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Today's Internets - "Be silent and listen: have you recognized your madness and do you admit it?" - C.G. Jung

Schneier on Security: NSA Storing Internet Data, Social Networking Data, on Pretty Much Everybody: "This is getting silly. General Alexander just lied about this to Congress last week. The old NSA tactic of hiding behind a shell game of different code names is failing. It used to be they could get away with saying "Project X doesn't do that," knowing full well that Projects Y and Z did and that no one would call them on it. Now they're just looking shiftier and shiftier. The program the New York Times exposed is basically Total Information Awareness, which Congress defunded in 2003 because it was just too damned creepy. Now it's back. (Actually, it never really went away. It just changed code names.)"

"Brendan Sasso of The Hill reports that during a Washington Post cybersecurity summit today, former National Security Agency Director Michael Hayden made a joke about putting Edward Snowden on a kill list. Snowden, who leaked secret NSA documents to news reporters, has been nominated for the "Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought," considered to be Europe's most prominent human rights award."

"...You get your dream man, you’re having sex every day, you’re wearing sexy, flattering clothes when you go out together, your face is permanently attached to his crotch, you swallow every drop and ask for more, and when you are at home, although you might be cleaning the bathroom or making him a sandwich (sorry, just couldn’t resist!), you are wearing something relaxed that still gives him a hard on when you bend over to wipe up the mustard you dropped on the floor.  "Oh no! I’m SO darn clumsy! I spilled the mustard like a bad little girl" (bends of and wiggles ass while sucking the mayo of thumb).  Damn that’s hot!

DUDE!!!! Sounds like the woman of every man’s dreams!! He is thinking how lucky he is and by golly gosh darn it he just has to put a ring on the dainty little finger of yours! You get married! New place to live! Everything is awesome! And then….Bum bum BAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Reality sets in. Work. School. Stress. Whatever. Things start to taper off. Like sex. You’re lucky if it’s once a week, and you might as well forget about gargling each other’s privates, because you are just SO tired and grouchy from work, that feeling each other up will take away from watching your favorite tv show that you just happen to prefer to watch while wearing the biggest pair of ugly granny panties and a pair of sweatpants that can only be described as something you used to reserve for those lonely single nights you spent alone crying about how you will be alone forever, you feel like a fat hippo, and your ben and jerry’s melted down, leaving a nice sticky stain on your crotch.

MMMMM…. sounds sexy right? I mean what guy wouldn’t want to have sex with a girl that is wearing that every night when he comes home from work??? HELLOOOOOO??!!!!!  Oh and those manicures you used to get, shaving your legs, and moisturizing that skin that he always loved to touch?  Yeah….you pretty much quit that all together. I mean, he knows what that was like so why keep it up? 

...obviously no one can be “on” all the time. Hopefully you are with someone that can see you at your worst, when you are bloated and grumpy. Someone that will lovingly hold your hair back when you are barfing from the flu, or will understand that you don’t want to act sexy when you’ve come down with a horrible case of Montezuma’s Revenge from eating the buffet  on your vacation to Mexico.. Hey that’s what love is, and we are only human. There are a lot of things in this life that we cannot control. Sickness, stress, family drama, and jobs. The real test is how you deal with it, and how you let it affect your relationship.

The moral is: don’t stop trying just because you got married and you’re comfortable. Keep up the oral, anal, or otherwise regular sex, even if it’s the laziest sex ever, because it keeps you close and connected despite all the other bullshit that is going on around you. And for Christ’s sake, keep making him sandwiches!! It’s the little things that make all the difference"

"Women are biologically wired to get BORED with their lover in long term relationships. This happens even if her boyfriend/husband is perfect and does everything right. This boredom usually begins in earnest around the three-year mark in a relationship...  Exhibit A is this NYT article. It’s about a new drug they’re testing that has been dubbed the “female Viagra”. It has been created to combat the exact boredom I talk about…"

…women raised a mix of possible reasons. There were the demands of graduate school, the demands of children, the demands of work, medical issues, men who weren’t always as kind or nearly as engaged as they could be. But at bottom there seemed to be one common cause: they had all grown tired of sex with their long-term partners. 

