Wednesday, June 13, 2012


6/13 - boxing [alternating] 5x2m rounds shadowboxing, 5x2m rounds bag work, 9x3 pullups [during round breaks] + 1x15, neck nods/rotations/shoulder to ear

6/12 - dl 10/5x8, rows 3x8, chins x15

6/11 - PruFit [3 rounds/50 hyperx, 50 situps, 2 laps] - pulls/chins 2x12

Awesome Results - - Body Transformation: Never Surrender:


“There is only one god and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death..."

Monday, June 11, 2012

"How a Secret Memo Justifies a Kill List!"

Broken America.

"The Atheist Pig" is made of awesome.

Blasphemy just seems more fulfilling coming from a pig.  Homepage here/my favorites from the archives, below.

"Bath Salts" are fine, you fear-mongering, nanny-state morons.

Bath Salts, Naked Zombie Cannibals & Stupid Senators - Hit & Run :
"...It all started on a Florida offramp in broad daylight when a car-washing Bible-thumper snapped, allegedly under the influence of zombie dust. The story soon eclipsed the presidential election and Miley Cyrus' lack of underwear as the most important issue in the country. There was an immediate obsession with the substance that “caused” this unnatural act.
To date, there’s no evidence that Sunshine State face-chewer Rudy Eugene was in fact whacked out on bath salts. The Miami Mauler had been arrested at least eight times since he was 16 and had threatened to kill his Mom on at least once violent occasion.
Here’s the problem with banning “synthetic methamphtemine” - or the real thing, for that matter: There are an infinite number of ways that natural and artifical drugs can be combined, married and sewn together to get a user higher Matthew McConaughey on any given Monday. Science will always be one step ahead of the legislative process, so as quickly as a chemical compound is banned, four more will spring forth from crafty laboratories eager to pacify those seeking a quick fix..."

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Let it not be said...

...that my other half and I did not take advantage of our last 5 months in Africa.  First, in March we hit up Sierra Leone, then in May we tagged Morocco and also extended a training trip for the Mrs in Ghana, where the highlight was catching 'The Avengers' [I wear my geek card with pride, I do...]

...and finally, this past week we did a safari [and a day in Nairobi] in Kenya.  Which was all kinds of awesome.

More pics from Kenya here...


6/10 - x100 superset bw rows/hyperx [20, 2x15, 3x10, 20] - GTG protocol towel pullups 3reps per pass

6/9 - chinups x100 [15, 3x10, 6x5, 9, 7, 9]

6/8 - 10x2m rounds shadowboxing

6/7 - hindu pushups/squats/bridge - 15/30/30 x3, x20 deep breathing, dynamic tension pulldown/pullaparts, bi/tri, band dislocates/pullaparts

6/6 - Giant Set 3x25 glute bridge/air squats/hindu squats/Atlas squats/lunges/SLDL/calf raise - neck nods/rotations x100 [50/50, 2x25/25] - 5m sun salutations

6/5 - x100 reps - band presses/lat pulls/pull aparts/bicep/tricep - pushups 10x10

6/4 - Giant Set 4x10 [pushups, deep breathing, dynamic tension pulldowns/pullaparts/bicep-tricep, glute bridge, hindu squats, band dislocates/chest pulls/face pulls, supermans, vacuum] - 5x2m rounds heavy bag

Cooking/Food Log.

Vacation abroad this past week, so filled with airplane, restaurant and indulgence foodstuffs.  Tighter this coming week, gotta give the digestive system a break.

6/4 - water, protein shake, V8, chicken, rice, peas, carrots, beef, potatoes, green beans, butter
6/5 - coffee w/milk, Tusker beer, beef consomme', salad, veg tempura, chicken, burgers, cocktails, lamb & mint gravy, Kit Kat, water
6/6 - coffee w/sugar & milk, chips, beer, whiskey, steak, gravy, carrots, broccoli, rice, water
6/7 - coffee w/sugar & milk, water, beer, wine, beef carpaccio, insalada caprese, fried shimp, calamari, pasta, chocolate mousse
6/8 - coffew w/milk, eggs, bacon, macadamia chocolate, water, Diet Coke, chips, beer, meat [Carnivore], coffee & whiskey, salad, cake
6/9 - coffee w/creamer, whiskey & Diet Coke, coffee w/milk, protein shake, Coke Zero, Milky Way, chips, cookies