Friday, January 22, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Too funny - Downfall remix on Brown, Coakley, Obama.

"Health care was supposed to be done by August, now it drags on forever, like Stalingrad!"


Overheard Everywhere | You Might As Well Face It, You're Addicted to Lumps:
"Very pregnant woman surrounded by misbehaving children: Pregnancy is just such a gift. I mean, I feel so blessed. Like, this is what my body was made for, you know? I just feel so much more complete when I'm pregnant. Knowing that I'm growing this life...
Young woman behind her in line, interrupting: Madam? You are a walking advertisement for mandatory birth control.

Seattle, Washington

Overheard by: The guy applauding her"

See, that's what Jesus was talkin' 'bout.

Right now, for example, I'm praying for infection.

Life magazine used to be awesome.

Military service, summarized.

I was born about 15 years too late.

Okay, maybe 20. But I could swing 15.

Texts From Last Night:
"(361): ISS teacher has a tramp stamp.

(1-361): Shotgun."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well played.

Overheard in New York | Don't Invade Another Country If You're Unprepared to Meet Resistance:
"Younger girl to cougar on dance floor: Excuse me, but you need to be younger to sing this song.
Cougar: Well, you need to be prettier to wear a dress like that.


What Would Jesus Do - if he could help put a jacketed hollow point into somebody's skull?

These fucking people, I swear to god...

Secret "Jesus" Bible codes inscribed on American military weapons Boing Boing:
"ABC News reports that high-powered rifle sights provided to the US Army and Marines by Michigan weapons maker Trijicon include coded references to Bible passages about Jesus Christ"

Monday, January 18, 2010

Negotiation 101.

Overheard in New York | We Heart NY:
"Counter guy: Hey, hey, hey! You can't eat that in here!
Woman eating McDonald's directly from bag, raising middle finger: Sit on it. Spin. Call it daddy.

--Wendy's, 33rd & 5th Ave

Overheard by: Duncan Pflaster"

Yeah, there's a lotta truth in that one.

The Happiness Project: Happiness Myth No. 5: A “Treat” Will Cheer You Up.:
"Hapiness Myth No. 5: A “Treat” Will Cheer You Up. Often, not!

It depends on what you choose. Treating yourself to a long walk in the park, say, is a good idea – but the things we choose as “treats” frequently aren’t good for us. When you’re feeling blue or overwhelmed, it’s tempting to try to pick yourself up by indulging in a guilty pleasure, but unfortunately, the pleasure lasts a minute, and then feelings of guilt, loss of control, and other negative consequences just deepen the blues."

That actually works a little bit.

Eh, not really. But still. Funny.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Now that's funny.

Gay Teen Worried He Might Be Christian | The Onion - America's Finest News Source:
"'I don't know what's happening to me,' Faber admitted to reporters Monday. 'It's like I get these weird urges sometimes, and suddenly I'm tempted to go behind my friends' backs and attend a megachurch service, or censor books in the school library in some way. Even just the thought of organizing a CD-burning turns me on.'

Added Faber, 'I feel so confused.'

The openly gay teen, who came out to his parents at age 14 and has had a steady boyfriend for the past seven months, said he first began to suspect he might be different last year, when he started feeling an odd stirring within himself every time he passed a church. The more conservative the church, Faber claimed, the stronger his desire was to enter it."

Magical Places.

Texts From Last Night:
"(815): Girls only wine night turned into a sloppy drunk lesbian orgy again"

Watched - TV this week.

Stossel, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Scrubs, NCIS, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, The Mentalist, Bill Moyer's Journal, Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special, Batman The Brave and the Bold, Modern Family

Better Off Ted - I love this quirky bastard of a show.

Community - the Jack Black stuff didn't work for me. The MASH stuff on the other hand was awesome - and the Owen Wilson cameo made me laugh.

Dollhouse - as the show races to its close and is filled with sheer awesome I'm inspired to think what it would be like to one day get a show from Joss Whedon not fucked with by the network. That would be nice.

Leverage - is BACK! Which is a goodness.

Human Target - new show, based on a comic - a mixed bag... Mark Valley is genially appealing - Chi Mcbride is in his 'I'm the exasperated voice of reason' role, which he does well - and Jackie Earle Haley is rather brilliant in role that's equal parts hired gun/sociopath/good guy. But they've tweaked the [rather unfilmable actually] key concept of the character [assuming the identity of the client] and made him into generic bodyguard guy. With generic scriptwriting. Though if they play up his possible death wish thing, that could be interesting. Give it some depth and psychological twist. And the Danny Glover cameo at the end was a nice touch. Check it out for a bit, but the plots and scripts will have to get better to keep my interest. The Japanese in the first show - though clearly 'day-of-memorized-phonetically-kinda-stilted' wasn't as horrible as it could've been - and I dig seeing folks try to pull it off.

Archer - new animated show on FX. Reminds me of nothing so much as The Venture Bros - which is really the biggest compliment I could pay it. Dysfunctional, eminently damaged characters, hilariously funny. Good stuff.

C'mon Japan... you're not even trying.

"Nancy Value" has no inherent meaning.
From 2010-01-17

My school has the best PTA newsletters...

From 2010-01-17


BOE folks, teachers and ALTs kicking off the new year in 2010.
In other cultures, a shoulder rub from your direct supervisor might be seen as inappropriate. God bless Japan.
Karaoke Madness!
You know I was feeling fine and the alcohol was flowing when I'm bumming smokes off people. Ah well, well worth the price of the hangover.