Saturday, October 26, 2013


10/26 - db curls, concentration curls, wrist curls, wrist ext, wrist roller, 1l calf raise, crunches, vacuum

Great work - Before And After Fat Loss | bikinibod-y: Before: August 2012 (121lbs) ...:
 "Before: August 2012 (121lbs) 
 After: June 2013 (108 lbs) 
 I’ve always been the kind of person to jump on the fitness wagon only to fall off days later. One day I got back on with the intent to hold on for dear life. If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, the power is in your hands to love yourself and make a change. Surround yourself with people who are supportive and put yourself in situations where you’ll be more likely to work out. You can’t expect to be the best immediately, but as you take steps toward your goal you’ll get closer every day. If you treat your body with respect, feed it right, and nurture it, it will respond positively back. I don’t work out to love myself, I love myself so therefore I work out. My body is more than something to look at, it’s a statement of my inner strength. Anything is possible, just set a goal and do the things it takes to get there."

Friday, October 25, 2013

Today's Internets - Cosplay is Awesome Edition.

"This girl isn’t too short to be a Stormtrooper, and she’s not the wrong color either. "

Today's Internets - "This isn't freedom. This is fear."

"The deeper threat that leakers such as Manning and Snowden pose is more subtle than a direct assault on U.S. national security: they undermine Washington’s ability to act hypocritically and get away with it. Their danger lies not in the new information that they reveal but in the documented confirmation they provide of what the United States is actually doing and why. When these deeds turn out to clash with the government’s public rhetoric, as they so often do, it becomes harder for U.S. allies to overlook Washington’s covert behavior and easier for U.S. adversaries to justify their own."

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Today's Internets - "I ate way too much."

Makes way more sense than any of the Big Three [Xtian, Judeo, Muslim]

Wonder Woman is about to have a very good, or very bad, day... all things considered.

Best Babysitter Ever.

Conventional wisdom is neither conventional, nor wise - Why People Cheat | The Blackdragon Blog
"There’s a web site out there called Victoria Milan which, like Ashley Madison, is a dating site for married people who want to cheat. They recently did a survey of 4000 of their members, and the results were interesting...

This survey shows some more detail about the surface-level reasons why people cheat, and who they tend to cheat with. 
Here are the findings: 
1. Only 30 percent of cheating men are cheating with women younger than their partners. How often do men who date younger women get the vitriol from older women? “All you want is some young dumb hottie! All you care about is LOOKS!!! Shallow asshole!” Wrongo. Men date, and have sex with, women who are nice, not necessarily women who are hot. 

...looks is not a primary factor. It’s one of those simple-but-hard-to-admit realities of modern life that men simply want to be with women who are nice to them. This survey shows 70% of men who cheat are having sex with women as old or order than their wives(!). This means cheating men are looking for something far beyond just a pretty face...

2. Only 26 percent of cheating men said their mistresses are more interesting than their partners. So not only is it not about looks, it’s also not about intelligence or depth...

3. Only 25 percent of cheating men said their mistresses are in better physical shape than their partners. Yet again, not about looks. Remember how shocked people were when Hugh Grant cheated on his super hot, perfect 10 wife (Elizabeth Hurley) with a fat, ugly prostitute? Or when Arnold knocked up his butt-ugly nanny while he was married to his hot, fit, intelligent, classy Kennedy wife?


4. Over 60 percent of cheating women said their side-men are better looking than their partners, and 50 percent said their side-men were in better shape.  Whoa! So now we switch over to cheating women, and everything reverses! Women are indeed going after men who are better looking then their husbands. But wait a minute! I thought men were the shallow horndogs and women were all into romance and depth and seeing past a person’s looks and stuff? Hmmm...

 5. 89.6 percent of cheating women indicated that the man they’re cheating with makes them feel more appreciated than their partner. This should be no surprise. It’s not just about looks of course. I have said many times that the greatest thing a woman wants from a man is attention. More than love, more than security, more than sex, the woman in your life wants your attention. If, in a long boring monogamous relationship, a man drops off his attention, she’ll either divorce him or she’ll cheat on him with a better looking guy to get that attention she craves. (That’s not the only reason women divorce men. The biggest reason is they get bored with them, even if they provide the necessary attention, but we’ve discussed that one already...

If nuns were like this, I'd still be Catholic.

It's just missing a heavy bag.

"I'm not right.  Nothing I say is true.  It's just a perspective."