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3/30 - Russian Pullup Program D22 18/16/16/14/12 + negative chins x8 -- P90X2 D41 X2 Ab Ripper [from yesterday] + rest/off -- circuit x2 [pushups x20, prisoner squats x30, glute bridge x30, ab wheel rollout/knees x15] Blog: "My interactions and observations that day confirmed what I already knew. There are different types of people in the world. Certain people have an excuse for everything, which is why they typically do nothing. They justify their inaction by citing excuse after excuse. It’s too cold. It’s too hot. It’s too dangerous. It’s always one thing or another.

Other people don’t care if it is hot or cold. They find a way to get things done. I train outside in a garage 52 weeks a year. The winters are cold and the summers are hot. At this time of year, water bottles will freeze solid if left overnight. Yet, in a few months, it will be hot and humid inside the gym. You’ll find yourself soaked in sweat by just standing still. There are no air conditioners here. You either suck it up or you go somewhere else.

I don’t control the temperature. I don’t care if it’s hot. I don’t care if it’s cold. I don’t care if I didn’t sleep well the night before. I have things that I need to get done so I attack each day with determination and drive.

That’s life. We don’t live in a perfect world. Either adapt or succumb to your surroundings. The human body isn’t as fragile as many believe. It is designed to move. We can adapt to the cold and we can adapt to the heat. The weak make excuses. The strong find a way. Which side are you on?

 +++++ Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure."

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3/29 - P90X2 D40 Base + Back

100lbs/Age 54/No - Body Transformation: John Set His Fat Ablaze!:

Today's Internets.

Make your own 'Game of Thrones' House Sigil - geektastic.

Game of Thrones | Join the Realm Sigil Creator

Others have used it to make sigils for The Secret Six, which is just cool.

Fat Head » Sugars and Cancer: "Nothing listed here proves absolutely that sugars drive cancer or that a ketogenic diet will prevent cancer, but taken together, the articles do paint a picture.  Let’s take a look. 

Cancer cells slurp up fructose, US study finds
Pancreatic tumor cells use fructose to divide and proliferate, U.S. researchers said on Monday in a study that challenges the common wisdom that all sugars are the same...

Compound That Blocks Sugar Pathway Slows Cancer Cell Growth 
Scientists at Johns Hopkins have identified a compound that could be used to starve cancers of their sugar-based building blocks. The compound, called a glutaminase inhibitor, has been tested on laboratory-cultured, sugar-hungry brain cancer cells and, the scientists say, may have the potential to be used for many types of primary brain tumors...

Glucose deprivation activates feedback loop that kills cancer cells 
Compared to normal cells, cancer cells have a prodigious appetite for glucose, the result of a shift in cell metabolism known as aerobic glycolysis or the “Warburg effect.” Researchers focusing on this effect as a possible target for cancer therapies have examined how biochemical signals present in cancer cells regulate the altered metabolic state..."

I'm officially dumb, because this still doesn't make sense to me.  Math is tricksy/counterintuitive/details at the link.
The Monty Hall Problem - Business Insider: "One problem, however, caused by far the most dissent: The Monty Hall Problem, a problem inspired by the famous game show Let's Make A Deal."

Want to see -  G.I. Joe: Retaliation is so good we should all pretend the first movie doesn't exist: "There’s a very simple test to figure out if you’re going to enjoy G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Imagine a kid, playing with his toys, creating an epic, albeit not entirely coherent adventure for them; then imagine someone turned everything that kid imagined into a big-budget movie. If that sounds horrible to you, don’t go see this movie. If you understand why this is the highest compliment I can pay G.I. Joe: Retaliation, you should go ahead and buy your tickets now."

G.I. Joe: Retaliation is so good we should all pretend the first movie doesn't exist: "The fact that Chu somehow made this movie mesh with the nonsense of the first one, while somehow still being this entertaining, makes me feel he should win should kind of special Academy Award. “Best Transformation of Shit into Gold” or something like that...

I hate that Channing Tatum seems like a likeable, funny guy. He was a black hole of acting in the first Joe movie, but between this and 21 Jump Street, he seems like a genuinely funny, aware dude. I HATE THAT. LET ME HATE YOU, CHANNING TATUM."

