Saturday, June 07, 2014

"It was about free sex." - Julie, the Love Boat pimp.

'Love Boat' cruise director: 'The show was about free sex' - Entertainment - "Fans who look back fondly back on the Saturday-night staple, which ran from 1977 to 1986, may be forgetting some of the racier elements, however. "Now people remember the show in a whole different reality than it really was," Tewes said, with Whelan agreeing. "Which I think is funny because they remember it being this sweet, lovey show — and I remember people giving us trouble for, you know, being all about sex and free sex. 'Cause it was about free sex. Julie never actually had any but she tried to hook people up three and four times a cruise if possible. I mean, that was her — my — job." Bartender Isaac helped out in that regard, said Ted Lange, who played him. "Yeah, I was getting them soused so they could do it," he chimed in. Tewes agreed: "And if (one relationship) didn't work out, Julie will find you another one.""

Anatomy of a pot bust: "A good Samaritan who offered a pinch of marijuana to soothe a stressed out stranger only to have his compassion repaid with felony charges was acquitted following a jury trial, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today. After three hours of deliberation, a jury on Wednesday found Stetson Qualls Jones, 24, not guilty of possession of marijuana for sale and sale of marijuana...

The more glaring fact from this case is that this is San Francisco. If you were to draw up a list of the cities in the United States where you’d think the citizens would want to put a low priority on pot policing, San Francisco would have to be near the top. Indeed, eight years ago, the city’s Board of Supervisors passed a bill instructing the police department to make marijuana offenses the lowest law enforcement priority. And yet not only was this guy arrested for selling or giving away $20 worth of pot, but the city also apparently had about a half dozen police officers working this particular sting. What gives?

"Here’s the passage that explains it all: Under questioning from Boyce-Smith, two police officers admitted they were receiving overtime pay in exchange for the buy-bust operation. One of the officers also acknowledged on the stand that his department receives federal grants for the stings...

Federal anti-drug grants are enormously popular with both parties. Republicans like them for your usual tough-on-crime reasons. Democrats like them because they’re seen as a way of transferring federal money to low-income areas. Or just because it’s another federal spending program. And really, what politician is going to publicly oppose federal grants to pay for more overtime for cops? These grants provide a strong incentive for police agencies to put a much higher priority on drug enforcement than they otherwise would, often at the expense of policing crimes with actual victims." 

Men are paragons of consistency, but do we get any credit?  Nooooo.  These Charts Shows What Age of the Opposite Sex Men and Women Are Most Attracted To | "...Although I’ve never conducted a study or wasted time making charts about this shit, I concur with the findings. According to Simply the Dopest, these two charts come from a new book by Christian Rudder, the founder of OkCupid." 

Sorry Maisie, Arya rocks.  
“I don’t want people to like her anymore, almost, that sounds really, really bad.I want people to realize that actually she’s not the same anymore. You can’t root for her forever, because she’s not there to be your favorite character. That’s not what she’s there for. She’s real. People go down bad paths and they make bad decisions, but it’s always justified in their head. I want the audience to differentiate that and not just be like, ‘Oh, it’s Arya, we love her.’ Because actually look at what Arya’s doing. She’s being eaten away from the inside out, and she’s not stopping it.” 
- Maisie Williams, about Arya.

Morning Links: Male college student expelled for drunk, consensual sex: "Occidental College expels a male student for having sex with a female student while both were drunk, even though the college says the woman consented."
Occidental Expels Student for Rape Under Standard So Low That the Accuser Could Have Been Found Guilty, Too - Hit & Run : "The student, identified only as "John Doe," had sex with his accuser on September 8th, 2013, according to details of the case obtained by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Both Doe and his accuser had been drinking. By several accounts, the sex was consensual. The accuser sent Doe a text message beforehand asking him if he had a condom. She also texted a friend and clearly announced her intention to have sex with Doe. After that night, the accuser spoke with several Occidental employees, including Danielle Dirks, an assistant professor of sociology. Dirks told the accuser that Doe "fit the profile of other rapists on campus in that he had a high GPA in high school, was his class valedictorian, was on [a sports team], and was 'from a good family.'" A week later, the accuser filed a sexual assault report against Doe...

