Saturday, May 03, 2008

"Energy Vampires"

We know them. We ARE them.

I've dealt with #1's too often in my life and been a #2 more often than I ever should have been.

"Energy Vampires" Women To Avoid (Or Train) | ideaGasms:
"...what they do is they suck your ENERGY.

Chances are high that your life is filled with these types of people.

My guess is that you’ll see your parents in these descriptions; you’ll see some of your friends, lovers, and perhaps even yourself.

Actually, MOST humans are “energy vamps”, it’s just a matter of degree. And with all “personal problems”, AWARENESS is the only cure.

When dealing with an Energy Vampire, you can feel it instantly.

You will get a feeling in the Solar-Plexus Chakra (in the “upper-belly” region), which is linked to our emotional body and central nervous system.

(Otherwise known as a “gut feeling” or an intuition.)

...These people usually leave us feeling tired; they drain our energy and self-esteem. And worse, we cannot get them out of our heads afterwards! We tend to re-play the conversation in our head, telling ourselves that we should have said “this” or “that” instead…

Energy Vampire #1 - The “POOR ME”

These people drain your energy by complaining, and sometimes implying that you are somehow responsible for their troubles.

When in the presence of this person, you will find yourself feeling guilty, even though deep down you know that their life challenges aren’t your fault. You’ll feel as though you need to defend against the idea that you’re not giving or doing enough for this person.

Many people use their misfortunes in life to gain sympathy. They want to talk about the suffering they’ve endured, or about the mistreatment of their parents, or about their illness, or some other deprivation or failure.

These people see the world as UNFAIR, and avoid taking responsibility. And, they want YOU to hear all about it! They focus on negative energy in order to STEAL energy (attention, sympathy, pity, etc.)...

Energy Vampire #2 - The “Aloof”

These people act emotionally distant, usually in response to having had overbearing or controlling parents.

...They are often distrustful and suspicious of other’s motives, and people describe them as being “shy” or even “snobby”.

Someone who is aloof is PRETENDING that they don’t care what others think. It is a FAKE social mask, designed to give them the “upper hand”.

On a more global scale, they are the “innocent” or apathetic bystanders who take little or no responsibility in shaping our world.

You know you’re in the presence of an Aloof person when you find yourself doing all the talking, and asking question after question, trying to get them to come out of their shell.

They will contribute very little to the conversation…

This is exactly where they want you, because it gives them a feeling of control. This is how they get attention, validation, and your energy.

...If you complain, they will often just give you the SILENT TREATMENT...

Energy Vampire #3 - The “Interrogator”

...they ask questions that aren’t sincere - they really DO NOT want to hear your views, but instead, they use questions to BREAK DOWN your views and try to make you doubt yourself...

Energy Vampire #4 - The “Intimidator”

...These are the macho jerks, the control freaks, the bullies, the paranoids, the authoritarians, the “alpha males”, the rage-aholics - you name it...

Energy Vampire #5 - The Boaster and Bragger

“Look at how cool, clever, and lovable I am!” is the unspoken message that they want you to hear, as they go on and on and on about their past accomplishments. More often than not, they are LYING, or at least exaggerating.

...How To Handle An Energy Vampire:

The same way we handle ALL of our relationships!

“Unconditional Love MINUS Putting Up With Crap = HAPPY!”

...with all of the above Energy Vampires, it is perfectly okay to tell them that you are BUSY. Because you ARE too busy to listen to garbage."

Right hand, meet left hand. Now punch yourself in the face.

DHS grounds air marshalls for having names similar to the no-fly list - Boing Boing:
"Tim sez, 'According to this article in the Washington Times, some air marshals are being forbidden entry to the airplanes they are supposed to protect, as they have similar names to people on the no-fly list. Another nugget from the article- Chertoff says just one airline is seeing some 9,000 false positives EVERY DAY from this list.'"

Prayer is Important.

Sinfest: The Webcomic To End all Webcomics

"5 Mistakes When You Try to Take Action..."

Fully elucidated at the link.

#5 is probably my biggest downfall in, well, everything.

Do You Make These 5 Mistakes When You Try to Take Action?:
"1. Take your thoughts too seriously.

Thinking is often hyped up to be the best thing since sliced bread. In many cases it’s just holding you back. My perceptive is this: I am not my thoughts, I’m the observer of them. This allows me to not get too wrapped up in them. And to avoid thinking that what they are telling me is some kind of absolute truth...

2. Take your emotions too seriously...

3. Listen too intently to other people’s negative opinions...

4. Not creating enough energy within...

5. Overplan, overread, overthink.

Overdoing things tends to not be such a smashing idea. It may sound like an excellent idea, but in my experience it often just devolves into more confusion and fewer things getting done.

Overplanning is one way of doing this. To ensure that everything will work out perfectly, you work on devising the perfect plan. You can certainly make a plan that addresses potential problems that may show up along the way as you are implementing the plan. The thing is just that when you put your plan into action stuff you hadn’t thought about can happen...

Overreading is another way to hold yourself back. You figure that you should read one more book or article and then take action. Maybe tomorrow or next week. Reading too much can also cause quite a bit of confusion as different experts may hand out different advice on how you, for instance, can get in shape for the summer. So you read more and more to find the best way to get in shape.