Mike Tyson On Fear Part II: "After having watched several documentaries and countless interviews I’m still amazed at how thoughtful and intelligent Mike can be. There’s no question he has lived life in the fast lane and that he’s got a lot of wisdom to share. Most people are so used to seeing Mike as a complete savage that they are oftentimes shocked that he could produce sage like wisdom."

Stoya on the Metaphysics of Cocksucking | VICE United States: "So there you go: have fun and try to avoid drawing blood with your teeth. Unless you're into that sort of thing."

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Today's Internets... well, the last few days, actually.

Answering the "How can Asia eat so many carbs and not get fat?" question.  [Hint:  It's all the crappy sugar.]  Much more at the link.
"Carbohydrate grams per day 
Japan:  298 
China:  363 UK:  
288 US:  316 
As I suspected even before I ran the numbers, Japanese men do not (or did not in the late 1990s) consume more carbohydrates per day than American men.  However, Chinese men do.  So why weren’t the Chinese afflicted with diabetes in the 1990s?  Well, take a look at these figures: 
Sugar grams per day 
Japan:  90 
China:  42 
UK:  111 
US:  158"

FX's 'Legit', Jim Jefferies Embraced by Disabled Community: "Drugs, prostitution and masturbation are among the topics tackled by FX’s freshman comedy Legit.  Despite those edgy plot points, it was the show’s multiple characters with disabilities that had co-creators Jim Jefferies and Peter O’Fallon worried they might offend viewers."

"From series regular Billy (DJ Qualls), a 30-something with muscular dystrophy, to Rodney (Nick Daley), a party hound with an intellectual disability, the world of Legit is full of characters trying to make it no matter their circumstances. “We were kind of nervous,” Jefferies, the show’s star, tells The Hollywood Reporter. “We know we’re not being nasty, but maybe people won’t see it the same way we see it.”

But since premiering in January, it’s the characters with disabilities who have won the show some of its fiercest fans. Dr. Drew Pinsky said on his podcast that Legit  "elevate[s] the disability conversation to a new plane." Viewers, meanwhile, have hailed the comedy for treating its disabled characters as real people -- not as mere plot points. In the series premiere, Billy fulfills his dream of losing his virginity when his brother Steve (Dan Bakkedahl) and friend Jim (Jefferies) take him to a Las Vegas brothel. That storyline, based on a real-life experience Jefferies had with a friend’s brother, has gained the Australian comic a slew of fans who have the disease. "I’ve now met on my [stand-up] tour probably more people with muscular dystrophy than anyone would meet in their life,” Jefferies says."

Who has the best live-action Wonder Woman outfit? The Wonder Woman porn parody, obviously: "Axel Braun, the auteur behind Asstronomical, Naughty College Schoolgirls 32-38, and most of Vivid's superhero porn parodies has just released the first entirely safe-for-work picture of Kimberly Kane as Wonder Woman from her upcoming porn flick, and holy god that is the best Wonder Woman outfit I've ever seen. I'm not even kidding. It definitely blows that Adrianne Palicki's costume from that horrible David E. Kelley pilot out of the water."

A small victory for the little guys.
"Fascinating opinions handed down in today’s Florida v. Jardines. Justice Scalia’s majority opinion (joined by Justices Thomas, Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan) and Justice Kagan’s concurring opinion (joined by Justices Ginsburg and Sotomayor) should provide a bulwark against wanton Jardines-style privacy invasions of the home and add to the [re-]emerging physical intrusion doctrine of United States v. Jones (2012). Always nice to see approving cites of Boyd v. United States (1886) and Entick v. Carrington (1765). It continues to be disturbing that the Justices seem blindly accepting of unsupported assertions about trained drug-dogs."

Scalia still kind of a douche, though.

Peter Dinklage rocks.

"Don't be a little bitch!"  Hilarious.  Must watch.

Wolverine.  Boom.

And more boom.

"Too many modern athletes live in constant fear of working too hard. They baby their bodies as they’ve been led to believe that anything strenuous must be a sign for overtraining. Such individuals would have never survived in Henry Armstrong’s era. Armstrong was one of the best conditioned fighters of all time. What’s even more incredible is that he did so long before supplements and performance enhancing drugs became commonplace. He also didn’t have scholarly conditioning specialists overseeing each and every move he made. Armstrong’s approach was quite simplistic. He trained hard, focused much of his attention towards the sport itself, and fought regularly. He steered clear of the complexity that is so common in today’s era."

