Friday, September 26, 2008

"Top 11 Excuses John McCain Could've Used to Get Out of Debate" - Funniest/Truthiest of the lot.

Top 11 Excuses John McCain Could've Used to Get Out of Debate | Culture11:
"7) 'Here's some straight talk, my friends: a good friend I respect very much, Senator Joe Lieberman, made me do a tequila shot every time I cringed during Governor Palin's interview with Katie Couric. I am still very drunk.'"


Overheard in the Office | And Brandishing Our Daggers in Baseball Hats Is Starting to Look Ridiculous:
"Worker #1: So, is everyone coming for break?
Worker #2: Not me, I have to stay and make pirate hats.
Worker #3: That's the worst excuse ever to avoid us.
Worker #2: Well, I cant have a drawer labeled 'pirate hats' without pirate hats. That'd just be silly.


Overheard by: Code Monkey"

T2 - 26/27.

26 - Lower body wkout/6 meals/3L water
27 - Tomorrow/Free day

Hank Paulson's economics does not resemble our Earth economics.

Hank Paulson's Countdown to Armageddon : How the Chicken Little treasurer is nationalizing the U.S. economy - Reason Magazine:
"...Even through the combative tone, the finely calibrated inanity of Paulson's comments remains a thing of beauty. It's a healthy market when prices go up, regardless of the potential value of the asset. It's a market failure when prices go down, even though they're going down specifically because we now know the asset was overvalued.

...It's never been more clear what an orphan the free market argument is. The Republicans are looking to establish a form of crony socialism and the best the Democrats can come up with is to demand that the government establish CEO salary caps. And since everybody else sees an epidemic spreading, I'll see one too: Why should we stop at financial services? After this bailout, what will be the argument against having the government rescue health care, water and electric, airlines, print media, and other troubled industries?"

Many, but not all.

god hand... in America... 99... cat and boy.

I defy you to make sense of these answers on a vocab quiz I graded today.

And no, these answers had nothing at all to do with the actual required answers.

It's like an insane poem.