Thursday, March 01, 2012


3/1 - PT I - Close-grip dips (6×8) Bent over rows (6×8) Drag curl (6×8) 10m muay thai round kicks/heavy bag
PT II - PruFit - thrusters/rdl/run a lap 21/15/9 reps - chins/pulls x2

2/29 - PT I - goblet squat 3x20, rv curls 3x15, 10m thai roundhouse/heavy bag
PT II - Group MMA Conditioning - kickboxing tag, wrestling duck under/double leg/single leg drills, thai pads, rope skipping, tire flip, finisher chins/pulls x2

2/28 - PT I - Wide-grip neck press/incline dumbbell press (4×8+4×8) Side laterals/dumbbell side swings (4×8+4×8) Bent over Calf press (3×20)
PT II - same as PT I + 4x2m rounds shadowboxing/Bas Rutten MMA Workout/Muay Thai
PT III - BJJ/Sub grappling mobility/partner/positional drilling - 60m

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Religious thinking I can get behind.

Understanding Rick Santorum.

Makes sense.

"*Leave Our Net Alone*"


Jeff Jarvis - Google+ - *Leave Our Net Alone*" The internet’s not broken. So then…:
The internet’s not broken.

So then why are there so many attempts to regulate it? Under the guises of piracy, privacy, pornography, predators, indecency, and security, not to mention censorship, tyranny, and civilization, governments from the U.S. to France to Germany to China to Iran to Canada — as well as the European Union and the United Nations — are trying to exert control over the internet.

Why? Is it not working? Is it presenting some new danger to society? Is it fundamentally operating any differently today than it was five or ten years ago? No, no, and no.

So why are governments so eager to claim authority over it? Why would legacy corporations, industries, and institutions egg them on? Because the net is working better than ever. Because they finally recognize how powerful it is and how disruptive it is to their power.

And that is precisely why we must fight against their attempts to regulate it, to change it, to throttle it, to oversee it, to insert controls into it, to grant them sovereignty over it. We also must resist the temptation to compromise, to accept the lesser of evils...."

Monday, February 27, 2012


2/27 - PT III - PruFit - hill run x5, pushups/situps, hill run x3, chins x2
PT II - impulsive mid to late day max rep test in: dead hang chins/pullups & pushups.  Three readily accessible benchmarks I've been checking off & on since starting working out again back in '08.  I'd worked up to 13/10/35 from damn near zero back in '09... and then came the slow decline/year of suck in 2010 where life and lack of dedication ground out all my hard earned progress.  Back at it in '11 and the last record, on the blog at least I could find, was hitting double digit chins again about a year ago.  Pretty sure I logged some other benchmarks along the way in my other Training log, but I switched that out the beginning of this year.
Today, in the afternoon I caught the bug to check my maxes in all three.  Dead hang/no kipping/no bullshit chins = 20 on the doorway chin up bar.  Full range push ups = 45 before my shoulders gave out. Had to hold plank and rest-pause the last 10 or so, but my knees didn't hit the deck, and that's my own subjective measure of what "one set" counts as.  Dead hang/no kipping pull ups [right before PT III] - 18 reps.  Not bad.  New goal by, say, end of July - 25 chins, 20 pulls, 75 pushups.
PT I - Band pull-down (6×8) Lat pull-down (6×8) Preacher curl (6×8) 4x2m rounds shadowboxing/Bas Rutten MMA Workout/Muay Thai

2/26 - rest/off

2/25 - PT II - MMA Group Work - thai pad combinations, duck under/arm drag drills, med ball slams, tire pull, jump rope - finisher chins/pulls x2
PT I - Deadlifts (3×20) Wrist curl (3×15) 4x2m rounds shadowboxing/Bas Rutten MMA Workout/Muay Thai

Another 'over 40' Win: - Body Transformation: Clean Eating, Spotless Future

Cooking/Food Log.

Another week of multiple social engagements held over the course of a few days laying waste to my best efforts to keep high carb/alcohol to only one day a week.  Chinese food and beer on Thurs night, a beer at an Ambassador's event on Fri and a debauched day of drinking and birthday celebrating on Saturday.  With a slow stroll back to conscious eating on Sunday.  Getting lazy with logging food too, going to do a solid day by day breakdown for a bit.  Hold myself more accountable.

For the Mrs.