"We of all people know that using pure logic never helps with arguments or discussions, people are appalled at the notion of manipulating but find when using pure logic these just leads to a rise in anger of those involved. Seduction (manipulation) used in persuasion is a great pacifier and yes it is manipulation, it’s why many people shy from it. Half of an argument is the manipulation itself. To reach the conclusion of an argument/discussion you want ‘consensus’, it’s more than an agreement and more than a compromise, it’s a shared faith in a choice, an action or decision that you want, it represents your audience’s commonsense thinking. Religious preachers know faith requires emotion and the persuasion behind it to create faith. People have to desire the act but they won’t want to fight, logic rarely get’s people to do anything. Seduction does not have to be sexual, it can be used everywhere and any time."

Nobody Gives a Fuck About You:
"Paranoia is narcissism. Believing that everyone is out to get you assumes that you’re important enough for anyone to care about. If you’re an introvert with a habit of reading books by dead white men (i.e. if you’re me), it’s easy to slip into this mindset. You imagine you’re in the spotlight at all times, your every screw-up broadcast to a jeering audience that will remember it until they curl up and die. It’s the reason why conspiracy theories tend to be popular amongst nerds and other social outcasts.

The reality is that nobody cares."

"Part of becoming an adult is realizing that most people aren’t that smart or organized. They don’t give any thought to anything beyond their immediate reality. All they care about is getting through their workday, TiVoing the latest episode of House, or whatever monotonous activity they use to fill the void of their lives. Why is this all important? Because it means you have a near-infinite license to remake yourself. Unless you’re a serial killer, you’ve spent most of your life flying under the radar. People don’t think ill of you, they don’t think well of you; they don’t think of you at all. You are not your adolescent awkwardness. Forget the past, forget your mistakes, forget your missed opportunities and start creating the life you want to today. There’s nothing in your way but your own self-doubt."

"“But I’m a Sex Addict”
“I Was Drunk. No Foul.”
“My Husband Was a Dick. I Needed Him Killed Dead”
“We’re Already Married, So It’s OK”
“I Alone Recognize His Talent”
“I’m Insane?”

Proud to say I knew of, and loved all these bits already.  Worth re-listening to...

In defense of heroin users and sex workers: an interview with author of You Will Die - Boing Boing: "Addiction is often driven by people seeking an escape from problems -- not by drugs themselves. Addicts need mental-health treatment, not a permanent criminal record. Outside of marijuana, Hollywood and journalistic portrayals of drugs are still just as misleading as the Reefer Madness films of old were. Often, the only media image of drug users is an out-of-control addict, despite statistics showing that they constitute a small minority of users even with "hard" drugs. When it comes out that Barack Obama used cocaine, people are surprised he was successful, but non-addicts like him are the norm. If Obama was branded with a criminal record as a young man for drug possession the government would have been responsible for destroying his future, not cocaine. Suffering people will always find something in which to lose themselves, but Mexico's annual carnage on the scale of 9/11 and the mass incarceration of America's black men -- that requires prohibitionists."

"Clearly, the world is missing the point entirely.  If anything, the show the Biggest Loser exists because it makes less fat people feel better about themselves, and most of America is fat as shit.  It's a visual Xanax for fatties thinking of (rightly) blowing their brains out because they've failed to keep the machine that is their body in top working order.  You don't see gearheads whining that the automotive makeovers common on stations that typically feature hunting and fishing are "unrealistic" because the people on those shows have unlimited time and resources to repair and refit hunks of junk.

...Quite frankly, I have no idea how I have come across these things, but one blog has stood out as a bulwark of nonsense amidst all of the moaning about the fatties on the Biggest Loser- the ridiculously titled "Dances With Fat".  This blog is the produce of a morbidly obese broad who champions the cause of "size acceptance" and rails against "fat discrimination", two concepts that are as stupid as they are pointless.  Fat acceptance, for instance, violates a deeply ingrained cultural response to the obese that all of the whining in the world isn't going to resolve- the Western World's distaste for obesity.  There are three categories for social stigma, according to anthropologists and psychologists- tribal stigma, abominations of the body, and blemishes of physical character.

..Over the last half a century  researchers have determined that obese people fall into the latter two categories, as they are considered "undesirable and physically unattractive", and because their obesity is indicative of sloth and other moral failings in those around them (Carr).  There is little evidence, however, to suggest that these stigmas manifest in actual discriminatory action- people are too scared of being perceived as discriminatory to act on their distaste for land whales (Carr).  Instead, Carr argues, it is the Jabbas' own self-loathing projected onto other people that leads them to believe that they are the victims of discrimination.  They literally hate themselves so much that they (rightly) think everyone else should as well...

