Saturday, September 01, 2012


9/1 - 300 pushups [max sets, ladders to 5, 10x10, ladders to 4, 5x5, max sets] - chinups [pyramid 1 to 7 to 1]

8/31 - giant set/20 reps each - pushups, dynamic tension pull downs, deep breathing 1, deep breathing 2, torso twists, toe touches, calf raise, situps, hyperx, dynamic tension bi/tri, ballet squats, glute bridge, leg lifts, hindu squats, wide stance squats, hindu pushups, wrestler's bridge

8/30 - lower body/body weight circuit - 3x10 - glute bridge, prisoner squats, lunge, split squat, hindu squat, air squat, hip thrust, wide stance squat, skaters, calf raise -- sprints x7

8/29 - 45m yoga

Awesome Work/Before & After.

So. Yeah. That.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Prepare for Download.

The internet audaciously continued on while I was on vacation.  I approve.

Much more random awesome after the jump/break...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


8/28 - superset ladders - chins/inc pushups 1:2 [1 to 10:20] pullups/pushups 1:2 [1 to 8:16] - zercher heavybag squats 3x10 - DB pullovers 2x15 - boxing/2x2m rounds shadowboxing alternating w/2x2m rounds heavybag

8/27 - pushups, situps, hindu squats, situps, pushups, bi/tri dynamic tension - 15m jog - sprints x5

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Vacation's Over. Game Back On, Motherfuckers.


8/14 - 8/26 [abbreviated vacation PT summary]
15/calisthenics + treadmill/elliptical/stepper
16/bike, stepper, elliptical, treadmill
18/dynamic tension + calisthenics
19/no PT
20/calisthenics + light DB work
21/DB weight work
22/calisthenics + DBs
23/no PT
25&26/no PT

8/13 - 10x2m rounds shadowboxing/Bas Rutten Wkout [3 rounds boxing, 3 rounds kickboxing, 3 rounds MMA, 1 round boxing] - circuit 3x20 pushups/twisting situps/prisoner squats/hyperx

Inspiring/Ripped 40 YEAR OLD abs/transformation - JeniM's BodySpace -

Food Log.

8/14 -8/26 - The last two weeks of blow it all out vacation gluttony... eating with almost no regard to any nutritional significance.  [Won't be going back to do a day by day for the last two weeks... look at the pic if you care.  This concludes my stab at personal accountability.]