Saturday, December 08, 2012

I'd take one.

I mean, you never know, right?

Good advice - "Any negative emotion you harbor, be it sadness, jealousy or anger, will only take you further away from living the life you truly want..."

My Personal Journey to Hell and Back - How to Build Muscle | Strength Training Workouts | Mass Gain Diet | How to Build Muscle | Strength Training Workouts | Mass Gain Diet: "I cut out all the deadbeats in my life and now associate only with positive thinking, hard working winners.
It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known someone or even if they are related to you. If they’re a negative force they’re gone. You need to cut them loose, no matter how hard that may be. I did it. All the other successful people in the world did it. You have to do it.Shit talkers… gone.Complainers… gone.Depressed or depressing people… gone.Jealous people… gone.Pessimistic people… gone.People who are forever broke… gone.People who doubt your dreams… gone.People who say, “It must be nice”… gone.People who always put a negative spin on everything… gone.People who use the phrases, “I hope,” “I’ll try,” “Hopefully”… gone.People with a major aversion to risk taking… gone.Who you spend time and associate with is literally one of the most important decisions you can ever make. You become the sum of the people you surround yourself with.Any negativity that is around you will, over time, seep into your brain and change the way you look at things and decrease your chances of success.This, I promise you.Want to lift heavier weights? Train with stronger people.Want to make more money? Spend time with rich people.Want to be a better person? Spend time with good, positive people who are void of jealousy, hatred and bitterness.It’s a very simple formula yet so many people overlook it.When you are positive and in the right mind state good things just seem to happen. Opportunities present themselves that wouldn’t otherwise.That may sound like some weird, existential hokey bullshit but it’s 100% true.If you’re staying in a job you hate simply for the benefits you need to start spending more time with more successful people. Insurance costs about $400-$500 a month. Do you really think your happiness is worth that? Do you really think that if it honestly meant that much to you that you wouldn’t somehow find a way to make that money back?Work where you want to work.Live where you want to live.Do what you want to do.Not taking a risk is often the biggest risk you can take and will lead to a lifetime of regrets.What I did to achieve success is nothing. There are people who truly had to endure real hardship and struggles and have gone on to be some of the most successful people on the planet."


12/8 - superset chins/dips 7x7, cable partial dl [down the stack] 10x5, zercher cable squats 5x8, cable shoulder press 4x10, kb swing 2x30 -- P90X+ D20 Kenpo Cardio+

Awesome - Before And After Weight Loss | rhoryborealis: Me Currently while training for a...:

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

"nah, man..."


12/4 - kettlebell halos -- cable/partial deadlifts -- P90X+ D16 Interval X+ & Abs/Core+

Why does anybody - AT ALL - care about the British royalty?

Why is the "royal pregnancy" fucking news?  I swear to god.

Via Doug Stanhope:  "Everyone thinks you must be a big fucking group of simpletons living out some Dungeons and Dragons fantasy land bullshit with kings and princes.  Do you have wizards and fairies too?  Fire breathing dragons?  We still live with this stone age - bow down - to this renaissance festival...  They're a superior bloodline to you?  You bootlicking fucking supplicants.  Are you joking?"

Best. Philosophy. Ever. - "If you think you suck, fucking stop sucking immediately."

Via ChAoS & PAIN: Go Fucking Feral #2- A Shutthefuckup Salad With A Side of Extra Rants:
"If you think you suck, fucking stop sucking immediately...  You can, and should, be better than you are.  Stop asking other people for validation and assistance and fucking do it yourself.  "

True Stories.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Okay, some things used to be better [and more random stuff, even.]


12/3 - P90X+ D15 Upper+ & Abs/Core+

The Miracles of Christmas.

Food Log.

11/26 - coffee, cream, water, coconut water, supplements, protein powder, V8, Hardees Low Carb Thickburger, chicken, cheese, eggs, guacamole
11/27 - coffee, cream, water, coconut water, supplements, protein powder, V8, chicken, cheese, butternut squash soup
11/28 - coffee, half & half, water, coconut water, supplements, protein powder, V8, cream, ribeye, Cobb salad, lobster bisque, brie
11/29 - coffee, half & half, supplements, V8, water, coconut water, turkey & chicken chili, prosciutto, gruyere cheese, dark chocolate bar
11/30 - water, coconut water, coffee, half & half, protein powder, supplements, chocolate almond butter, steak, hash browns, eggs, swiss mocha coffee
12/1 - coffee, half & half, supplements, water, coconut water, big mixed salad, diet iced tea, Outback - Bloomin' Onion, bread & butter, Foster's Beer, sirloin topped w/crab & hollandaise, sweet potato fries
12/2 - coffee, half & half, latte, doughnut, turkey bacon & cheese sandwich, fudge, beer, gruyere, prosciutto, sandwich cookies

Exceptional Cosplay.

Sunday, December 02, 2012



11/2 - kettlebell swing/prisoner squat superset 50/2x30 -- overhead squat w/unloaded bar [positioning/mobility work] 3x10 -- zercher cable squats 3x10 -- neutral grip pullups 12/8/4/2x3 --pushups x15