"Size acceptance" is an equally pointless enterprise, as whining about how equal you are when all empirical evidence shows otherwise, and because heath care costs are rising due to the fact that the self-destructive lifestyles of homo sapiens hippopomus.  It's one thing to have to dodge their ridiculous mechanical conveyances in Walmart because they've given up on walking and suffer behind them as they slowly trudge down an isle that they block completely with their bulk- it's yet another to have to subsidize those things because they're covered by Social Security and Medicare.  No one will accept a person's willful attempts to inconvenience those around them because they lack the self control in the baked goods isle necessary to keep themselves to a svelte 299 lbs.

...he argues that the Biggest Loser is a terrible role model for the poor fat people of the world because it suggests that they should work really hard to achieve their goal, with the single-minded focus of a young Jeffrey Dahmer torturing his neighbor's cat.  Heaven's no!  Not hard work!  Anything but hard work!  What Talens fails to take into account when making his positive feedback loop is that the rewards must outweigh the costs for the fat slobs he champions, and that's often not going to happen.  Giving up Oreos to some people is tantamount to the French Foreign Legion throwing down their weapons the second they entered the city limits of Camerone.  We're talking about people whose entire existence is based upon the instant gratification they get from shitty foods and sloth- they're not going to be satisfied with the incremental progression they might get if they can avoid too many dietary indiscretions while doing something they hate (i.e. exercising).

...This, my friends, is because fatness is not caused by genetics, or environment, or bad parenting (unless the kid is really young).  It's from failure.  A fat adult is a person whose life history is written on their body- they've failed.  They've failed themselves, they've failed their sexual partners, they've failed their children... fuck, they even fail their pets, because those fat motherfuckers aren't taking their pooches on a needed 2 mile walk.  These are people who think "KFC Bowl" is a legitimate answer to the question "what's for dinner?"  They're the people who think a 40 inch waisted pair of jeans isn't a horrifying prospect and who haven't seen their genitalia without the aid of a mirror in years.  These, my friends, are unmitigated failures, and no amount of positive feedback loops are going to reverse the damage their failure has wrought- they will push those failures uphill for eternity, giant sloppy, Sisyphean sacks of cellulite rather than boulders, up a hill paved with Oreos and dried tears."

What a horrible person.

Another of the perpetually and professionally offended, entitled, and unable to deal with the harsh edges of the world, instead insisting all the furniture be made out of Nerf foam.  So amazingly tired of these people.

Woman at a tech conference, where a couple guys in her general vicinity were making some, admittedly juvenile, penis jokes.  In her world, any reference to a penis within earshot, even when not directed at her, even in an adolescent euphemism, is "harassment."  But having overheard a private conversation that involved her in no way, she leapt into action!  Instead of, you know, saying something to them, like a grown ass adult, she instead takes a picture of the "offenders" and tweets it to the world, demanding the someone come and rescue her and her pristine ears.  Taking the photo in violation of the terms of the conference, btw.

Adria Richards, PyCon, and How We All Lost | Amanda Blum: "Adria Richards was an attendee at PyCon, a tech conference, as part of her job as a developer evangelist at Sendgrid, a tech company that manages emails. She took offense to a conversation two men, also developers for a company called Play Haven, were having behind her during the conference, in which they referenced “dongles” and “forking”. Both of these are tech terms, they were construed to be used sexually on Adria’s part. Without ever mentioning her offense to the men, she took their picture, posted it to twitter and asked PyCon to do something about it."

Adria Richards, PyCon, and How We All Lost | Amanda Blum: "Play Haven fired one of the developers.  Then the internet blew up."

Daily Dot | How a "big dongle" joke brought out the worst of the Internet: "My friends and I had decided forking someone's repo is a new form of flattery (the highest form being implementation) and we were excited about one of the presenters projects; a friend said "I would fork that guys repo" The sexual context was applied by Adria, and not us. My second comment is this, Adria has an audience and is a successful person of the media. Just check out her web page linked in her twitter account, her hard work and social activism speaks for itself. With that great power and reach comes responsibility. As a result of the picture she took I was let go from my job today. Which sucks because I have 3 kids and I really liked that job. She gave me no warning, she smiled while she snapped the pic and sealed my fate. Let this serve as a message to everyone, our actions and words, big or small, can have a serious impact."

