Friday, April 04, 2014

Training - "Squat."

4/4 - squats, calf press, back xt, Klokov press, P90X3M D82 Incinerator, back arch/chest opener stretch

"Christine Barker Bikini- Masters 35+ Class A 2nd place"

"Kelly Bagley Bikini- Masters 40+ 4th place"

"Africa is the renewable utopia, getting 50 per cent of its energy from renewables..."

Innocent until proven... oh fuck it, why even pretend they care anymore?  Indiana Jones and the FBI Raid of Doom - Hit & Run :
"...because they don’t know whether Miller had obtained any of these artifacts illegally, they seized an elderly man’s home and his property to find out."

Avengers Win.

"A Missouri-based gun manufacturer announced this week that it will release a line of “New York Compliant” rifles, a market-based response to the Empire State’s strict new gun laws. “With the continual trampling of the 2nd Amendment in New York, Black Rain Ordnance is proud to announce their ‘New York Compliant’ rifles,” the group said in a statement on its website. “These rifles feature all of the quality and craftsmanship of the standard BRO-lines, but with the added features that allow for legal possession.” Features that make Black Rain Ordnance’s new rifles compliant with New York’s guns laws include: No pistol grip, a non-threaded muzzle fixed stock, 10-round low capacity approved magazine and a Lo-Pro gas block “without the evil bayonet lug.”"

"...if you really want to help the poor, there might be much more efficient ways to help than by cutting emissions...

Wealthy homeowners in Bavaria might feel good about installing inefficient solar panels on their roofs, but their lavish subsidies are essentially financed by poor tenants in the Ruhr paying higher electricity costs...

Climate policies take an even larger toll on people in the developing world. Almost three billion people rely on burning twigs and dung to cook and keep warm. This causes indoor air pollution, at the cost of 4.3 million lives a year, and creates the world’s biggest environmental problem. Access to cheap and plentiful electricity is one of the most effective ways out of poverty — curtailing indoor air pollution and allowing refrigeration to keep food from spoiling (and people from starving). Cheap electricity charges computers that connect the poor to the world. It powers agriculture and businesses that provide jobs and economic growth...

The rich world generates just 0.8 per cent of its energy from solar and wind, far from meeting even minimal demand. In fact, Germany will build ten new coal-fired power plants over the next two years to keep its own lights on...

Africa is the renewable utopia, getting 50 per cent of its energy from renewables — though nobody wants to emulate it. In 1971, China derived 40 per cent of its energy from renewables. Since then, it has powered its incredible growth almost exclusively on heavily polluting coal, lifting a historic 680 million people out of poverty. Today, China gets a trifling 0.23 per cent of its energy from unreliable wind and solar...

Yet most Westerners still want to focus on putting up more inefficient solar panels in the developing world. But this infatuation inflicts a real cost. A recent analysis from the Centre for Global Development shows that $10 billion invested in such renewables would help lift 20 million people in Africa out of poverty. It sounds impressive, until you learn that if this sum was spent on gas electrification it would lift 90 million people out of poverty. So in choosing to spend that $10 billion on renewables, we deliberately end up choosing to leave more than 70 million people in darkness and poverty...

In the West, we take our supply of electricity for granted. After a century, we’ve forgotten that plentiful, affordable and dependable energy is the lifeblood of modern civilisation and prosperity. Discussions about saving the world seldom acknowledge the 1.3 billion people living without any electricity whatsoever. Their problems seem otherworldly to us — and we neglect the fact that the same sort of access to cheap electricity would substantially improve their lives. When it comes to helping the world’s poor, a topic like climate change seems to interest the West far more than such mundane matters as helping them power their houses."

 Anna Kendrick Wins Twitter.


Thursday, April 03, 2014

Training - "If you're not pushing the envelope..."

4/3 - bench, twisting decline situps, P90X3M D81 Challenge

"I find it really weird that people need encouragement to work out. How is something that betters your life not first on your list of things to do? Instead they’ll just complain that they’re tired and watch 4 hours of tv."


"@beemoye Sooooo wow.. My #transformationtuesday picture on the left taken 7/13/2012 that was my very first accountability picture and it was after I saw a few pictures is myself from the weekend before and new I didn’t like who I saw.

I made a change and although it’s taken me awhile to get to where I am now I did it safely and gradually. No quick fixes here! Picture on the right was taken a couple weeks ago & I’m #7weekaout from my first #bikini competition"

"I don't hate people..."

"Ashley Madison, the world's biggest online hookup site for married people, works only when monogamy is the rule on the surface but, deep inside, couples want to cheat. That's why it is scoring big in Japan. The nation that prides itself on conformity and proper appearances reached a million users in eight and a half months, the fastest pace among any of the 37 countries where the adultery site operates. The previous record was Brazil at 10 months. The U.S., which has the biggest number of users at 13 million, took a year to achieve the one million mark. Spain took nearly two years. Extramarital sex and affairs are not new to Japan, but a site such as Ashley Madison is a "a leveling out of the playing field" for women, said Noel Biderman, chief executive of Avid Life Media Inc., which operates There is a tradition of wealthy men taking mistresses in Japan and its male dominated society has provided plenty of outlets for married men to find casual sex."

Why they'll come for the lawyers first. - Sorry about your time on death row, pal. Nothing we can do.
"The decision explicitly acknowledged that “there is no question that the individual prosecutors involved in D’Ambrosio’s case violated rights secured to him by the Constitution.” But no one will be held accountable for it. And D’Ambrosio is just out of luck...

...that one “bad apple” was the county’s chief prosecutor. Again, the guy making the policy. And though the county may have known of only a few violations prior to D’Ambrosio’s conviction in 1989, as the county officials became aware of of many more incidents over the next 20 years, they still continued to fight to preserve D’Ambrosio’s conviction and to keep the man on death row...

 If Allen knew the evidence was exculpatory and withheld it from the prosecutor, D’Ambrosio would have to show that Allen did so out of bad faith. That’s very, very difficult to prove. If Allen did turn over the evidence to the prosecutor, that’s where his obligation as a cop ends. He is under no obligation to be sure that the defense attorneys are aware of the evidence. If he sees the prosecutor proceeding with the case in a way that contradicts exculpatory evidence that he knows he has already given the prosecutor, he is under no obligation to tell the court or the defense what’s going on. The responsibility for turning over such evidence lies entirely with the prosecutor. And the prosecutor is protected by absolute immunity...

The point here is not that the court got the law wrong. My impression is that, though there may be a few quibbles with the opinion, the court largely got it right. And that makes this all the worse. Police and prosecutors can break the rules to the point where they’ve committed grievous constitutional violations. They can do this in a death penalty case. They can do it over and over, in lots of cases, sending who knows how many people to prison for a decade or more — or possibly to their deaths. And even when the misconduct is abundantly clear, and the courts acknowledge as much, those same courts also say that under the law, no one is to be held accountable."

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Training - "Try."

4/2 - power cleans, curls, calf press, Arnold press, P90X3M D80 X3 Yoga, Pendlay rows

"When I first started working out, I was scared to go to the gym so I had my husband do workout videos with me at home. I was only 95 lbs! We would do the Beach Body Workout Series, but I would have to do all 4 videos in one day, and the ab video & cardio video twice. Everyday.  Once I was ready to hit the gym, I got a personal trainer. She thought I couldn't manage the weights so we started out with rubber bands. In short time, I moved up to the weights, and the 30 min training session no longer was enough. 5 years later I am in the BEST shape of my life. Left was a couple months into personal training 5 years back. Right is current. Biggest lesson in all this is that we ALL start somewhere. But that's no excuse not to get started!"