And it feels good too, because you are working towards your goal and educating yourself. However, to get better actual results it might be more useful to just take in some basics, learn a little about some common mistakes that beginners make and then just go to the gym.

Overthinking is popular way to procrastinate. It can cost you a lot of time as you imagine future, negative scenarios that probably will never materialise in the real world. In my experience, getting stuck in overthinking things only makes them more complicated than they are and can easily pull you down into a negative thought spiral where taking action become more and more scary..."

Training 28.


2 doughnuts, coffee w/milk, equal, 2 daifuku
700ml diet soda
Wedding Food - oh jesus, it was whatever they put in front of me. Steak, bread w/butter, soup, ham, fruits, cakes, coffee w/sugar and milk, lots of beer, wine, champagne... later at the nijikai - pasta, chicken, kahlua and milks... at the final yatai of the night - ramen and more beer. Jesus, was that a lot of food.

Bed at about 0015

All text, no sub.

5PM I Assumed Your In-Box --or Is It Your Out-Box?

Office girl: But my box is falling apart.
Male co-worker: Hmm, we should look into that. A dysfunctional box is no good for anyone.
Office girl: Right... Would you mind helping me?
Male co-worker: With your box?
Office girl: What are we talking about?

McNally Drive
Nashville, Tennessee
via Overheard in the Office, May 2, 2008

Training 27.

30m Rutten MMA/Thai Boxing - 2m rounds

LG coffee w/equal, cream
700ml diet soda
1.4L water
4 cheese sticks

Bed @0045

Every class has one.

When Amy Doesn't Understand Something, She Faints

Columbia professor [having just explained a relatively simple concept, turning to girl in front]: Do you understand this?
Girl: Yes.
Professor: Good. Because, you know, you're really the canary in the coal mine for this class. If I can get you to get this, I'm set.

--Columbia University

Overheard by: Bobby
via Overheard in New York, May 2, 2008

See, he was evil. Until we released him. Then he wasn't. Or something.

In other news, the US government continues to perpetuate its douchebaggery.

Balloon Juice:
"A former cameraman for Al Jazeera who was believed to be the only journalist held at Guantánamo Bay was released on Thursday, after more than six years of detention that made him one of the best known Guantánamo detainees in the Arab.

The detainee, Sami al-Hajj, became a cause in recent years for the Jazeera network, which often displayed his photograph and carried reports on his case.

He was also one of Guantánamo’s long-term hunger strikers, and his lawyers at the British legal group Reprieve drew wide attention to what they said was his declining physical and mental health.

“It is yet another case where the U.S. has held someone for years and years and years on the flimsiest of evidence” without filing charges, one of the lawyers, Zachary Katznelson, said Thursday.

Mr. Hajj, 38, was sent with at least two other detainees to his native Sudan on a military aircraft, the lawyers said. The Pentagon declined to comment."

That is mighty caucasian.

MMMM... Popeye's...

Stop Being White in Popeye's!

Black girl #1: Okay, I know what I'm getting. Do you know what you're getting?
White girl: I've never been here before. Let me look for a while. [Pauses, then yells.] Wait a minute! Popeye's a sailor; Why does he sell chicken?
Black girl #2: Oh my god, shut up now or no more vodka for you for the rest of the night!
White girl: Okay. [Giggles.] I'm sorry.
[Black girls start talking to each other.]
White girl, yelling: Why are there no white people in here?!
Black girl #1: Aww fuck, take her outside to the car. This is her first and last time ever coming here!

Trenton, New Jersey
via Overheard Everywhere, May 2, 2008

Japan, you are, on occasion, amazingly retarded.

Good to see there's career folks willing to call out the retardation, even in Japan, where attracting attention and differing openly with edicts from above is verboten.

Principal protests Tokyo education board's ban on teacher voting - Mainichi Daily News:
"A high school principal in the Tokyo city of Mitaka has spoken out against the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education's ban on school teachers taking votes or shows of hands at staff meetings, saying the ban has thrown a wet blanket on meetings, it has emerged.

Speaking out against the ban is 59-year-old Nobuo Dohi, the principal of Mitaka Senior High School. It is extremely rare for an active principal to publicly speak out against guidelines issued by the metropolitan education board.

In April 2006, the board sent metropolitan high schools a notice saying, "Using methods such as shows of hands and voting at school meetings to confirm the intentions of teachers is inappropriate and is to be stopped." It urged schools to make planning and coordination meetings of principals and executives the main place to settle matters.

...After the notice was sent around, the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education monitored high schools under its jurisdiction and handed strict warnings to principals who made teachers give a show of hands to express their opinions about the instruction of students or school events. By February 2007, there were no schools conducting the practice.

Kenichi Watanabe, 64, a former principal of Tokyo Metropolitan Kurume High School, criticized the ban.

"It's the equivalent of saying to teachers, 'Stay quiet without thinking anything.' There's no way lively education activities could emerge under those circumstances."

The education board, however, remains firm in its stance.

"Even if some principals oppose it, we were not going to withdraw the notification that we sent to everyone," an education board official said."