Adria Richards, PyCon, and How We All Lost | Amanda Blum: "On her own blog, she states “it only takes three words: ‘That’s not cool‘”, which I agree with. She should have said them to the developers in question. If she was that uncomfortable doing so in a full room, she could have contacted PyCon officials privately, there were certainly channels to do so. Its important to note Adria’s entire job was conversing with developers. There were multiple steps she could have taken before she once again dropped a public bomb on twitter and her blog.  In her own take on the situation, Adria claims to have considered many things like the size of the room and the audience. All she had to consider was “what outcome am I looking for?”. If the outcome is “change the way these men are speaking” she’d have taken a different route. If “make as big a deal of this as humanly possible with no thought to consequence” was her outcome, she chose right."

For all the negative attention and controversy she brought about, she was fired from her job.  Karma, motherfucker.

And, of course, like all the professionally offended, it's okay for her to make dick jokes, because she's a goddamned special and unique snowflake.

Donglegate / Adria Richards | Know Your Meme: "On March 21st, a Redditor on /r/Geek[18] pointed out a tweet Richards made on March 14th[19] (shown below) making a joke about a friend stuffing socks into his crotch region in response to him getting a pat-down by TSA agents, intending to point out her hypocrisy. "

God, I fucking hate people sometimes.


3/28 - P90X2 D39 Chest + Shoulders + Triceps & X2 Ab Ripper

God. Dayum.  I need to do more pullups.  And more deadlifts.  And more everything.  And eat better.  And get more rest.  And everything again.

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3/27 - circuits [band pulldowns/pushups/glute bridge 3x30, band seated row/overhead press/elevated split squats 2x20] - ab wheel rollout/knees & shoulder band T/W/Y 1x15 - supermans/hyperxtensions x25/25 - chins/dips x19/14/12 - prisoner squats 2x50/2x25 - band pull aparts 4x10 -- P90X2 D38 rest/off

3/26 - Russian Pullup Program D21 18/16/14/14/12 -- P90X2 D37 Plyocide

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3/25 - P90X2 D36 V Sculpt & X2 Ab Ripper -- glute bridge/hip raise #1/hip raise #2 x30

Made of Awesome.
Fitness fanatic, Gao Yinyu, 77, strips off for freezing workout in Jilin, China | Mail Online: "Retirement is meant to be about getting out the pipe and slippers. 77-year-old Gao Yinyu appears to have understood the slippers bit but there is certainly no sign of a pipe as he balances like a gymnast on the frozen parallel bars in -25°c as part of his daily exercise regime. Amazingly since starting the workout more than ten years ago, the retired teacher from Jilin, in north eastern China, says he has rarely caught a cold."

Today's Internets - Snow today? Seriously?


Lift Big Eat Big: The Myth Of Perfect Form: "...many people is they have this pre-conceived idea of "perfect form" in their head that is just not a reality. They are taking what they have seen of a deadlift at 135lbs and they expect a deadlift at 900lbs to look the exact same way. Just like there is no such thing as a perfect body, a perfect life, or a perfect pizza because opinions of perfect are so subjective, there is no such thing as "perfect form" because literally every body is built differently, and will alter the lifts to conform to their body type."

Lift Big Eat Big: The Myth Of Perfect Form: " their form perfect? NO! They are different builds, and they are utilizing their build to their best advantage, which is what you should be doing. Konstantinovs will not have a disc shoot out his butt from rounding his upper back, because he has trained his body to move in that position as effectively as possible. If you spend your entire life keeping it light and focusing on "perfect" form, you will never amount to much, because you are afraid of the grind. That being said, you obviously need to focus on having as good of form as YOU personally can have, but don't spend your life chasing that "perfect" form, not only because it doesn't exist, also because you will never want to go heavy enough to put that form to the test. Address your mobility issues, work your weaknesses, and get COCK-DIESEL STRONG!"

"Q:  What are the chances that Freakangels will get adapted to a TV show or film? 

A:  I don’t get to decide what gets made into a tv series or film.  I cannot, I’m afraid, cause people to give me money for things by magic or force of will.  Because, let’s face it, if I could, you’d be part of the slave army building my hundred-mile-high golden revolving statue right now."