Saturday, May 15, 2010


5/16 - Free
20m - intervals/shadowboxing
Chinups, pyramid up 1 to 5 to 1
BW Rows 15, 12, 10
Mobility - Dislocates/Facepulls/Wall Slides x10
Atlas Lesson 1
BFL Upper Body Wkout - Pushups/BW Flyes, Ovr Press/Laterals, Row/BW Row, Ovr X/Dips, Curls/Hammer curls
Atlas Lesson 1
20m - intervals/shadowboxing

Taikusai/Undokai renshu...

Sports Day Festival, that is. The kids are adorable. 2.5 weeks of practice. So much marching I was having USNA flashbacks. Seriously, they yell out 'cover' & 'align' - in Japanese of course.

On the other hand, they also have 'rodeo.'

Yee. Haw. I say.

And centipede/millipede races.

And jump rope.

And, of course, taiko and synchronized dance.

Always with the synchronized dancing.

Addressing the troops.

Wife's continued awesomeness.

Department of State swag.

Preparation is ongoing.

Parents-in-law visiting Japan, Wkend III.

On the way to dinner.

Mom valiantly tries to explain why forgetting the camera wasn't her fault.

Posing 101.


Classic Baachan pose.

Yumi shows off her trip photos.

When queried, Midori claimed her face was one of sad hunger.

Pictures of pictures of pictures. [Sandy's State Dept A100 Graduation w/Sec of State Clinton.]

The family dines viking/buffet style.

Heck of a spread. So much fried food I thought I was back home down south. Almost.

Adachi's are serious eaters.

Gaijin represent.

It only looks like she ate all this. [In reality, I'd wager she actually ate more. The kid can put it away.]

Enkai time!

With the Board of Ed. They're a fun people.

One more enkai to go, and that's all she wrote for me and Japan.

Parents-in-law visiting Japan, Wkend II.

We are a photo taking people.

At Daikanbo Peak, Kumamoto.


Notice the perfectly good tables we don't use. I'd attribute it to the Japanese natural fear of the sun, except folks who came along shortly after had no problem with it.

Mt. Aso - largest active volcano in Japan.

Only in Japan.

Aso Farm Land.

God bless Japan.

Golden Calf, anyone? [I love even unintentional blasphemy.]

Tasty milk and yogurt beverages.

And ice cream.

Which she got in her hair.

Stopping for udon.

This is a good pic. For, you know, an over-the-shoulder-no-look.

Shoe Battle! Midori's "hiking" high heels vs my Vibrams.