Saturday, November 23, 2013

Today's Internets - "And We Are Immortal."

"The abysmal and pathetic launch of is simply the cherry on top of a shit sundae Obama’s been whipping up for the kids. You can protest that the stimulus should have been bigger, but when you judge its success against what the Obama administration claimed it would do, it was an epic fail. While masquerading as the peace and freedom candidate – easy to do against such hawkish characters as Hillary Clinton in the primaries and John McCain in the general election – Obama prided himself on tripling troop strength in Afghanistan and tried to extend our stays there and in Iraq. But for the vocal pushback from Rand Paul, Justin Amash, and a bunch of younger, non-interventionist Republicans, there’s every reason that the U.S. would have started an unsanctioned war in Syria, just as it did in Libya (where things are working, again?)....

 The president has been genuinely awful on pot legalization and dragged his feet on gay marriage – issues on which younger voters are in front of the general population – and he spent his first term deporting more immigrants than George W. Bush managed to in eight years (despite minor reprieves announced in time for the 2012 elections, the deportations keep on happening). The revelations of widespread, Obama-approved drone strikes, the compilation of a presidential kill list, and the data collection of phone logs and internet traffic don’t exactly inspire warm and fuzzy feelings from a generation that lives online. His response to the Gulf oil spill was dithering to non-existent and his alt-energy plans have come to naught even as fracking has put the country on a path to something like energy independence. And clandestine attempts to expand onerous copyright laws and outlaw cellphone unlocking via the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty aren’t helping either."

"Wonder Woman was always a pretty long dream of mine, but I’ve never found a design I’ve really like. The wonderful Yaya Han however showed me this amazing artwork of her in an armor I’ve just felt in love with! One and half weeks and many sleepless nights later the costume was done! Despite of I had no time to add weapons and a shield, I’m very proud on this work and especially love the photoshoot I’ve done with Darhelle Stevens and Zim Killgore at the Vasquez rocks. Hope you like the result as much as I do!"

"The first photo is the twin sisters before going to Korean liveshow TV 'Let's Beauty'. The main purpose of this program is to help those with special circumstances or people who are too ugly to feel confident in their life. This lucky twin sisters has got their chance to change their look when they got sponsored by this program. Let's take a look and see the magic"

"On Aldous Huxley's deathbed he was unable to speak and simply wrote, “LSD, 100 µg, intramuscular” on a piece of paper and handed it to his wife Laura. She obliged his final wish and injected him the drug several moments later. Huxley passed away soon after, still heavily under the influence of LSD. "

This is excellent.

"when you start watching a new show and immediately get attached to a character"

"i like my women with curves. lots and lots of curves. in a sort of spiral shape maybe with ketchup. curly fries. i like curly fries."

"It's your ear."

Larger at the link - Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal:

Friday, November 22, 2013


11/22 - deadlifts, incline db press, Gironda swings, drag curls, 10m treadmill incline walk -- chins/gtg

ChAoS & PAIN: In Death Ground, Fight. Part 1.
"Everyone has the occasional training setback.  It could be due to a chronic, nagging pain that you can't shake, weirdness in your personal life, midnight rape by closet golems, on any other of a thousand reasons.  These are without question the easiest of the three "fuck My Life" categories I've enumerated above to resolve, as it simply requires that you identify the culprit and destroy it.  Closet golems fucking up your colon nightly?  Burn your house down.  Significant other acting like an asshole all the time and stressing you out?  Kick that motherfucker off the top of a tall building.  Have a niggling "injury" hampering your training?  Get deep tissue massage.  If I had a nickel for every time someone came to me with an "injury" that was either immediately or almost immediately resolved by Rolfing, I'd have a bunch of nickels." - Over 40 Amateur Of The Week: Ripped Russian At 40!
"At age 33, I started to gain weight, but not enough to change my lifestyle. Two years later, I gained more weight and couldn't ignore it anymore. I tried fad diets, but still gained weight and retained water. I went to a doctor who said I have a thyroid problem and was told to take medication. A year later, nothing changed. I felt horrible: sick, tired, unhappy, and depressed. I avoided meeting friends who knew me as thin. In January 2008, I weighed my heaviest ever at 165 pounds (75 kg)..."

"There is no secret. Hard work, dedication, and will power."

"If you think a year can’t make that much of a difference, or that you’d better set an easy goal because you’re too far gone to be able to achieve a huge goal… I hope this changes your mind.

This didn’t start out as a progress photo, the one on the right was just a quick snap I took the other day (lens cap in hand) because I see myself more accurately in photos than I do in the mirror. Recently I’ve been trying on some clothes from the Town Whore spring collection, because why not, and I wanted to know if it was working for me or if it looked ridiculous. Verdict: some of both, yay! Not pictured: five-inch heels, also both amazing and ridiculous. Luckily I live in a beach resort area and everyone here dresses slutty all summer, so this year I’m going to join them BECAUSE WHY NOT.

I bought the dress as a clothing goal before many of you were born, and it’s been packed away for twenty years as I inched farther and farther away from that goal. I finally managed to get on a train going in the right direction, and now finally I can wear this dress.

Changing yourself is not easy, but it is worth it. Your other option is not to do anything and keep complaining about how hard it is and keep wishing that it’ll magically happen on its own someday. How well has that worked so far?
If we don’t already know each other and you have questions, the answers are most likely here, here, here, or in my sidebar, and if you still have questions after that, my ask is always open.

