Friday, October 18, 2013


10/19 - bb behind the neck press, seated Arnold press, seated laterals, lateral raise, bb curls, bb drag curls, alt db curl, concentration db curl, calf press, knee ups

Awesome - 63-Year-Old Dr. J Can Still Dunk -
"Could the 63-year-old still dunk? Even with an old man's knees and decades out of the league? The answer was an emphatic yes."

Thursday, October 17, 2013


10/18 - squats, calf press, leg xtension, Smith machine calf raise, weighted hyperextensions, glute bridge

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


10/17 - bb press, bb press behind neck, Smith machine shrugs, Arnold db press, Gironda db swing, db rear delt fly, db shrugs

Awesome work - Blog
" will see a man (James Mason) who once weighed over 500 pounds. Doctors told him that he would be dead within 5 years if he didn’t make drastic lifestyle changes. Fortunately, those changes came when James began training at the Tiger Muay Thai gym in Thailand. After 18 months of training, he has now lost over 300 pounds.

You will also notice that James did not need anything fancy to get in shape. Old school, fight conditioning has always been one of the most effective training styles. Success does not depend on the tools that are used, but rather the effort put forth towards whatever you do. Hard, consistent work with the basics is often more effective than the most elaborate training systems and tools."

Morbidly obese second-hand car salesman James Mason loses 23 STONE after moving to Thailand to learn kickboxing | Mail Online
"James Mason, from Essex, was 39 stone when doctors told him he had five years to live By the time he was 27, he was wearing XXXXXXXXL clothes and trousers with a 58-inch waist But now, thanks to a Thai boxing camp, he is less than half the man he was..."

This guy is awesome.  I highly recommend checking out the two vids below.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


10/16 - dips, bench, incline db press, bench dips, db fly, overhead tri xtension, db pullover

Impressive as hell - Before And After Fat Loss | sugacoatme  Only took me 5 months of clean eating...
"Only took me 5 months of clean eating & working out! I’m 5’8” for reference."


10/15 - deadlifts, seated row, bb row, rv grip bb row, weighted hyperxtensions, pulldowns, bb curl, weighted chins, chins, 1a db row, cc curls

Awesome work - Bodybuilding | blondesquats: dancewithmydemons: Here is a...
"Here is a WBFF fitness competitor, Eleonora Dobrinina who in 2010 got pregnant and gained 100 pounds!!! Here she is couple weeks ago on the WBFF stage in Montreal.. Please don’t make excuses, make changes!! Be inspired! "

Sunday, October 13, 2013


10/14 - pushups, bench dips

10/11 - pushups, wg pushups, tricep pushups, band rows, band lateral raises, band front raises, band cross body curls, band curls

10/10 - step ups, walking lunges, calf raise, bench jumps, hindu squats, air squats, Amosov squats, hip thrust

10/9 - band press, band lateral raise, band front raise

Never too late, never too old, never give up - - Over 40 Amateur Of The Week: Bernie Stands Strong At Age 72!: