Saturday, June 02, 2012


6/2 - weighted vest supersets [pullups/wide dips, chins/narrow dips, pushups, rows] + hyperextensions - db shrugs.

Reality Check/Time Hack - with having lost most of this week to a cold, next week in Kenya and our household goods, including my weights, packed up in early July - finishing this round of P90X just isn't going to work.  Had I not finished a complete round last year I'd feel much more like a quitter/loser, but this year it just is what it is.  Take another run at it another time.  Besides, with travel this last month and next week, anything approaching consistent nutrition has been an abortion of indulgence and bad planning.  Plan for the next 6.5 weeks is, roughly, daily workouts + [after Kenya] limited junk food & liquor to 1X a week and/or evenings out.  Onwards.

6/1 - Motivation flameout.  I suck.

5/28 through 5/31 - missed P90X 43 through 46 due to sickness

5/27 - P90X 42 Kenpo X [switched days 42 & 41]

5/26 - P90X 41 off/rest

5/25 - P90X 40 Chest, Triceps & Shoulders - Abs

5/24 - P90X 39 Yoga X

5/23 - P90X 38 Legs & Back - International Transformation Of The Month: Aussie Bests The Bulge:

True Religious Understanding.

A bunch of these cribbed from the newly discovered the honest atheist.

Religious & Spiritual YouTube Spiral.

Of course, once you stop caring what other people think, it matters less.

"When I see people manifesting sexual ambiguity or scarifying or showing a lot of flesh or dancing to syncopated music or getting loaded or violating canons of ordinary sexual behavior, I applaud all of this." - Terence McKenna

Geek Video/YouTube Spiral Roundup.

Good stuff.

Yep, we dodged some bullets on this one.

The classic.

Friday, June 01, 2012

RAW Wisdom.

Great Robert Anton Wilson Interview over at Cleveland Okie.  Some excerpts:

"I like pacifists, as a rule, and people who have a heavy emotional identification with deathism and war would probably call me a pacifist, but I am a non-invasivist rather than a non-violentist. That is, I believe that an invaded people have the right to defend themselves "by any means necessary" as the expression goes. This includes putting ground glass or poison in the invaders' food, shooting at them from ambush, sabotage, the general strike, armed revolution, all forms of Gandhian civil disobedience, etc. It's up to the invaded to decide which of these techniques they will use. It's not up to some moralist to tell them which techniques are permissible. As Tucker said, "There is nothing sacred in the life of an invader."

...You can "prove" anything on the verbal level, just be accepting the necessary axioms at the beginning. Empirically, I don't think they can produce a single case in history where a free people elected landlords to own the land; the land monopoly always starts with conquest. Shot and shell are the coins of purchase, as Herbert Spencer said. Except by force of arms, nobody "owns" the earth, anymore than the moon, the planets, the stars themselves. When did God disinherit the majority of humanity, and turn all space over to the "ownership" of the Rockefellers and their friends? Without armed power threatening us, why would anyone but a fool continue to pay these conquistadores the extortion they demand? And, even if the Austrians could convince me that rent is legitimate, I still wouldn't voluntarily pay it to the present landlord class who remain receivers of stolen property. I would pay it to the nearest Indian tribe.

As for interest, I'm not aware of any case in which the credit monopoly has allowed a free currency to compete with them. In fact, every case I know of (e.g. Worgl in the 1930s), ended when the Capitalists used the armed might of the State to stop the competition. The one laboratory experiment in this field, by Don Werkheiser at Central State University in Ohio, confirmed Tucker and refuted the Austrians. Money, after all, is anabstract artifact, like language -- merely symbolized by the paper or coin or whatever. If you can fully grasp its abstractedness, especially in the computer age, it becomes quite clear that no group can monopolize this abstraction, except through a series of swindle. The average primate cannot distinguish the symbol from the referrent, the map from the territory, the menu from the meal. If the usurers had been bolder, they might have monopolized language as well as currency, and people would be saying we can't write more books because we don't have enough words, the way they now say we can't build starships, because we don't have enough money. As Bucky Fuller says, you might as well argue we can't build roads because we lack kilometers.

...Of course, my position is based on the denial that money does store wealth. I think it's a semantic hallucination, the verbal equivalent of an optical illusion, to speak at all of money containing or storing wealth. Such thinking should have gone out with phlogiston theory. The symbol is not the referent; the map is not the territory. Money symbolizes wealth, as words symbolize things, and that's all. The delusions that money contains wealth is the mechanism by which the credit monopoly hof study. as gained a stranglehold on the entire economy. As Colonel Greene pointed out in Mutual Banking, all the money could disappear tomorrow morning and the wealth of the planet would remain the same. However, if the wealth disappeared -- if squinks from the Pink Dimension dragged it off to null-space or something -- the money would be worth nothing. You don't need to plow through the dialects of the debate between the Austrians and the free credit people like Tucker and Gesell to see this; any textbook of semantics will make it clear in a few hours of study. Wealth is nature's abundance, freely given, plus the exponential advance of technology via human intelligence, and as Korzybski and Fuller demonstrate, this can only increase an an accelerating rate. Money is just the tickets or symbols to arrange for the distribution -- either equitably, in a free money system, or inequitably, as under the tyranny of the present money-cartel. As you realize, a cashless society could exist merely by keeping bookkeeping entries or computer tapes. Money is a primitive form of such computer tapes, serving a feedback function. If we are not to replace the present banking oligopoly with a programmer's oligopoly, in which the interest will be paid to computer technicians, we must realize that this is all a matter of abstract symbolism -- that it exists by social agreement and nobody owns it, anymore than Webster owns the language. Why is it, incidentally, that the Austrians don't follow their logic to its natural conclusion and demand that we pay interest to the dictionary publishers every time we speak or write?

You have to watch people playing Monopoly, and see them begin to "identify" the paper markers with real value, to understand how the mass hypnosis of Capitalism works."

"Christmas Shouldn't Be About Materialism. It Should Be About Status Consciousness & Money-Shame."

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Transmet Wisdom.

"The world isn't black and white..."

Today's Religious Observations.

Cooking/Food Log.

Two, count 'em two, Game of Thrones nights, followed by 4 days in Accra followed by three days of sickness/a cold/comfort food orgy.  Trying to get back on track, but next week off to Kenya for a 'for real, no lie, I live in Africa' safari...  Onwards/Work in Progress.

5/21 - coffee w/Splenda & cream, protein shake, water, chicken, mayo, egg salad, rum, Diet Coke, beer, chips, pizza, cheesecake, Coke
5/22 - coffee w/Splenda & cream, protein shake, water, chips, cookies, cheesecake, beer, dumplings, twice fried pork
5/23 - coffee w/Splenda & cream, water, protein shake, beef, rice, bread, butter, cake, Diet Coke
5/24 - coffee w/sugar & creamer, water, Diet Coke, Dr Pepper Zero, Caprese salad, club sandwich, Bounty bar, bread & butter
5/25 - coffee w/Equal & cream, Dr Pepper Zero, chocolate milk, protein bar, Guinness, chicken korma, chicken tikka, fish curry, chocolate bar, Coke Zero
5/26 - coffee w/Equal & cream, pineapple, eggs, cheese, bacon, bread & butter, Diet Coke, fish & chips, beer
5/27 - coffee w/Equal & cream, coffee w/sugar & milk, eggs, cheese, sausage, tomato, bacon, pineapple, Bounty, water, camembert, beer, chocolate, diet soda, pizza
5/28-5/30 - sick/no food tracking