn a profit in the short term and get a few retweets and approving mentions in the idiotic media...

The left has been at the forefront of campaigns against smoking and alcohol, so it’s weird that they’re now championing the self-destructive ideology known as “fat acceptance.” I like a good meal, a good drink, and a pack of fags as much as the next man— but it would be appalling to make a self-congratulatory ideology out of it...

The facts about obesity can’t be denied. Obese women are more susceptible to diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, cardiovascular disease, lower back pain, knee osteoarthiritis, lower fertility and a cellulite-ridden fat ass...  Fatness raises the risk of several major cancers, can interfere with contraceptives, and leads to a higher risk of depression. Obese people are more likely to have a stroke, more likely to have a heart disease and are more likely to die. That is what JC Penney is encouraging."

"A lousy diet, of course, makes snacking irresistible."

Fat Head » Review: The Obesity Code: "Insulin resistance is largely about what we eat. But rolling back the effects – and perhaps preventing insulin resistance in the first place – is also about when we eat. That was the most useful message in the book for me, since I’ve already read rather a lot about the effects of foods. As Fung explains, insulin is supposed to rise after meals. But then it’s supposed to drop and stay low for several hours. 
Back when few Americans were overweight, that’s what happened — because we ate three meals per day, period. Now we add constant snacking into the mix... the real problem seems to be how often we eat between meals. 

Fung explains why that’s such a problem: The balance between the fed state (insulin dominant) and the fasted state (insulin deficient) has been completely destroyed. We are now spending most of our time in the fed state. … We are taught to eat the moment we roll out of bed. We are taught to eat throughout the day and again just before we sleep. We spend up to 18 hours in the insulin-dominant state, with only six hours insulin-deficient. 

A lousy diet, of course, makes snacking irresistible. Refined carbs jack up your blood sugar, and your body responds by flooding your bloodstream with enough insulin to give you low blood sugar. If you work in an office, I’m sure you’ve seen exactly what Fung is describing. I see people eat their white-bread sandwiches at noon, and by 3:30 they’re back in the cafeteria, trying to decide if they should raise blood sugar with a candy bar, a bag of chips, or some microwaved popcorn. Fung describes this as the vicious cycle that leads to insulin resistance. When insulin is too high, too often, cells down-regulate their insulin receptors. Then the body cranks out more insulin to try to lower high blood sugar. Then we get fatter. And hungrier. And snack more often."

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


6/29 - bench, chins, pushups, backxt, stretch
6/28 - power cleans, deadlifts, rack pulls, leg press, lunge, speed bag, stretch
6/27 - stretch

Monday, June 27, 2016

That one time.

Subversive Batman.

"The quote is derived from the 1938 novel Alamut by Vladimir Bartol, which tells a fictional account of Hassan-i Sabba, the leader of the Ismailis branch of Shia Islam and founder of the Hashashin order. In the novel, the maxim of the assassin group is written as “Nothing is an absolute reality, all is permitted.”"