Wednesday, August 08, 2012


8/7 - the 'just do something and stop procrastinating' workout - 100 reps - pushups 10x10, prisoner squats 4x25, band pullaparts 4x25, calf raise 2x50, band press 2x25/5x10, glute bridge 5x10/2x25, plank 100s

8/6 - military press x15/10/8/5x5/20, upright row x20/4x10, lateral raise 4x10, rear laterals 4x10, Scott press 4x10, curls x10/8/3x5/10, preacher curls x10/6/4x10, concentrations curls 4x10, close grip bench 4x10, overheadx 4x10, rope pushdown 4x10, dips x15/10/8, ng chins 10/8

8/5 - squats x12/8/2x5/2x2/12, power cleans x8/2x6/3x5, leg press x20/10/8/2x5/12, glute bridge x20, hyperx 3x10, dips/chins superset 3x10, 1m treadmill 8:10, wrist roller x3, twisting situps x30/20/10

This. Is. Awesome.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Let there be nonsense.


8/4 - 6x2m rounds shadowboxing/Bas Rutten MMA wkout/2x boxing, 2x kickboxing, 2xMMA - touch sparring - wrestling arm drag/duck under/power double drills - wrist control game

8/3 - inc bench 4x10, dips 4x10, machine flyes 4x10 [drop set], wg pullups 7/2x5/2x4, db row 4x10, pulldowns 4x10, Hammer Strength row 4x10, hyperx 4x10

8/2 - bbell deadlift 4x5/2x3/15, step ups/box jumps 4x10/10, hyperx 4x10, 1m interval run/treadmill 8:17, dips 3x10, neutral g chins 2x10/4 [slow negs], twisting situps 30/20/10

8/1 - push press 6/3x5/4, scott press x12/9/2x8, upright rows 4x10, shrugs 4x10, corner press 2x8, laterals 4x10, curls 2x10/8/10, ovrx 10/3x8, dips 2x10/8/7, neutral g chins 10/8, wg pullups 6/4/4

Food Log.

2 weeks back in America, indulging in any & everything...

7/21 - Starbucks Cafe Mocha, Diet Dr Pepper, steak, salad, ranch, corn, beer, hot dogs, ice cream
7/22 - coffee w/stevia & cream, coconut water, diet iced tea, shrimp, steak, cookie, beer
7/23 - coffee w/stevia & cream, coconut water, protein shake, sushi, baked fish, cake, egg drop soup, egg foo yung, shrimp, chicken, chocolate/coffee bar, beer
7/24 - coffee w/stevia & cream, coconut water, protein shake, Diet Mountain Dew, beer, chips & salsa, hot wings & ranch, ice cream
7/25 - Diet Dr Pepper, coconut water, pizza & dipping sauce, Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke, popcorn, Diet A&W
7/26 - coffee w/stevia & cream, protein shake, coconut water, wine, beer, carne asada, chips & salsa, ice cream
7/27 - coffee w/stevia & cream, coconut water, chili chocolate bar, chocolate coconut water, pizza, beer
7/28 - Diet Dr Pepper, water, coffee, whipped cream, beer, churrascaria meat orgy
7/29 - coffee w/half & half, eggs, bacon, crab cakes, biscuits, butter, steak, potatoes, cake, corn
7/30 - brie, Diet Dr Pepper, chocolate espresso beans, beer, bacon cheeseburger, fries, beer, popcorn, sushi, Jack Daniel's, Diet Coke
7/31 - flavored coffee w/almond milk, protein shake, beer, steak, mashed cauliflower, butter
8/1 - coffee w/stevia & almond milk, water, protein shake, chocolate milk, Diet Coke, chicken, tomato, cheese, mayo, sushi, beer, coconut water
8/2 - coffee w/half & half, coconut water, protein shake, Diet Dr Pepper, McDonald's DBL Quarter Pounder, fries, nuggets, ice cream
8/3 - coffee w/half & half, protein shake, water, beer, Three Musketeers, steak, ice cream, Diet Dr Pepper
8/4 - coffee w/half & half + stevia, water, beer, ice cream, oysters, oyster shooter, popcorn, Diet Coke