"What you studied does not matter."

Which is good, as I can't see me doing anything with a history degree.

Life After School: Advice for New Graduates ∞ Get Rich Slowly:
"...What you studied in school does not matter. Students should major in subjects they enjoy. They should pursue learning. One of Ron’s colleagues is a brilliant lawyer who has a degree in music. He knows a judge with a degree in pharmacology. Your degree does not matter. should always keep your mind open for other options. Don’t be so locked into your goal that you miss opportunity knocking on the door. Sometimes life will lead you in directions you don’t expect. When she didn’t get into the interpreting program, Celia pursued a degree in Natural Sciences. She wanted to be a teacher. But then life led her in another direction, and now she owns a successful photography studio.

“You’ve got to find your passion,” Celia says. “I changed my major six times. That’s okay. Everything you do leads you to the person you’re becoming. As long as you have some goals, you’ll be fine.”

...“What’s important to you?” she asked asked the students. “Make your choices based on that. I wanted to be excited about what I do every day. If you’re complaining about what you’re doing, then try something else.”

...Do what you love. A low-paying job that leads to future prospects in a career you like is better than a high-paying job in a career that doesn’t move you in the right direction. Never stick with a shitty job. It’s easier to change jobs now than it will be in five or ten years."


Government worker suspended for looking at porn at office on 140,000 occasions - Mainichi Daily News:
"KINOKAWA, Wakayama -- A municipal government worker here has been suspended from duty and demoted for viewing obscene websites on at least 140,000 occasions on his office computer during work hours, city officials said.

...The official used a computer in his office to access obscene websites between June last year and February this year on hundreds of thousands of occasions, according to the municipal government's personnel division.

In July alone, he attempted to access adult sites 177,686 times. However, about 30,000 of his attempts to access such sites failed because they were blocked by a filter installed in the computer."

Friday, May 02, 2008

Training 26.

Pushup - 15/12/9
Lunge - 15/15/12
Seated Dip - 15/15/15
Single arm hang DB Snatch - 3x15x20
Single arm DB Row - 3x15x20
Seesaw - 3x15x10/12.5/15[each hand]
Calf Rs - 3x15x50/80/105
Shoulder dislocates w/bungee x 15/15/10 [y/r/b]

Large coffee [450ml?] w/equal, cream
2 Jack's Links Steak Bars
4 string cheese
Shake - 4 eggs, PB, equal, cream, water
1.7L water
660ml diet soda
Enkai food - sushi, sashimi, beef, beer, + whatever else they throw in front of me. Enkais are always a culinary adventure.
Post enkai drinking munchies since low carb is shot for the day - piece of cornbread w/butter, Cadbury egg

Bed at about 2330

Thursday, May 01, 2008


I Knew I Should've Let the Doctor Keep You a Girl

Mother to ten-year-old son at supermarket check-out queue: And then we'll go and look for a dress for me.
Ten-year-old son: I'm not going clothes shopping with you. You go in every shop, you try everything on, you never like anything and come home with nothing and I'm not standing around waiting!
[All male members of the queue cheer.]

via Overheard Everywhere, Apr 30, 2008

Bachan's 82nd birthday Sasebo/Kujukushima Trip.

For Grandma's 82nd birthday trip - and she remains a "genki" 82 - we [me, Sandy, Kiko and Bachan] headed down to the Kujukushima islands in Sasebo where... well, other websites have already said it - Kujukushima - :
"Saikai Pearl Sea Resort
A resort with a theme of the sea, including tourist boats, an aquarium, the Shipping Pavilion, and the Imax Dome Theater.

99 Islands
Actually there are “208” islands in this group, which cover about 25 kilometers from just outside Sasebo to Hirado-Seto. Roughly divided into the north and south groups, the southern groups off Sasebo is generally thought to offer the most beautiful scenery.

99 Islands Tourist Boat
"Pearl Queen"
A highlight of the 99 Islands tour. The boat cruise among the islands will refresh you with soft breezes and beautiful scenery.The Pearl Queen enters service on July 20, 2002.

This experiential aquarium reproduces the nature of the 99 Islands… the touching tank is especially popular among the kids.

Shipping Pavilion
Displaying ships of environmentally-friendly designs (driven by manpower and windpower), as well as their 6,000-year history."

So, yeah, we did all that stuff.

Bachan is a shopping machine.

Turn your back and when you see her again she's plus several bags of omiyage that appear as if from nowhere.

And she still loves her hats.

I think Grandma could totally take the Viking.


Sandy and Bachan shelling oysters in order to get their pearls.

And then they got 'em mounted on necklaces to as b-day presents/souvenirs.

Bachan chillin' back at home with her birthday cake.

Round ice "cubes."

I'm easily amused, but I dug this pic.

Ohori Koen [Park] has duck paddle boats!

You know we were gonna try it at some point.

And btw, paddle boats are not as easy as I remember.

World Heritage Exhibits, built with LEGOs.

I apparently missed the World Heritage site where the giant robot attacks the Eiffel Tower, but I'm just not that well informed, I guess.

Weird shopping in Japan - Somewhere, Billy Blanks is crying.

