Friday, January 14, 2011


Simplefit L2W3 - 39 bw rows/29 pushups/29 prisoner squats for time - 5:03
GTG pullups & COC
Waterbury Challenge x14
Atlas Perpetual + DB/PD/PA
Five Tibetans
Hip thrusts, band dislocates/facepulls/chestpulls
Hyperextensions & neck nods/rotations
Inspirational - 60 years old. - - Tony Toned Up And Cut His Body Fat To Compete At The Age Of 60! - Over 40 Transformation Of The Week

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"It is the universe that makes fun of us all." - Charlie Crews


GTG pullups + COC grippers
Rutten MMA wkout - boxing - 7x3m rounds
Atlas Perpetual + DB/PD/PA
5 Tibetans x17
Waterbury Challenge x13
Hip thrusts, neck nods/rotations, hypers, band dislocates/facepulls/chestpulls
Jump rope 2x2m
30m guided meditation/spinal stretch

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Training & examples of inspiringly phenomenal physical mastery.

Simplefit L2W2 - 5 rounds for time - 9 bw rows/8 pushups/13 prisoner squats - 8:30
GTG pullups & COC grippers
Atlas Perpetual + Deep Breathing/Pull Downs/Pull Aparts
5 Tibetans x16
Waterbury Challenge x12

Watching this incredible display of agility and physical dexterity - The amazing antics of Larry Griswold - Boing Boing - this morning...
...sent me off on a YouTube spiral of amazing physical feats.  Including my favorite Sasuke champion - Makoto "The World's Strongest Fisherman" Nagano - [Sigh, and realized I missed the Sasuke event last week.  Oh Japan, I miss thee at times.]
Nagano's Total Victory Run at Sasuke 17.
Ayako Miyake, multiple winner of the Kunoichi - the female version of Sasuke.
And, of course, the Godfather of Crazy Physical Stunts, Kung Fool and Comedy Fu - Jackie Chan.  [Plus Eric B & Rakim in the first vid FTW.]

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Once again, "drug warriors" fail to think things through.

Shockingly, Anti-Meth Laws Have Had Unintended Consequences - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine:
"An A.P. investigation into the fallout from those meth fighting laws that restrict the sale of cold medication has turned up results that 'surprised' law makers and law enforcement officials...

Meth use was also up 34 percent in 2009. So the new laws are inconveniencing law-abiding people who want to treat cold and allergy symptoms, have had either zero or a positive effect on meth use, have lured new people into the meth trade, and have created a bigger market for smuggling meth and meth ingredients into the country from Mexico.

But perhaps we should go easy on the politicians who passed these laws. I mean, it's not like anyone could possibly have predicted any of this."

"...public safety laws need to be clear, enforceable, and should actually achieve their intended purpose." - Our drunk driving laws are stupid.

"...the average BAC in alcohol-related fatal accidents was 0.17, and two-thirds of such accidents involved drivers with BACs of 0.14 or higher. In fact, drivers with BACs between 0.01 and 0.03 were involved in more fatal accidents than drivers with BACs between 0.08 and 0.10."
More on Abolishing Drunk Driving Laws - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine:
"...The fact that people between .08 and .10 aren't impaired enough to make the sorts of mistakes clearly impaired drivers make necessitates the need for the roadblocks. Which in addition to being constitutionally suspect, are more revenue generators than highway safety endeavors.

E.G.'s argument seems to be that because BAC is some way of measuring alcohol impairment, we should go ahead and use it, even if it isn't a particularly accurate method of measurement, and even if the cutoff point we choose is mostly arbitrary. It's really an argument against consuming any alcohol before driving. Maybe that's what he wants. I'm convinced that's what MADD wants. But let's then at least be up front about that.

... But I'm not arguing in favor of a freedom to drive while obliterated, or that there's some right to drive drunk that outweighs the safety of other motorists and pedestrians. I'm arguing that public safety laws need to be clear, enforceable, and should actually achieve their intended purpose. I'm not sure our current DWI laws meet any of those criteria. (It's just a small sample from one city, but see this recent article from Nashville, where DWI arrests are down by a third due to budgetary woes—to no effect on actual DWI fatalities.)"


Rutten MMA wkout/boxing/7x3m rounds
Band dislocates/facepulls/chestpulls, hipthrusts
Neck nods/rotations, hyperextensions
Waterbury Challenge - 11
GTG - pullups + COC grip work
Atlas Perpetual + DP/PD/PA
5 Tibetans x16
SA DB DL x10 [each arm]

Monday, January 10, 2011


Atlas Perpetual + Deep Breathing/Pulldowns/Pullaparts
5 Tibetans x16
Simplefit L2W1 - max rounds 20m - 3 bw rows/3 pushups/4 prisoner squats - 25 rounds
GTG - pullups & COC gripper work
Band dislocates/facepulls/chestpulls & hip thrusts

Best, most verbose and comprehensive apology card ever.

Found at one of the local markets.  
[Left - cover.  Right - interior.]

Comedy show in Liberia.

This was pretty cool.  The folks at AFE [Armed Forces Entertainment] have a couple comics making their way through Africa.  They hit Ghana first and then did a show at the Embassy here in Monrovia yesterday.  Good time, and they were pretty funny.  And it made for a nice change up from the norm around here.  And Matt Baetz, I thought, had a particularly good set.
Their websites and more info about them you can find here - Matt Baetz and here - Lauren Ashley Bishop.

The week in food.

Part food log, part recording the expansion of the culinary arsenal.
Above is the food intake for the week, minus some lunchmeat and cheese I snacked on without thinking or remembering to snap a shot.  Using the photos before eating as a way to increase awareness/accountability of what I'm shoving down my piehole.  Did pretty well sticking to what appears to be my slowly evolving nutrition plan - low carb paleo/primal + intermittent fasting.  Only one meal really went completely out of the box, some takeout from a Chinese place that didn't realize had breading on it.  But scraped off what I could and had it only after PT, so hopefully that minimized the effects of carbs.  Only had water, tea & coffee [the latter two with cream] this week, so I appear to have kicked the soda addiction.  Cutting back/out on the coffee, tea & caffeine is next in line, though a work in progress.  And did have one glass of red wine this week as well, at a social function that didn't have any bottled water.  Probably kicked me out of any ketosis, but in terms of 'least harm/sensible vice' red wine [or straight liquor] is probably the more favorable option.

Below are a bunch of meals I threw together for the significant other...  in the cause of endeavoring to make myself useful.   
The Mrs made the pancakes, I did the strawberry relish and sides.

"I had a terrible nightmare about the USA."

Sunday, January 09, 2011


Five Tibetans x15
GTG Pullups
WC x9
Band dislocates/facepulls/chestpulls
Dips, hyperextensions, neck nods/rotations

Yesterday 1/8
Started "grease the groove" PT w/pullups
Five Tibetans x15
WC x9
Hip thrusts/band dislocates/facepulls
Rutten MMA wkout/muay thai/3x3m rounds

Philosophy throwback - Alan Watts' lecture on religion & sex.

Entertaining and thought provoking lecture from Alan Watts, hosted online by the always enlightening Psychedelic Salon - Podcast 255 – “Why Is Christianity Afraid of Sex?”:
"“Christianity is, of all religions in the world, the one uniquely preoccupied with sex...  Neither the church nor the opponents of the church have clearly understood that the secret, or unconscious, motivation of sexual repression is to make it all the more interesting. And on the other side, it has not been clearly understood that sexual biology and all that goes with it is a figuring force, on the level of biology, of what the whole universe is about, ecstatic play.”"
Direct download here -