The Los Angeles Police Department determined that both parties had consented to sex and decided not to charge Doe:  "Witnesses were interviewed and agreed that the victim and suspect were both drunk, however, that they were both willing participants exercising bad judgment …. It would be reasonable for [Doe] to conclude based on their communications and [the accuser’s] actions that, even though she was intoxicated, she could still exercise reasonable judgment." 

Occidental College, however, is under pressure to be seen as doing something about sexual assault on campus given the federal investigation into its rape prevention practices, so the college hired attorney Marilou Mirkovich to investigate the matter. Mirkovich concluded that the female student did indeed consent to sex. However, since she was intoxicated, her consent was invalid, according to Mirkovich. This is a flawed interpretation of Occidental's own policy on consent, which requires students be not merely drunk but actively incapacitated for rape to have occurred, according to FIRE Vice President Robert Shibley...

Indeed, Mirkovich's interpretation makes no sense. If all drunken sex is rape, then Doe and his accuser are both guilty. "Both parties would be guilty of sexually assaulting one another," Shibley told me in a phone interview. Occidental is only holding Doe responsible, however. He was found guilty and expelled."

Gun homicides down dramatically, Americans unaware -, Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News: "While you may be seeing more and more shooting, the fact is, overall gun homicide rates have dropped dramatically over the past two decades, according to a recent study. More than half of Americans believe gun violence has increased over the past two decades, but what you’re watching on the news, may be skewing your view. That recent study said compared to 1993, the peak of US gun homicide, the rate was 49 percent lower in 2010, even though the population had grown. In other words, fewer people are dying by guns. Assaults, robberies, and sex crimes also went down by 75 percent in 2011. Perhaps images from shooting crime scenes seem all too familiar, but perhaps the attention to gun violence in recent months has caused more Americans to be unaware that gun crimes are actually markedly lower than they were two decades ago."

Religion ruins everything... but swordfights are kinda cool, admittedly.   Swordfight wounds 6 at Indian Golden Temple on 1984 massacre anniversary (VIDEO) — RT News: "The violence initially ignited from disagreements over a microphone and who would be the first to speak at the holy ceremony, according to local reports."

Aw, it's Hello Kitty.

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"A thief, two thugs, an assassin and a maniac..."

"What is the best/funniest practical joke you have seen happen on the set? 
Clark_Gregg - After Chloe Bennett filed Iain De Caestecker's car and trailer with snow, she thought she escaped retribution. Only to learn that she'd been driving around Los Angeles for 3 days with a vanity plate that said BALLZ DEEP.

...have you had anyone come in for a hug and whisper Hail Hydra in your ear? 
Clark_Gregg - RE: the hug, that has happened. But I can't comment on it on the advice of my lawyer. What I can say is: I send my apologies to that poor person's family."

6 Things You Should Know About Agent Coulson’s Indie Alter Ego | Underwire | WIRED: "Phil Coulson has defined the last few years of Gregg’s acting career, so much so that even he gets caught up in Coulson’s drama. “The membrane between me and Phil Coulson is so thin at the moment,” he says. “I get really upset when people do bad stuff to him; I realize I’m cranky all day because someone is lying to Phil Coulson, then I realize I’ve lost my mind.”"

Carb-Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat by Lathe Poland & Eric Carlsen — Kickstarter: ""According to The Journal Pediatrics, pre-diabetes and diabetes cases in children ages 12-19, grew from 9% in the year 2000 to 23% in 2008." Is our lifestyle, culture, or food ecosystem enabling the sky-rocketing increase in diabetes and obesity? Or is it the catalyst? More importantly, can this wave of momentum be reversed? These are the questions that will be answered in the film Carb-Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat. Leading nutrition scientists, doctors and researchers will weigh in on this unparalleled epidemic. Additionally, the film will explore our connection to a food culture that may be responsible for the most expensive healthcare crisis in modern memory."