"...most women have no idea why they start getting bored with their monogamous husbands. They just assume it’s because the husbands are being jerks, or they’re “stressed”, or “raising kids” or whatever. But notice that there was “something else she couldn’t name”. She doesn’t want her husband to fuck her any more, and she can’t put a finger on why. …women raised a mix of possible reasons. There were the demands of graduate school, the demands of children, the demands of work, medical issues, men who weren’t always as kind or nearly as engaged as they could be. But at bottom there seemed to be one common cause: they had all grown tired of sex with their long-term partners. The go-to phrase in the above quote is “men who weren’t always as kind or nearly as engaged as they could be”.

...when your wife’s biology kicks in and she stops wanting to have sex with you after three years, and you ask her why, she’s going to blame YOU. That’s right. YOU.  Like most married men hear all the time, you’re going to hear a big list of all the things you’re doing wrong, and how if you just “shaped up”, she would start having sex with you again. And it will be a lie. It will likely have nothing to do with you. It will be about her. Her biology. But she can’t, and won’t, say that...

Women get sexually bored. Men do not. Women are horny only at certain points in their lives. Men are always horny."

 "...familiar with the fundamental premise governing human sociosexual dynamics [eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap.]  Interestingly, this reluctance to come to a man’s aid (relative to the eagerness to do so for women) is why men’s same-sex friendships are so much deeper and more meaningful than women’s same-sex friendships. When a man has earned another man’s true friendship, their loyalty can last for decades, through the worst tribulations. Women’s friendships are, by way of contrast, quite a bit more… how shall we say?…  fickle. This is the reason why women invent terms like “BFF”, (Best Friend Forever). When you can’t really count on your friends to be there, you artificially pump the value of your friendships with branding exercises that allow you and them to think the relationship is more profound than it is. Men have no need for such verbal calisthenics, because a man’s close friends have earned their place in his world by their action, not by their word. His loyal male friends are presumed BFFs. No marketing or product branding required."

"...i was tooling around at work and some women were discussing the story. well, guess what they found most offensive- the fact that there were 3 men behind dude, and NONE of them stepped in to help the woman was a topic of concern for these woman. here’s the story basically goes like this: dude is short .41 cents for a fucking swisher sweet. the clerk tells him to leave the store. dude tries to snatch the cigar. girl avoids his snatch and dude blasts her. what a fucking lowlife. but the conversation with the women i know stemmed from the 3 guys in line that “did nothing” to help her. how could they stand there as this woman gets blasted in the face? they were livid...

my argument was this: 1- it all happened too quick and by the time the dude’s realized he’d done it, the guy was walking away. 2- since he had walked off there was no reason for them to to do shit. woman needed to call the cops (since feminists have made the gov’t the official protectors of women) and the dude’s would have likely stayed behind to give a witness statement. 3- the only reason to get involved would have been if the guy had jumped the counter and started laying into her (which didn’t happen). 4- the guys could have caught a case had the gotten involved and hit dude as dude could have sued for assault (and probably win- it IS cali).

...then i pointed out that men’s natural aggressiveness and protectiveness has been neutered and discouraged by feminism over the last 50 years and they shouldn’t be surprised the guys did nothing... the women were appalled. one even said “we’re not a society of savages.” i told her to tell that to the cashier. then i told her- chivalry is dead. and women killed it."

I am vaguely certain I had this Batcave as a kid.  Probably that bad haircut too.


10/4 - chins, weighted chins, db rows, hyperextensions, concentration curls

Never too old, never too late, never give up - Denise Richards, age 42, getting Linda Hamilton/Terminator 2 Level Jacked.

Shoot, Linda Hamilton was only 35 in T2. 

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10/3 - deadlift, seated row, pulldowns

Hard work fixes everything.

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10/1 - squats, calf press

9/30 - bench, dips

"soprissy: 9 months in. Treat your body right and it’ll look right. Left pic was December 30, 3012; the first day of training. Right pic is today, September 28, 2013."

Today's Internets - Bulking.

Comics are Awesome.

pic via Wedgewenis (Wedge) on deviantART:

"There have been a few Wonder Woman fan films in recent months, and while they’re generally well-made considering their shoe-string budgets, they tend to gloss over the character’s mythological elements and focus on her more grounded attributes. In short, undoubtedly due in large part to money, she’s reduced to a skilled fighter who can deflect bullets and kick the butts of generic gunmen (or Nazis). But in the new short by Rainfall Films, we’re given a Wonder Woman of two worlds — one who confronts a minotaur (at least I think that’s what it is) on Themyscira and … kicks the butts of generic gunmen, only this time on the streets of a city in flames."

"Never thought I'd say this, but WOW this cheerleading video is freakin' sick. No way I'd be ever to pull off these moves."