Social support is so important, and if you’re like me and don’t really have family or friends who understand, the fitblr community is such an amazing resource. You guys are my rock, and I love each and every one of you. When we all move to Fitblr Island I promise I’ll throw the best beach party ever for you guys. ♥"

"@redshredded: Transformation Tuesday: Yikes. Well, the left pic I was active (volleyball and gym/lots of cardio, some lifting) pretty much ate whatever, and drank pretty often. Thankful for how far I’ve come and where I stand today with my lifestyle. Ive also reevaluated the important things and eliminated the negative. wouldn’t change it for anything. #transformationtuesday #shittakestime #hardtobepatient #gottabepatient #putinthework"

"Like many girls out there, the problem started when Melissa wanted to lose weight. She was bulimic in her teens, binging then purging her food, to the point where she had to be hospitalised for a week. Her petite 1.56m frame hit an all-time low of 45kg, and she had to seek help from a psychologist and her church counsellor, to get back on track. From there, she slowly became happier and started putting on weight, but overdid it and tipped the scales at 74kg when she turned 18.

That made her feel worse all over again but this time, her mother signed her up for a gym membership and Melissa started attending group fitness classes. “I felt very intimidated because I felt so fat and I was totally unfit. Just 20 minutes into the class and I already felt like dying,” she recalled. Melissa then moved on to doing her own research and started training in the gym three times a week, with the aim of getting a flat stomach. But the more she trained, the more addicted she became and she went on lifting weights until she became a certified trainer and worked in a gym for a while...
"Everyone has different goals and I don’t expect people to be like me," she said. "If you get too concerned with what others say about you then you will never be happy.”

...Through this journey, Melissa has learnt a lot about discipline and patience. “Fitness is not something where you can see results overnight. I have learnt to wait and just keep doing it... When I first started lifting weights, I kept complaining,” she admitted. Melissa now hopes to inspire others, especially those with eating disorders, to love their bodies and not let society dictate what they should look like."

Thursday, November 21, 2013


11/21 - bb row, db tricep kickbacks, db rv curls, 10m elliptical -- chins/gtg -- 5x3m rounds light shadowboxing, hand conditioning x100

11/20 - chins/gtg, 3x10m rounds light shadowboxing, hand conditioning x100

"It's a question I get often. And of course, the truth is that I do not hate fat people. In fact, helping fat people is a big part of my job and my passion in this field. I used to be fat, and I know how the world simply changes when the fat is gone. It goes far beyond the numbers on a scale, and I want all overweight people to experience that. But... I hate laziness. I hate excuse-making. I hate rationalization and self-bullshitting. I hate willful ignorance. I hate watching people piss away their potential. I hate it when people blame everyone but themselves. I hate mental weakness."

Before And After Fat Loss | black-marketing  Before: Summer 2011 200+ lbs ...
"Before: Summer 2011 200+ lbs After: Summer 2013 120 lbs I am 5’3”, I do a combination of cardio and weight training exercise, I eat healthy by choosing to eat organic and gluten-free. I have a high-protein low-calorie diet. Follow me on my instagram for yummy nutritious meal ideas! Instagram: @milylootino and also my tumblr"

"While dealing with multiple injuries and a tough loss to Chris Weidman which derailed his title run, Mark Munoz had to battle depression which also resulted in an insane weight gain. The Filipino-American fighter who fights at 185 lbs, ballooned to over 260 lbs and 26% body fat during this stage, and he had to dedicate months to recover from it. Now, just days ahead of his bout against Tim Boetsch next weekend, he's down to 199 lbs, with just 9.8% body fat."

"Before: 145 lbs. After: 115 lbs. If I can do it, you can do it :)"

"damfitnz: BRING ON WEEK 20! This could easily be anyone… why not you? Less than 4 months of hard work! Train insane or remain the same!"

True Story.

"Stephen struggled to find vantage points that put his life into perspective. Now his view is clear. See what helped him lose 70 pounds and 19 percent body fat!"

NPC Bikini Competitor Siliana Chanel Gaspard Talks With |
"After the birth of my son I decided that I wanted to get into shape. I had gained a relatively normal amount of weight during pregnancy – about 40lbs) but it was still bothersome for me to be considered “skinny fat.” So I decided to take things more seriously and hire a Personal Trainer. Naturally he had me lifting heavier weights and once I saw the results I was hooked. I decided in May 2011 that I wanted to compete in my first NPC show, the Branch Warren Classic, which was in July 2011! Needless to say, I kicked my butt into high gear and placed 2nd in my class. After that I loved the high I got from competing. I then entered the Dallas Europa 2011 and won Overall Bikini, then went to North American Championships in Cleveland where I placed 3rd. Returning home, I again took Overall at the Texas State, crowning me Miss Texas Bikini 2011. My 2nd pro card attempt was at Team Universe where I placed 4th."


HEALTHYLICIOUS LIVING | buffyshot: @xkarinadollface:...: "@xkarinadollface: #transformationtuesday focus on what you want cause the body of your dreams is achievable with will powder, commitment, hard work, dedication. Push yourself hard to the point that you fall in love with this fitness grind. Nothing can stop me now, I am my motivation because I lived in this body through all its phases."

"Motivation is bullshit.  Motivation doesn't get anything done.  Motivation gets you going, but discipline, commitment, strong habits is what gets things done.  Motivation is just a feeling.  Grounded action is what gets things done."

Paul Anderson, one of the strongest men in the world.  Ever.