Friday, December 17, 2010


Atlas L1
Simplefit L1W1 - max rounds/20m chins/pushups/prisoner squats - 22
10m footwork & striking

Wife's in the paper; continued awesomeness apparent.

C'mon, you know that's cool.

Trying to cook more; healthier...

...with varying degrees of success.  Still, much better than the daily processed chicken patty sandwich/nuggets & fries habit we were falling into.  While quick, easy and satiating our inner 10 yr olds, horrible for you.  This is somewhat better...  Still, this is only a handful of the meals and only the Mrs' as in mine I've eliminated the breads and tried to slash the carbs way down since I've started PT'ing again.

Excellent holiday gift to self - George Carlin's "All My Stuff."

Oh, glorious day.  This will be awesome.  Plus, got it from retail $190 on sale for $80 [which it looks like it still is.]  Mighty, mighty Amazon, I love thee.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"We do hope your stay is enjoyable, memorable and totally unaffected by the recent hotel murders."

I'd almost forgotten how damn funny Rap's Hawaii is.

The wife's favorite bit.


Atlas Lesson 1
20 Rutten MMA wkout/boxing/2m rounds

Heartbreak Ridge > Top Gun in the battle of 1986 military movies.

Gunny Highway mops the floor with Maverick.  
[Though I'll grant Anthony Edwards > Mario Van Peebles.]
Exhibit A - "My name is Gunnery Sergeant Highway, and I've drunk more beer, pissed more blood, busted more heads, and banged more quiff than all of you numbnuts put together."

"If there was a God, don't you think he would have flicked Hitler's head off?" - Eddie Izzard is brilliant.

"...Don't you think? You know.  'Oh, I'm not allowed to do anything.'  Well, fuck off then. If you're not allowed to do anything then what's the use? Just piss off, and stop asking us to mumble things on Sundays. 'Please, could you possibly mumble positive things towards me on a Sunday in the coldest buildings you can find? Please, get some of your senior citizens to wear cakes on their heads. And to mumble ridiculously positive things about me.'  No. He should have just flicked Hitler's head off."

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


AM - Atlas L1 [2x]
PM - 20m shadowboxing [Rutten MMA Wkout/Boxing/2m rounds]

Kazushi Sakuraba wears what may be the greatest T-shirt of all time.

"Protein.  Water.  Liquor.  Necessities."
How did I miss this when I was in Japan?  [Google shows he was first wearing it around May.  Stupid me, teaching kids and thinking about having to leave Japan after 5 years...]  Sadly, he only appears to have Japanese size SMALL on his website.  Which would only fit around, I think, one of my legs.  Boo.  Hiss.

Wow - "Stem cell transplant has cured HIV infection in 'Berlin patient', say doctors."

HIV & AIDS Information :: Stem cell transplant has cured HIV infection in 'Berlin patient', say doctors:
"Doctors who carried out a stem cell transplant on an HIV-infected man with leukaemia in 2007 say they now believe the man to have been cured of HIV infection as a result of the treatment, which introduced stem cells which happened to be resistant to HIV infection.

The man received bone marrow from a donor who had natural resistance to HIV infection; this was due to a genetic profile which led to the CCR5 co-receptor being absent from his cells. The most common variety of HIV uses CCR5 as its ‘docking station’, attaching to it in order to enter and infect CD4 cells, and people with this mutation are almost completely protected against infection.

The case was first reported at the 2008 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Boston, and Berlin doctors subsequently published a detailed case history in the New England Journal of Medicine in February 2009.

They have now published a follow-up report in the journal Blood, arguing that based on the results of extensive tests, “It is reasonable to conclude that cure of HIV infection has been achieved in this patient.”"

THIS - "What you see in — anyone else — is a projection of your own unconscious beliefs."

Things forgotten/important to remember.

Chasing Dimes or the Divine? | Joe Vitale:
"Basically, what you see in what I or anyone else does is a projection of your own unconscious beliefs. You have no idea what my (or anyone’s) internal motivation is, so you’re left to guess. Lots of room for error there..."

Monday, December 13, 2010


"Hello, square one, so we meet again.  How thoroughly depressing to once again make your acquaintance."

Circuit x5 - Dips, Neutral Grip Chins, DB DL
Finisher 1x Hyperx max