So, to preface, a few months ago Billy Blanks' latest version of Tae Bo - "Billy's Boot Camp" - was uber hot here in Japan... in the way that only Japan embraces things.

Which is to say that for about 4 weeks Japan talks about and broadcasts stories about it constantly... and then, nothing.

But out running around the other week, I came across this.

Now you too can be Billy Blanks.

Complete with your own "black-man" arm covering and bald head.

If you look closely into the eyes of the man in the picture, you can actually see his soul dying, I think.

Weird Japan.

In Japan, you take your lizard for a walk in the park.

I have no idea what this means.

Training 25.

30m Rutten's MMA Wkout/Thai Boxing 2m rounds

2 cups coffee w/cream, Equal
750ml shake - 6 eggs, PB, cream, equal, water
2 Jack Links Steakbars
1L water
Tomato, 2 hamburger patties w/cheese, mayo
Beef jerky

Bed @ 2345

You know what? I'd actually be for screwing up the environment, short term, to get us off Middle Eastern oil...

Robert J. Samuelson - Start Drilling -
"What to do about oil? First it went from $60 to $80 a barrel, then from $80 to $100 and now to $120. Perhaps we can persuade OPEC to raise production, as some senators suggest; but this seems unlikely. The truth is that we're almost powerless to influence today's prices. We are because we didn't take sensible actions 10 or 20 years ago. If we persist, we will be even worse off in a decade or two. The first thing to do: Start drilling.

It may surprise Americans to discover that the United States is the third-largest oil producer, behind Saudi Arabia and Russia. We could be producing more, but Congress has put large areas of potential supply off-limits. These include the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and parts of Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. By government estimates, these areas may contain 25 billion to 30 billion barrels of oil (against about 30 billion barrels of proven U.S. reserves today) and 80 trillion cubic feet or more of natural gas (compared with about 200 tcf of proven reserves).

What keeps these areas closed are exaggerated environmental fears, strong prejudice against oil companies and sheer stupidity. Americans favor both "energy independence" and cheap fuel. They deplore imports -- who wants to pay foreigners? -- but oppose more production in the United States. Got it? The result is a "no-pain energy agenda that sounds appealing but has no basis in reality," writes Robert Bryce in "Gusher of Lies: The Dangerous Delusions of 'Energy Independence.' "

...The best we can do is to try to exert long-term influence on the global balance of supply and demand. Increase our supply. Restrain our demand. With luck, this might widen the worldwide surplus of production capacity. Producers would have less power to exact ever-higher prices, because there would be more competition among them to sell. OPEC loses some leverage; its members cheat. Congress took a small step last year by increasing fuel economy standards for new cars and light trucks from 25 to 35 miles per gallon by 2020. (And yes, we need a gradually rising fuel tax to create a strong market for more-efficient vehicles.)

...On environmental grounds, the alternatives to more drilling are usually worse. Subsidies for ethanol made from corn have increased food prices and used scarce water, with few benefits. If oil is imported, it's vulnerable to tanker spills. By contrast, local production is probably safer..."

Your INSANO roundup.

Reason Magazine - Brickbats:
"Surveillance video shows Shreveport police officer Ryan Robinson looking around to make sure other officers aren’t watching before walking up behind Carnado Brown, who is talking on a cell phone outside a night club. Robinson then tases Brown. Robinson was suspended for 45 days, but there are no plans for a criminal investigation.

...European Union officials insist it’s not a criminal offense to sell goods in pounds and ounces. They should tell that to the people prosecuting 63-year-old Janet Devers, who runs a fruit and vegetable stand in East London. Police seized nonmetric scales from her stand in September, and just before Christmas, authorities informed her they were charging her with 13 counts of violating laws requiring British merchants to sell in metric units. She faces a fine of up to £5,000 on each charge.

...Boston attorney Simon Glik used his cell phone to record police in the Boston Common arresting a 16-year-old boy on drug charges. Police claim he distracted them, allowing the boy to temporarily escape. A charge against Glik of aiding the escape of a criminal suspect was dismissed, but he still faces charges of wiretapping and disturbing the peace."

Such huuuuuuge nonsense.

Reason Magazine - Hit & Run > New York City's 'Marijuana Arrest Crusade':
"Marijuana arrests have been rising nationwide since the early 1990s, but the increase in New York City has been much more dramatic. Levine and Small say the surge in arrests is largely a byproduct of an aggressive 'stop and frisk' program in which police pat down young men they (supposedly) suspect of criminal activity, ostensibly to make sure they're not carrying weapons. The targets of these pat-downs are disproportionately black and Hispanic, and so are the people arrested for marijuana possession. Between 1997 and 2006, blacks, who represent 26 percent of New York's population, accounted for 52 percent of the marijuana arrests; Hispanics, about the same share of the population, accounted for 31 percent of the arrests; and non-Hispanic whites, about 35 percent of the population, accounted for just 15 percent of the arrests. Yet survey data indicate that, if anything, whites smoke pot at higher rates than blacks and Hispanics."

Capitalism knows no loyalty.

That's some pretty powerful irony, right there.

