Friday, September 04, 2015

"Walk it off."

"I think myths deserve to be broken apart..."

Right in the feels.

At least he's honest.

Advantage: Satan.

True Story.

"If you're a libertarian, every election, you're sad."

"I'm here to support freedom, brother."

'Totally Awesome Hulk'

"One-Minute Time Machine."

Awesome little short film.


9/4 - bench, db row, inc press, pushups

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Fiction/Personality Suits.

Build a Habit-Robot in your Brain | Scott Adams Blog: "We humans think of ourselves as single entities because our bodies make each of us look like one person. I tried to maintain that illusion for most of my life and have finally released it. Now I accept that I am lots of personalities and I cycle through them during the day according to a schedule I do not set. 

When my body chemistry makes me confident and ambitious, I’m that guy. When my body chemistry goes in another direction, I’m another person for awhile. But those personalities are the average of what is going on in my mind at any time. And thinking of myself as the average of my mind’s competing forces was not useful to me.  

 My current model for what I call my “self” is that my mind is like a riot at an insane asylum. 

Luckily, one of the inmates was wrongly committed. That guy has the job of trying to get the real lunatics under control before the body that supports all of them does something dumb. In my model, if the other patients are calm, the lone voice of reason can dominate the situation. It knows how to avoid the more dangerous patients and coerce the gullible ones. It makes deals. It builds alliances. It does what it can to assert itself as the only sane voice in a building full of irrational actors.  

 But that only works when the other patients are relatively calm. If any of them gets worked up, they are larger than the tiny rational voice and overpower it. Where some of you see free will in this scenario, I see math. If the crazy players in my head outnumber the rational part of my mind, they win.

...You need a robot army in your brain to help your rational player when the crazy parts of your mind start to riot. You can build your robots as “habits” so you can call upon them when needed.  Your tiny rational voice might not have the power to overcome a hospital full of lunatics. But your robot army (the habits you engineered) can dispatch them easily. Get yourself some mental robots by building habits."

"I always find a way."

"Would you like me to lie to you now?"

Still crushing. 

Wendler. Gets. It.

Reminder to Self.  Some Perspective - "The fact that you are actively involved in making yourself better – that’s all someone can ask for. If they don’t realize that, then fuck it. You have a girl that has stood beside you (and hopefully laid underneath you) when you are at ‘your worst’ – and you are driving her away because of something she has made VERY CLEAR is NOT AN ISSUE for her? Why the fuck would you do that? If anything, I would make an attitude change for the sole reason that you found a good girl. One thing I have learned is that the only thing you have control over in this world is your attitude. And in order for you to deal with these issues, you have to change your attitude. And you need a serious overhaul. 

I hate the band KISS with a passion and but I will always remember this quote from Gene Simmons. He was on a radio show and Gene is known for his cocky attitude. The radio host was a woman that hated him – hated his attitude towards women and himself. She said to Gene, “I bet you are the kind of guy that walks into a room and thinks every woman wants him.” Gene responded, “Well, if I didn’t think that, no one would.”

"Positive thoughts should thrive in your mind – you seem to be obsessed with the negative parts of your life but I’m willing to bet that you have a HUGE list of positive things. This is not a popular thing to do because the world is full of negativity and people martyring themselves. All you have to do is read Facebook, comments on YouTube, or newspapers. Watch the news sometime – awful. Listen to co-workers and friends talk; everything is a big fucking deal. And most of it is negative. 

Because of this, you have to make a huge effort to remain positive. This can be done any number of ways but here are some examples: Turn off anything negative. This includes people, too. Find things to do OTHER than filling your gaps of time with the computer or social media. We are moving so fast in the world that we are constantly training ourselves to NEVER be “bored”. You know what? When you have a gap in time/work, STOP. Just sit down and close your eyes. You don’t need to fill in these gaps with mindless Iphone chatter, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Write something. Read a book. Meditate. Do something productive. We are the busiest, most unproductive people in history. Make a list of stuff that you are thankful for. Are you healthy? Check! Is your mom fucking awesome? Check! Do you like Slayer and love jamming them? Check! Your girlfriend give awesome handies? Check! Get shit done – be a man that does stuff...

The key is to keep moving forward and being consistent."

"The news you hear is biased, incomplete, or out of context – by design – at least until history sorts it all out. Oh, and historians disagree."

Identifying the Smart Voters | Scott Adams Blog: "Here are just a few of the illusions that plague those of you clinging to the fantasy of human intelligence: 
1. If you are trying to match a president with a job description, how can you do that without knowing what the future holds? Do we need a war president or a business-oriented deal-maker? Raise your hand if you predicted 9/11. Raise your hand if you knew oil would become cheap. And so on. 
2. Candidates lie. A lot. 
 3. The news you hear is biased, incomplete, or out of context – by design –  at least until history sorts it all out. Oh, and historians disagree. 
4. Many of the big issues are too complicated for even the professionals to understand, much less the voters.
5. Experts disagree. About everything. 
6. We believe we were right when we predicted the performance of past presidents, but only because we see what we want to see. Republicans see Obama as an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions. (Told you!) Democrats see an improved economy and more people with health insurance. (Nailed it!)  Conservatives see Reagan as the greatest of our presidents. (Yay!) Liberals see him as a guy with lucky timing and a touch of Alzheimers. (Burn!) This illusion makes each of us believe we will be good at picking the next president since we got it right the last time."


9/2 - deadlifts, situps, back xt, bridges