Saturday, November 30, 2013

Training - "Losers wait to be motivated. Winners just get shit done."

Sunday AM.  No Motivation.  Doesn't matter.

12/1 - hyperextensions, squats, tricep pushdowns, pulldowns, calf press, 10min treadmill incline walk -- foam rolling

11/30 - 10min treadmill incline walk, 11min elliptical

11/29 - press, wg neck press, inc db press, db laterals/Gironda swing, db drag curls, 10min treadmill incline walk

"One of the predicted consumer trends is further investment in personal health rather than the mindless pursuit and accumulation of more "stuff." People are, supposedly, going to spend more money on getting healthy, losing fat, and keeping fit. So, instead of decorating a chubby, pre-diabetic body with jewelry and sliding it into shiny 2014 convertibles, they're going to spend their cash on gyms, better food, exercise equipment, and supplements. Man, let's hope so...

Fact: How you take care of your body tells us more about you than the objects you've purchased with your credit card. With the world getting fatter, the fit are going to stand out even more. Muscular, lean, and athletic will become a rarity. Maybe the new status symbols will be lack of dependence on prescription drugs, a non-protruding belly, or the rare ability to take the stairs without getting gassed...

The whole "status" thing is a bit stomach-turning to begin with, but sociologists tell us that we can't escape it; it's just built into our genes. Okay, fine. But let's choose to display our status not with baubles on loan but with a body that reflects hard work, wise decisions, and engaged living."


"I live alone.  I train alone.  I'll win the title alone."

The scale is only a tool, the numbers don't mean much.

Sophie's Choice, man...

One year difference. 
You can make yourself into anything you want if you do the work.

Kafka had nothing on 21st century America.

Border refusal for depressed paraplegic shows Canada-U.S. security co-operation has gone too far: Walkom | Toronto Star
"A Canadian is prevented from entering the U.S after border officials gain access to her confidential medical history. Meanwhile, in Ottawa, the Commons is in an uproar over revelations that U.S. spies set up shop here in 2010 — with Canadian government assistance — to snoop on international leaders attending the G20 meeting in Toronto. What’s common to these two stories is the practice of information sharing between Canada and the U.S."

Canadian denied entry to the US after agent cites private medical records — RT USA
"A wheelchair-bound Canadian woman was denied entry to the United States this week because she was previously diagnosed with clinical depression. Now she wants to know why the US Department of Homeland Security had her medical history on file."

Disabled woman denied entry to U.S. after agent cites supposedly private medical details | Toronto Star
"A personal relationship breakup in 2012 caused her clinical depression and hospitalization (there was no police involvement). But again, her condition stabilized and Richardson, who has a master’s degree in counselling, sees a psychiatrist with whom she has a very good relationship...

"He cited the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 212, which denies entry to people who have had a physical or mental disorder that may pose a “threat to the property, safety or welfare’’ of themselves or others. The agent gave her a signed document which stated that “system checks’’ had found she “had a medical episode in June 2012’’ and that because of the “mental illness episode’’ she would need a medical evaluation before being accepted...

MP Mike Sullivan said what has happened to his constituent is “enormously troubling. . . . How did U.S. agents get her personal medical information?’’ He said he will be getting in touch with federal privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart “and demanding to know how this happened. We’re very concerned if Canadians’ personal medical information is being communicated to U.S. authorities.’’"

My comic-book sense is *tingling*!  No.  Wait.  That's something else.  Carry on.  ANNNNNNNNNNND suddenly... - APE IN A CAPE
"ANNNNNNNNNNND suddenly a bunch of people just became Batgirl fans.  :)"

Deep nostalgia overload on that one.  I always rooted for the Scooby Doobies because they had both Hong Kong Phooey *AND* the Blue Falcon.  True Story.

Food Log.

11/25 - coffee, cream, Animal Rage, water, ON whey protein, eggs, steak, avocado, coconut oil, Uni-Liver, Animal Flex, Animal Omega, Animal Pak, HCL

11/26 - coffee, cream, Animal Rage, water, eggs, ON whey protein, steak, bacon, mixed greens, kale, ranch dressing, tomatoes, peppers, avocado, chicken, HCL

11/27 - coffee, milk, eggs, water, coconut oil, cream, ON whey protein, mixed greens, kale, ranch dressing, tomatoes, peppers, bacon, chicken

11/28 - coffee, cream, water, Animal Rage, eggs, ON whey protein -- Free Meal/Day/Thanksgiving - turkey, gravy, potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie & whipped cream, macaroni & cheese, yams, wine, beer

11/29 - coffee, cream, Animal Rage, eggs, ON whey protein, Animal Omega, HCL, Animal Flex, turkey, mayo

11/30 - coffee, cream, water, eggs, turkey, ketchup, avocado, mayo

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


11/28 - deadlifts, seated rows, dips, calf press, 10min treadmill incline walk

11/27 - 4x5m rounds light shadowboxing, foam rolling

Universal Hustle
"Paul Woods deadlifts 725 lbs."

"projectlifting: Trust me when I say weights will not make you bulk! I get a lot of questions about my fitness regime, there is no secret. I eat clean 90% of the time and weight train 5 x a week. I have been doing this no excuses for the last 10 weeks. Progress is slow, never be put off if you don’t see quick results. Its routine and constantly repeating those healthy habits that will pay off. Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be you! xoxo, L"

Seems Legit.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Today's Internets - Counter Offer.

"It didn’t take much to get your own FBI file back in the days of J. Edgar Hoover; harboring novel ideas on the nature of human existence would suffice. That’s according to a new piece in the British magazine Prospect, which reports that, starting in 1945 and 1946, the FBI kept tabs on famed philosophers and authors Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, in hopes of discovering whether existentialism and absurdism were just communism in disguise. To Hoover, “everything was potentially a coded re-write of the Communist Manifesto,” writes Prospect’s Andy Martin. “Thus we find intelligence agents studying scholarly works and attending lectures.” It’s funny to think of square-jawed G-Men poring over copies of The Stranger in hopes of discovering some secret cipher in Meursault’s musings, or donning turtlenecks and smoking Gauloises to blend in at collegiate lecture halls. But it’s also an aggravating reminder of just how much money and time the FBI wasted—and quite possibly continues to waste—snooping on people who were never a threat to anyone."

"The FDA bureaucrats think that they know better than you how to handle your genetic information. This is outrageous...

The FDA seems to think that Americans can’t be trusted with more information about their potential health risks because some people might make rash decisions with it. But banning personal genomics isn’t the answer. We haven’t all used 23andMe yet, but those of us who have know the real problem is that doctors themselves are behind the curve. When 23andMe sent us our results, we followed their advice: we asked our doctor to talk about them. Most doctors didn’t know where to begin. But the more of us ask, the more the medical profession is catching up: brushing up on genomics, taking the time to understand the site, and talking to us about our results and what, if anything, to do about them. By prompting such dialogue, 23andMe has sparked a revolution in how the medical profession uses genetic information."

What really happened to JFK.

This looks like good, stupid, fun.

"If you're a politician who has ever voted against doctor-assisted suicide, or you would vote against it in the future, I hate your fucking guts and I would like you to die a long, horrible death. I would be happy to kill you personally and watch you bleed out. I won't do that, because I fear the consequences. But I'd enjoy it, because you motherfuckers are responsible for torturing my father.

...I'm okay with any citizen who opposes doctor-assisted suicide on moral or practical grounds. But if you have acted on that thought, such as basing a vote on it, I would like you to die a slow, horrible death too. You and the government are accomplices in the torturing of my father, and there's a good chance you'll someday be accomplices in torturing me to death too."

Relationship Dating Expectations Vs. Reality -