Reason Magazine - Hit & Run > The Last Communist We Hang Shall Be the One Who Sold Us the Rope:
"Police in southern China have discovered a factory manufacturing Free Tibet flags, media reports say. The factory in Guangdong had been completing overseas orders for the flag of the Tibetan government-in-exile."

It's a reasonable answer.

Overheard in New York | Wednesday One-Liners Spin Fat into Muscle:
Guy on phone at sandwich shop: How am I? Well, that's a complicated quesion -do you mean right now, or in general? Because right now, Lisa's got a really bad cold and is all set up on the couch and I just got back from a eulogy for a friend's pop. So now I'm getting a coffee and then I plan on riding the bicycle at the gym -'cause that's the closest I can get to heroin. How are you?

--85th & Columbus Ave

A Navy Recruitment Ad I could get behind.

This was pretty damn funny.

Do NOT mess with old Japanese women.

They will fuck your shit up.

Woman nabbed for strangling husband at home - Mainichi Daily News:
"A woman was arrested Wednesday for strangling her elderly husband at their home here, police said.

Kiyoe Ezaki, 65, stands accused of murdering her 69-year-old husband Mitsuo...

'My husband had been ill over the past 20 years. He had repeatedly shouted at me for many years,' she was quoted as telling investigators."

"Conspiracies" happen all the time. - "Chief justice met U.S. ambassador before declaring bases in Japan constitutional"

It's not really a "conspiracy." It's just how the world works.

Chief justice met U.S. ambassador before declaring bases in Japan constitutional - Mainichi Daily News:
"The chief justice at the Supreme Court secretly met with the U.S. ambassador to Japan in 1959 shortly before the top court overturned a lower court ruling that had declared the U.S. forces' presence in Japan was unconstitutional, according to a diplomatic document.

...In the case, seven people who were opposing the presence of U.S. forces in Japan were indicted for destroying a fence and illegally entering U.S. Tachikawa base in western Tokyo in July 1957 in a bid to obstruct a location survey in connection with the expansion of the base.

The Tokyo District Court acquitted all of them after declaring the presence of U.S. forces in Japan under the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty constitutes a violation of war-renouncing Article 9 of the Constitution.

...In response to an appeal by prosecutors, the Supreme Court scrapped the ruling in December 1959, and ordered the district court to retry the case. The seven were subsequently slapped with fines of 2,000 yen each, and the conviction was later confirmed."

Well, at least it's original.

Overheard in New York | Wednesday Pick-Up-Liners:
"Man to teenage girls: Do you and your friends like to wrestle? I swear to god I could take you all.

--Times Square

Overheard by: yearbookie"

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Training Protocol.

T/T/S - Rutten MMA Wkout
M/W/F - Strength Training

Strength Training

Warmup - 1x20 Swings; 1x20 warmup set on applicable exercises

M - Size - 3x10

W - Strength - 3x5

F - Endurance - 3x15
Pushup/Lunge/Dip/Snatch/Row/Seesaw/Calf Rs

Neck/Grip/Core work

Other - Shoulder Bungee Dislocates, Face Pulls

My yearly dose of culture.

The art teacher at my school had a sculpture at the yearly Fukuoka Art Museum "Local" artists' show. So I went and got my yearly injection of culture and art.

Training 24.

2 cups of coffee w/equal, cream
2 Steakbars
4 cheese sticks
Tomato & Avocado w/mayo, salt, pepper
Shake - 4 eggs, TBL PB, cream, water, equal
2.7L water
660ml diet soda

DB Press - 50x15, 80x5/5/5/5, 90x3, push-press 90x2x2
DB Front Squat - 50x10/5, 80x5, 90x5, 100x5/5/5
Dips - 20/15/10
Stepups - BWx15, 40x5, 45x5, 50x5
Rows - 52.5x10x3
Neck nods - 50x
Shoulder bungee dislocations - 25


Two movies I'm more than willing to spend hard earned yen on.

Now I just need to figure out when they open here in the land of the Rising Sun.

It just makes ya weep.

Crooks and Liars » Nothing to fear but nonsense itself:
"...To hear Bush tell it, the economic anxiety Americans feel right now is somehow related to tax cuts that expire in 2011 — tax cuts that primarily don’t help the middle class or low-income families anyway.

In all seriousness, how many people who are worried about their families’ finances right now are going to say, “I’ve been really worried, but now that I know my tax rate will remain the same in 2011 as it is 2010, I’m feeling better again”? That, in essence, is what the president argued with a straight face this morning. The answer for economic angst now is maintenance of existing tax cuts three years from now.

Ben at TP recently offered a competing explanation for economic anxiety.
[M]aybe American negative attitudes toward the economy stem from the housing and credit crises, job losses, rising unemployment, a volatile stock market, high gas prices, high family debt, flat wages, increasing budget deficits, a weak dollar, and rising health care costs — not to mention the effects of the $12 billion per month war in Iraq that is being bankrolled largely on borrowed funds.

Could that have more to do with explaining why Americans are so upset with the economy? Nah. It must have something to do with expectations for tax rates in 2011. After all, as Bush insisted this morning, those three-years-away rates “cause different behavioral patterns.”"

