Saturday, May 29, 2010

Iron Baby Win.

"The story is about overcoming societal norms that restrict one's self-esteem" - the way only Doug Stanhope can tell.

And since it's Doug Stanhope it provides philosophical gems like...
If you hold stories of any personal sexual experience as sacrosanct and "private," then maybe you shouldn't wager your pussy on a baseball game with a comedian that you met whilst drunk the night before. Sex to me is as hallowed as having breakfast or sneezing (moreso perhaps if you sneezed onto or into someone.)

The story is about overcoming societal norms that restrict one's self-esteem. Girls like you don't fuck guys like me, as you've repeated in your email 16 years later.

But - as the story goes - you did. You fucked me, Bobbie Barnett. You fucked me, and a 1000 repo-men with a 1000 tow-trucks can never take that back.

Not with an email. Not with a lawsuit.

If your husband left the hand of Christ, lost his path and decided to murder me in my sleep, it wouldn't get my signature out of the guest-book of your vagina
All here - Doug Stanhope - Stand-Up Comedian - Bobbie Barnett and Baseball 

Your martial arts tips of the day.


Impressive as hell.

...and they say drugs aren't good for you.

Snails on speed - Boing Boing:
"...crystal meth seems to improve memory in humans."

Well, it's a little funny. If you've got a fucked up sense of humor like I do.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Ultimate technology win.

Via Progress Is Beautiful | The Agitator

Summing up Sex in the City.

Texts From Last Night
(805): Going to get yelled at but I labeled the reel "four dried up sluts decide going to the middle east to shop during a war is the best idea ever"

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


5/20 - 20m interval wkout - shadowboxing/mma
5/21 - BFL Lower Body Wkout - DB Squat/Sissy Squat, SLDL/Lunges, Calf Rs/Toes Out, Crunches/Leg Thrusts
5/22 - Missed wkout
5/23 - off/free
5/24 - BFL Upper Body Wkout - Pushups/Flyes, Press/Laterals, Row/BW Row, Ovr Press/Laterals, Alt DB Curls/Curls
5/25 - Atlas Lesson 1, 20m interval wkout - shadowboxing/mma