DC Comics Finally Gives Batman Co-Creator Bill Finger A Cover Credit: "You know, DC Comics is so often in the news for doing something weird, bad, or outrageously inappropriate, but I'm happy to applaud them when they do something right — like give Batman co-creator Bill Finger a long overdue cover credit on a Batman comic. Bill Finger, as not even all comic fans know, helped Bob Kane create Batman in that Bob Kane drew a red-suited superhero with a domino mask that bears no resemble to the character we know today and named him Bat-Man while Finger added every single other aspect of the character that we know, including his real costume, his origin, his setting, his lack of superpowers, the Batmobile, the Joker, and more. He also wrote or ghost-wrote all the Batman comics that Kane supposedly did back in the '30s and '40s. But you can finally see Finger's name on the cover of DC's 75th anniversary edition of Detective Comics #27, which will contain classic material from the 1939 issue and content from the recent New 52 Detective Comics #27, and will be given out free on July 23. This is the first time Finger has ever received a Batman cover credit, and it's taken a full 75 years."

Damn.  Zach LaVine Has an Insane 46-Inch Vertical Jump | "Zach LaVine didn’t exactly dominate during his short stint at UCLA, but he’s still considered one of the best prospects in this year’s NBA draft due to his intense athleticism. The raw point guard with the high ceiling put his jumping ability on full display this week, bounding a mind-blowing 46 inches into the sky. That is just two inches shy of a full four feet. His high-flying leap was 4.5 inches better than the 41.5 inches he turned in at the official draft combine."

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Training - "We define ourselves far too often by..."

6/6 - wmup/treadmill, stretching, squats, calf press, leg xt, hip xt, neck nods/rotations, stairs, neck harness

This is glorious.  The Karate Master: A Beginner’s Guide to Elvis Presley’s Martial Arts Obsession | FIGHTLAND: "Elvis discovered karate while he was in the army. He spent his free time in Germany training under a German shotokan instructor named Juergen Seydel and spent his leaves in Paris working with Japanese shotokan instructor Tetsugio Mirakami. He trained with Kenpo master Ed Parker for the majority of his martial arts career. Elvis met Parker at a Kenpo demo in Beverly Hills in 1960 and started studying under him immediately. The pair remained lifelong friends. Ed Parker made Elvis earn his first degree black belt under another instructor... and sent him to a particularly strict instructor named Hank Slomanski. Elvis impressed Slomanski enough for him to tell Parker, “The kid ain’t pretty, but he’s tough and he’s a black belt.”

Elvis was awarded his seventh degree black belt by in 1972... Despite his apparent love and mastery of the physical aspects of the discipline, he looks like he’s going to die in pretty much all existing training footage of him." - Body Transformation: Sol Perry, A Nutrition And Fitness Maestro


 petrunie Hiiii. I just wanna show you my butt...: "I just wanna show you my butt progress. It takes 7 months. It’s only about squats, running and I just love piloxing and I am sure that it really help my butt as well. 207lbs vs. 145lbs vs. 138lbs. Finally starting love my butt haha  I am 5’6 btw "

Apparently, 'piloxing' is the new zumba.  Whatever works, I guess.  About | Piloxing: "PILOXING® cardio fusion incorporates... the power, speed, and agility of boxing with the targeted sculpting and flexibility of pilates."

Fucking Sorcery!


Training - "...dig deeper."

6/5 - chins, dips, chest opener/thoracic stretch, ab wheel, wrist curls, rv wrist curls

 FIGHT 2 BE FIT - Timeline Photos: ""Life is about a journey - a progression of self, and that is what I considered my foray into Bikini modeling to entail. I’ve spent most of my life being shy and insecure, battling with issues of self-image and lack of confidence. As a result, I challenged myself with obstacles that would deliberately force me to confront my fears and face my insecurities head on. ...

She understood, from a competitor and athlete’s perspective, what I was going through, and knew how to talk me through the highs and lows and to push me to dig deeper, go harder—to stay focused and true to my goals. Both Belinda and George kept me on point and held me together when I thought I would crack, or when I didn’t think I had another set left in me to give. Thanks to Fight 2 Be Fit, I have a body I can finally be proud of, and values that will carry me through life."





Obama no-reps his seated db presses.  Also that lunge/curl/press move is from P90X.  Because I know things.  Leaked footage of Obama pumping iron in a private gym

This actually looks better than the last one...  kick-ass...