A day in the life...

3PM A Tom Jones Song Is Never Called for in the Office

Female employee: [Burps loudly].
Male employee: Ooh, sexy! [singing] She's a lady! Whoa whoa whoa!

Boylston Street
Boston, Massachusetts
via Overheard in the Office, Apr 29, 2008

Turn 60, go to Chile.

BBC NEWS | Americas | Older Chileans given free Viagra:
"A Chilean mayor is to hand out free potency pills to older people in his municipality near the capital Santiago.

Mayor Gonzalo Navarette Munoz says he wants to improve their quality of life by giving them free access to Viagra.

He will give men aged 60 or over in the working-class suburb of Lo Prado the chance to get their potency pills courtesy of the taxpayer."

Mos Def Reads Malcolm X.

Mos brings a sense of humor and joy to a great bit of speech. Just watching him read it is half the coolness.

"Hip hop, rap and spoken word artist Mos Def reads Malcolm X's 'Message to the Grass Roots' on November 9, 2006."

What's history? Whose history?

A People's History of American Empire by Howard Zinn

Empire or Humanity?
What the Classroom Didn't Teach Me about the American Empire
by Howard Zinn
Narrated by Viggo Mortensen
Art by Mike Konopacki
Video editing by Eric Wold

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Craig Ferguson at the White House Correspondents' Dinner

Craig Ferguson @ The Press Correspondents' Dinner. Not quite up to the Stephen Colbert levels of awesome of a couple years ago, but pretty funny.

Training 23.

30m Rutten MMA/Thai Boxing/2m rounds

2 cups coffee w/equal, cream
3 eggs, cheese and salsa
Ham n Cheese w/mayo
4 cheesesticks
1.3L diet soda
1.7L water

Bed@2330 + 20m med

That's pretty hardcore. [Funny, too.]

She's Not Even the Toughest Woman on Avenue A

30ish girl, looking at twenty-year olds: Are they going on about how old they are? Oh, please.
45ish rocker chick: Yup, they are.
30ish girl: I think I'm older than they are!
45ish: Me too. From the look of things, they're about the age of my first abortion.
30ish girl: [Chokes on beer.]
45ish: Wonder how old that would be now?
30ish girl: Please stop.

--Double Down, Ave A

Overheard by: Happygirl
via Overheard in New York, Apr 28, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

"Where do they find the time?"

Ever wonder about the relationship of gin to the industrial revolution and sitcom televsion? Well, wonder no more. Outstanding 15 min [or so] presentation on the advent of the "new media." And why blogging and endless navel gazing on the internet is still preferable to watching reruns of Gilligan's Island.

To paraphrase, all our free "time comes from the cognitive surplus TV has been masking for 50 years..."

And the key bit... "Here's what 4 year olds know - a screen [media] that ships without a mouse is broken...]

Via Warren Ellis » Gin And The Cognitive Surplus

Clay Shirky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
"Clay Shirky (born 1964[1]) is an American writer, consultant and teacher on the social and economic effects of Internet technologies. He teaches New Media as an adjunct professor at New York University's (NYU) graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). His courses address, among other things, the interrelated effects of the topology of social networks and technological networks, how our networks shape culture and vice-versa. They consistently are among students' top choices, and accordingly, fill up quickly.

Shirky also popularized the phrase 'the internet runs on love.'[2]

He has written and been interviewed extensively about the internet since 1996. His columns and writings have appeared in Business 2.0, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Harvard Business Review and Wired."

The Second Coming! [Well, the third.] THE VENTURE BROS. - New York Comic-Con Season 3 Teaser [via Quick Stop Entertainment]

A thing of wondrous and joyous beauty.

VENTURE BROS. - Exclusive New York Comic-Con Season 3 Teaser » Quick Stop Entertainment:
...Now, thanks to the fine folks at Astrobase Go!, we present you with that selfsame trailer...

Either way, rejoice in the look at things to come, and be sure to have those eyes glued to the set when the new season hits the tube.

Age ain't nothin' but a number.

All sorts of awesome.

Via Straight to the Bar - all things strength

Comic Books = "You might wake up one morning thinking you're on an acid trip that never ends."

Rock on, GM.


"...The first question came from a member of the audience who asked that, after The Invisibles (which saw the world ending then), what Morrison thought would happen in the year 2012.

"Beats me, who knows, maybe nothing," Morrison said. "But things are speeding up, information doubles exponentially toward this moment but the world's never ended yet, it may not end then. There's a lot of weird interesting things happening in 2012, planetary alignment. You might wake up one morning thinking you're on an acid trip that never ends. So if something happens I'll be there waiting with open arms!""

...One audience member asked about the effect of psychadelic drugs on Morrison's writing. "They were very involved in The Invisibles." Morrison said that for years, he was completely straight edge but around the time he turned 30, he decided to do all the things he'd never done before, including transvestitism and "a lot of psychedelic drugs." He explained that the principle cast of The Invisibles were essentially five characters each based on elements of his own personality.

