Saturday, October 27, 2012


10/26 - Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance

10/25 - shadowboxing/Bas Rutten MMA workout 3x2m boxing, 3x2m kickboxing, 2x2m MMA -- Insanity Cardio Recovery

Impressive work.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


10/24 - 4x10 hip thrust, glute bridge, air squats, goblet squats, step ups, split squats, glute ham raise, rdl,  skater lunge, hindu squats, kb swings - finisher wall squats x2 [60s/40s] -- Insanity Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs -- DDPYoga Energy

10/23 - 4x10 pullups, seated cable row, scott press, laterals, upright row, incline pushup, wide pushups, tricep pushups, tricep pushdown, cable curls, alt db curls - finisher 2x neutral grip pullup [8/5] -- Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Monday, October 22, 2012


10/22 - Insanity Fit Test -- DDPYoga Energy

10/21 - 30m yoga

Wow - awesome work.

"Couples Therapy."

Food Log.

10/15 - coffee, half & half, supplements, water, coconut water, chicken & onions, protein powder
10/16 - coffee, half & half, water, coconut water, eggs, salsa, turkey bacon, coconut flour pancakes, butter, supplements
10/17 - coffee, half & half, protein powder, coconut water, water, brie, coppa, shrimp, supplements
10/18 - coffee, cream, supplements, water, coconut water, whiskey, steak
10/19 - coffee, cream, supplements, water, coconut water, beer, chips & crab dig, bacon cheeseburger w/lettuce, tomato, onions & guacamole, mead, rum & Coke, Diet Coke
10/20 - coffee, cream, supplements, Diet Coke, water, coconut water, pizza, ranch dressing
10/21 - coffee, cream, chocolate banana bread, crab dip, Diet Coke, rum, salad w/dressing, egg, bacon

How the world works.

Jimmy Savile and the Price of Silence | VICE:

""Well," this person said, "so the story goes – because I wouldn't want you to think that this is more than a hypothetical that I allegedly heard and etfuckingcetera – special arrangements were made for Jimmy at certain locations. He almost copped to it himself once: some interview where he talks about the special privilege of looking after the dead kiddies. The deal was that they just left him alone in morgues to get on with it."

"Jimmy Savile the necro-paedo. That's what you're telling me."

"I dunno. I think I like 'necrononce' better."

"Why? You're not giving me a reason why."

"I can give you millions of reasons why. He's raised fucking millions for these places. That was the price of silence. He gets them millions of quid. They pay him in kind. Those bastards over the road have been picking the National Health Service apart all bloody decade. Do you think some of these places would still be open, let alone functioning, without huge injections of charity cash?"

"Come on –"

"Go on, then. Now you know about Jimmy Savile. What're you going to do about it? Knowing that you're going to cut off tens of millions to, for argument's sake, a children's hospital if you shop the bastard. Ignoring for a moment that he's also probably been shagging kids in a BBC broom closet since 1964 and everyone's been saying 'Oh, that's just Jimmy and his funny ways.' Ignoring for a moment that he did those 'This Is The Age Of The Train' TV ads for the fucking Government. Ignoring what it'd do to the families of the dead, let alone the alive. Ignoring that he's met the Queen, he's odds-on for a fucking knighthood, he visits Thatcher at Chequers every New Year's Eve and everyone your age still fucking deifies him because of Jim'll Fix It. The charity work that buys him access to kids alive and dead also saves thousands more kids every year. What're you going to do?"

"That's a shitty argument. There's holes all over it. You haven't said shit about the victims, past and present."

"Lucky that you can't do anything about it, then."

"I would if I could."

"That's what everyone says. Even the people who actually could. Because nobody likes the price. Fancy another drink?""

"I still organize my daily life—such as it is—around reading."

So. Much. This.

Worth reading in full, at the link.

Joe Queenan: My 6,128 Favorite Books -
"My reading habits sometimes get a bit loopy. I often read dozens of books simultaneously. I start a book in 1978 and finish it 34 years later, without enjoying a single minute of the enterprise.

...Winston Churchill supposedly read a book every day of his life, even while he was saving Western Civilization from the Nazis. This is quite an accomplishment, because by some accounts Winston Churchill spent all of World War II completely hammered. A case can be made that people who read a preposterous number of books are not playing with a full deck. I prefer to think of us as dissatisfied customers. If you have read 6,000 books in your lifetime, or even 600, it's probably because at some level you find "reality" a bit of a disappointment. People in the 19th century fell in love with "Ivanhoe" and "The Count of Monte Cristo" because they loathed the age they were living through. Women in our own era read "Pride and Prejudice" and "Jane Eyre" and even "The Bridges of Madison County"—a dimwit, hayseed reworking of "Madame Bovary"—because they imagine how much happier they would be if their husbands did not spend quite so much time with their drunken, illiterate golf buddies down at Myrtle Beach.

...Similarly, finding oneself at the epicenter of a vast, global conspiracy involving both the Knights Templar and the Vatican would be a huge improvement over slaving away at the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the rest of your life or being married to someone who is drowning in dunning notices from Williams-Sonoma . No matter what they may tell themselves, book lovers do not read primarily to obtain information or to while away the time. They read to escape to a more exciting, more rewarding world. A world where they do not hate their jobs, their spouses, their governments, their lives. A world where women do not constantly say things like "Have a good one! and "Sounds like a plan!" A world where men do not wear belted shorts. Certainly not the Knights Templar.

...I do not speed-read books; it seems to defeat the whole purpose of the exercise, much like speed-eating a Porterhouse steak or applying the two-minute drill to sex. the poor, books are not diversions. Book are siege weapons.

...Books that make us believe, for however short a time, that we shall all live happily ever after."