Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wrong, but I laughed. RIP Macho Man.

Cognitive Dissonance 101.

A worthwhile review in light of today's Rapture failure.

"I shall tell you a great secret, my friend. Do not wait for the Last Judgment. It takes place every day." - Camus

Sadly, the failure of the Rapture to materialize means we're still stuck with that brand of religious nutjob.  [Though differentiating brands is a task far beyond me these days...]  I'd have gladly suffered through some earthquakes if their magic-Alien-invisible-skyDaddy would have sucked these chuckleheads right up.
Apocalypse not right now: 'Rapture' end of world fails to materialise: Reports of the end of the world appeared to have been exaggerated today.
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Cooking/Food Log.

Cooked up for the Mrs...  yes, cheesesticks count as cooking.  Shut up.

5.5 days on point.

Day and a half high cal/high carb, including a big-ass Saturday breakfast/brunch cooked up by the Mrs and an Burgers&Beer night over at a friend's place. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Louis C.K. FTW.

Wrong. Still funny.

"If a bear gets too close, put out your arms like this."

Awesome signs are awesome.


P90X D35 - KenpoX
5/14 - Band dislocates/chest pulls, dips, pushups, chins, neutral grip pullups, hyperextensions, bodyweight rows
P90X D34 - free/rest/off
5/13 - P90X D33 - Legs & Back, Abs
5/12 - Shadowboxing - Bas Rutten MMA Workout - thai boxing 5x2m rounds - boxing 3x3m rounds
Band dislocates/chest pulls
P90X D32 - Abs, Yoga - Tony Horton One-on-One 'Patience Hummingbird'
5/11 - P90X D31 - Back & Biceps
5/10 - P90X D30 - Plyometrics

"Maybe we should always show pictures. Bin Laden, pictures of our wounded service people..." - Jon Stewart

"When you think about something you infuse your life energy into it. Attention is power."

"You can choose to be someone you would admire." - Joe Rogan

Via The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.

Missing Posts/Re-Posts.

Last week's Blogger outage ate some things I'd posted, reverted some others back to "Draft" mode and altogether zapped some into the ether... so you'll see a couple things you've seen before, maybe.  Or not.