A fan then asked about how Morrison's experience in Katmandu--which famously informed a great deal of The Invisibles--has impacted the rest of his writing. "The Katmandu thing was really weird because I had taken a little bit of hash, but it was such a small bit and the experience I had was so profound and nothing like that has ever happened again." He explained that part of the idea of taking so many drugs in the '90s was trying to replicate that experience. "I tried all kinds of things to se if it was possible, and nothing took me to that place. It was something quite unusual and different and I was never able to get back there again."

People want bacon. - Videos > Food Fight:
"Amid the hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles, there exists another world, an underground world of illicit trade in—not drugs or sex—but bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Street vendors may sell you an illegal bacon dog, but hardly anyone will talk about it, for fear of being hassled, shut down or worse. Our camera caught it on tape. One minute bacon dogs are sold in plain view, the next minute cops have confiscated carts, and ordered the dogs dumped into the trash.

Elizabeth Palacios is one of the few vendors willing to speak publicly. “Doing bacon is illegal,” she explains. Problem is customers love bacon, and Palacios says she loses business if she doesn’t give them the bacon they demand. “Bacon is a potentially hazardous food,” says Terrence Powell of the LA County Health Department. Continue selling bacon dogs without county-approved equipment and you risk fines and jail time.

Palacios knows all about that. She spent 45 days in the slammer for selling bacon dogs, and with the lost time from work, fines, and attorney’s fees, she fears she might lose the house that bacon dogs helped buy. She must provide for her family, but remains trapped between government regulations and consumer demand. Customers don’t care about safety codes, says Palacios. “They just want the bacon.”

In "Food Fight: Battle of the Bacon Dogs," host Drew Carey takes a long look at the human cost of trying to prohibit trade in oh-so-tasty treats."

Training 22.

2 cups coffee w/equal, cream
660ml diet soda
2.1L water
Steak bar snack
Shake - 4eggs, inst coffee, PB, equal, cream, water
Shake - 3eggs, PB, equal, cream, water

DB snatch - 25x10, 35x10, 52.5x5x5
DB front squat - 50x10, 90x5/5/5/5, 100x5
P-ups - 15/10/8/8/5
Chins - 3/2/1/-1/-1
Calves - 40/35/30/30/25
Neck nods x45 each way
Shoulder bungee dislocations x25

Bed@2330+20m med

The full article is hilarious...

Stressed teachers indulging their wild sides with coworkers, parents -- and students - Mainichi Daily News:
"Early spring brings a new academic year to Japan and, with all the stresses of graduations and getting used to a new bunch of kids, it can often mean teachers act in ways they wouldn't normally do, frequently with carnal consequences, according to Shukan Taishu..."

"No, probably not," would be the short answer, I think.

Can Japan Overcome Its Fear Of Foreigners? | Japan Probe:
"...And during the debate over the idea of introducing a cap on foreign investment in Japan’s major airports, the governor of Chiba Prefecture, where Japan’s main international airport is located, made these remarks:
“Restrictions on foreign investment are necessary to ensure Japanese and Chiba citizen’s security. It would be a great problem if foreign investors in airport companies made decisions that would harm the interests of both Japan and Chiba Prefecture, if not as bad as terrorism.”

It’s interesting how terrorism comes up when foreigners are mentioned. Of course, xenophobia is not only a sticking point for those who would like to invest in Japan. The controversial practice of forcing foreigners who come to Japan to submit fingerprints was reintroduced last October with the new policy of taking fingerprints and photographs of all foreigners when they enter Japan, even those who actually live here. The justification for this heavy-handed measure is that it will prevent terrorists from entering the country and reduce the crime rate.

So, here we find ourselves in 21st century Japan, and foreigners are still stereotyped as either being rapacious businessmen, terrorists, or just out and out criminals. It goes without saying that, in the end, Japan is the country that will be hurt by its own discriminatory policies. Even so, I don’t foresee any change in the status quo. I mean, we are talking about a country that has designated the creation of humanoid robots as a main priority in order to stave off the need for immigrant workers..."

Totally missing the clue.

Reason Magazine - Hit & Run > Boston Bans Bottle Service:
"...Letters are going out to unsuspecting bar and club owners at this very moment, informing them that bottle service violates Boston's existing ban on serving more than 2 drinks at a time to a customer.

The hilariously dismissive money quote from Boston Licensing Board Chairman Daniel Pokaski:
“We’re not New York and we’re not South Beach,” he said. “The city of Boston has a lot more to offer than just getting people inebriated. If all they can offer their clientele is just swilling down alcohol, then perhaps they shouldn’t be in the business.”

The "business" is the GOD. DAMN. BAR. BUSINESS. - you freaking moron.

This man has a great future as a supervillain.

Via Boing Boing Gadgets

A DIY Wrist Mounted Flamethrower.

America, land of the fre... uh, wait. Check that.

A new level of retarded.

Reason Magazine - Hit & Run > Russell Pearce: American Hero:
"Rep. Russell Pearce, the excitable Arizona legislator who called McCain's immigration bill "treasonous," has a new idea:
Arizona public schools would be barred from any teachings considered counter to democracy or Western civilization under a proposal endorsed Wednesday by a legislative panel.

Additionally, the measure would prohibit students of the state's universities and community colleges from forming groups based in whole or part on the race of their members, such as the Black Business Students Association at Arizona State University or Native Americans United at Northern Arizona University. Those groups would be forbidden from operating on campus.

...Which values count as American, you ask? Let's consult Rep. John Kavanaugh:
"This bill basically says, 'You're here. Adopt American values,' " said Kavanagh, a Fountain Hills Republican. "If you want a different culture, then fine, go back to that culture."

Well, that clears things up..."

Shoes are fu*king your feet up.

Really lengthy article at the link... fascinating stuff.

How We're Wrecking Our Feet With Every Step We Take -- New York Magazine:
"...I’m afraid I have some bad news for you: You walk wrong.

Look, it’s not your fault. It’s your shoes. Shoes are bad. I don’t just mean stiletto heels, or cowboy boots, or tottering espadrilles, or any of the other fairly obvious foot-torture devices into which we wincingly jam our feet. I mean all shoes. Shoes hurt your feet. They change how you walk. In fact, your feet—your poor, tender, abused, ignored, maligned, misunderstood feet—are getting trounced in a war that’s been raging for roughly a thousand years: the battle of shoes versus feet.

Last year, researchers at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, published a study titled “Shod Versus Unshod: The Emergence of Forefoot Pathology in Modern Humans?” in the podiatry journal The Foot. The study examined 180 modern humans from three different population groups (Sotho, Zulu, and European), comparing their feet to one another’s, as well as to the feet of 2,000-year-old skeletons. The researchers concluded that, prior to the invention of shoes, people had healthier feet. Among the modern subjects, the Zulu population, which often goes barefoot, had the healthiest feet while the Europeans—i.e., the habitual shoe-wearers—had the unhealthiest.

...Okay, so shoes can be less than comfortable. If you’ve ever suffered through a wedding in four-inch heels or patent-leather dress shoes, you’ve probably figured this out. But does that really mean we don’t walk correctly? (Yes.) I mean, don’t we instinctively know how to walk? (Yes, sort of.) Isn’t walking totally natural? Yes—but shoes aren’t.

“Natural gait is biomechanically impossible for any shoe-wearing person,” wrote Dr. William A. Rossi in a 1999 article in Podiatry Management. “It took 4 million years to develop our unique human foot and our consequent distinctive form of gait, a remarkable feat of bioengineering. Yet, in only a few thousand years, and with one carelessly designed instrument, our shoes, we have warped the pure anatomical form of human gait, obstructing its engineering efficiency, afflicting it with strains and stresses and denying it its natural grace of form and ease of movement head to foot.” In other words: Feet good. Shoes bad..."

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Rocks.

Overheard Roundup... man, I've gotta catch up on my interneting'.

And Never Ride the Subway

Cute nerd girl playing Scrabble #1: How many Ts in frottage?
Cute nerd girl playing Scrabble #2: Frottage? What's that?
Cute nerd girl playing Scrabble #1: It's when you rub against someone in a crowd, sexually. Like dry humping.
Cute nerd girl playing Scrabble #2: Oh yeeeeah, I knew that. Jeez, I haven't heard that word since that Psychology of Sex class I took a few years ago.
Cute nerd girl playing Scrabble #1, enthusiastically: That's because you don't read enough slash!

--Starbucks, 2nd & 9th
via Overheard in New York, Apr 25, 2008

They Pull You in With Candy --Then, Bam, You're a Sinner!

Little girl: Daddy, daddy, will you buy me some Easter candy?
Father: No, sweetheart. We don't celebrate Easter--we're Jewish.
Little girl: But mommy buys me Easter candy!
Father: It's not my fault your mother has abandoned her principles.

--Times Square
via Overheard in New York, Apr 27, 2008

3PM "The Strong Man Is Mightiest Alone," He Said

Engineer during meeting: So I tried to ask Hitler yesterday, but he was no help.

Senlac Drive
Dallas, Texas

Overheard by: hope he doesn't know I'm jewish...
via Overheard in the Office, Apr 25, 2008

Isn't That Sweet?

[Skinny girl takes box of equal out of her pocket and puts half the packages in her coffee.]
Friend: What are you doing? You're going to get cancer!
Equal girl: Yeah, but I won't get fat.

via Overheard in New York, Apr 25, 2008

I Miss This

Chick: Since we broke up you've been smoking a lot.
Guy: Yeah...
Chick: You shouldn't smoke.
Guy: You shouldn't suck so much dick but you don't hear me criticize you five times a day.
Chick: [Mouth wide open in shock.]
Guy: To start you should try closing your mouth!

--B Train

Overheard by: another now single smoker
via Overheard in New York, Apr 25, 2008

Training 20-21.

30m Rutten MMA/Thai Boxing/10-2m rounds
Working out first thing in the AM sucks.

Cup coffee w/milk, equal
500ml diet soda
Bachan's breakfast - 2 eggs, sausage, pasta salad, fish
Iced cafe au lait
Triple burger - egg, bacon, cheese
1.5L water

Bed @2230



Bachan's breakfast - 2 eggs, sausage, rice
500ml water
500ml milk tea
5 slices pizza w/ranch
990ml diet soda

Bed @2300