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Eye of Horus - Pineal Gland - DMT - Ayahuasca - Machine Elves - Angels & Demons & God.

Stay with me, the rabbit hole goes all the way down.

The deeper meaning of the eye of Horus - by Jonte Rhodes - Helium:
"The eye of Horus, sometimes also called the eye of Ra represents a sign of power given to the wearer by the gods of the time. It can also be a symbol that you are protected form harm by the god represented in the eye, whether that be Horus or Ra. The Egyptian word for this symbol is Wadjet, which literally translated means simply god or goddess."
The Eye of Ra and a cross section of the the pineal gland in the human brain.

Pineal gland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
"The secretory activity of the pineal gland is only relatively understood. Historically, its location deep in the brain suggested to philosophers that it possessed particular importance. This combination led to its being a "mystery" gland with myth, superstition and occult theories surrounding its perceived functions.  RenĂ© Descartes, who dedicated much time to the study of the pineal gland, called it the "principal seat of the soul.""
Dimethyltryptamine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
"Dr. Rick Strassman, while conducting DMT research in the 1990s at the University of New Mexico, advanced the controversial hypothesis that a massive release of DMT from the pineal gland prior to death or near death was the cause of the near death experience (NDE) phenomenon. Several of his test subjects reported NDE-like audio or visual hallucinations. His explanation for this was the possible lack of panic involved in the clinical setting and possible dosage differences between those administered and those encountered in actual NDE cases. Several subjects also reported contact with 'other beings', alien like, insectoid or reptilian in nature, in highly advanced technological environments where the subjects were 'carried,' 'probed,' 'tested,' 'manipulated,' 'dismembered,' 'taught,' 'loved,' and even 'raped' by these 'beings' (one could note the strong similarities of these bodily tests/invasions in other psychedelic experiences throughout time...  the enzymatic material needed to produce DMT is found in the pineal gland (see evidence in mammals), and moreover in substantially greater concentrations than in any other part of the body, Strassman has speculated that DMT is made in the pineal gland."
Ayahuasca - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
"Ayahuasca is any of various psychoactive infusions or decoctions prepared from the Banisteriopsis spp. vine, usually mixed with the leaves of dimethyltryptamine (DMT)-containing species of shrubs from the Psychotria genus. The brew, first described academically in the early 1950s by Harvard ethnobotanist Richard Evans Schultes, who found it employed for divinatory and healing purposes by the native peoples of Amazonian Colombia...  DMT-containing plants (such as Psychotria) remain inactive when drunk as a brew without a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) such as Caapi. How indigenous peoples discovered the synergistic properties of the plants used in the ayahuasca brew remains unknown."
Machine elf - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
"Machine elves (also known as fractal elves, self-transforming machine elves) is a term coined by the late ethnobotanist, writer and philosopher Terence McKenna to describe the apparent entities that are often reported by individuals using tryptamine-based psychedelic drugs, especially DMT.  References to such encounters can be found in many cultures ranging from shamanic traditions of Native Americans to indigenous Australians and African tribes, as well as among Western users of these substances...

McKenna was not the first to experience or report DMT elves, even if they probably owe most of their popularization to him. In an article published in The Journal of Mental Science (now the British Journal of Psychiatry) in 1958 under the title “Dimethyltryptamine Experiments with Psychotics”, researcher Stephen Szara (the chemist who first synthesised DMT) talked about how one of his subjects under the influence of DMT had experienced “strange creatures, dwarves or something” at the beginning of the trip...  Walter Evans-Wentz, who expressed that a world of entities such as fairies and elves exists "as a supernormal state of consciousness into which men and women may enter temporarily in dreams, trances, or in various ecstatic conditions". Meyer believes that the objective space that one may enter on DMT, and the faerie world described by Evans-Wentz, are one and the same...  Psychiatrist Rick Strassman, who made extensive research on DMT, encountered many DMT smokers who had experienced beings similar to McKenna's machine elves...  In Strassmans words, "Also surprising were the common themes of what these beings were doing with so many of our volunteers: manipulating, communicating, showing, helping, questioning. It was definitely a two-way street."

I leave the last step to you. 

Cynical, still mostly true.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


1/4 - 3x10 circuit - hip thrust, hindu squats, air squats, goblet squat @35, lunge, sissy squat, elevated split squat - 2x 4m rebounder/4m footwork & movement
1/3 - bw circuit x5 - pushups 10, air squats 20, lying hyperx 10 - dynamic tension circuit 3x10 - deep breathing stretch, pulldowns, pullaparts - sledgehammer halos 3x20
1/2 - pullups 3x5, chins x5, bw rows 3x5, dips 3x5 - Rutten MMA Workout Thai Boxing 3x2m shadowboxing, 2x2m heavy bag - P90X XStretch

No Excuses.

Truth, no matter what.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Game, set, and match.

Ron Paul better than Obama on civil liberties, according to the ACLU.

ACLU Campaign Report Card: GOP Split on Constitution | ACLU Liberty Watch 2012:
"...the American Civil Liberties Union launched a new campaign this year -- ACLU Liberty Watch 2012 -- to be a watchdog on the candidates of all parties so that the Constitution is defended throughout the election campaign...  we’re releasing a report card today, with the ACLU’s Constitution and civil liberties experts providing a critical assessment of the major candidates of all parties, grading them with four to zero constitutional “torches” on seven key issues, including national security, immigration, marriage equality and reproductive choice..."
PDF Link -

And that's not even counting issues which would have widened the gap - the death penalty, the drug war, indefinite detention and imprisonment, political assassination without due process, gun rights... Of course Gary Johnson, who I'd favor over Paul and Obama, is now running as a third party Libertarian independent, trumps the both of them.  Though his chances are between 0 and none, sadly.  Apropos is a column by Glenn Greenwald last week that highlights how Ron Paul espouses the same ideals "progressives" said they believed in that have been all but betrayed in the Obama administration.  Much, much more at the link -  Progressives and the Ron Paul fallacies - Glenn Greenwald -
"...The candidate supported by progressives — President Obama — himself holds heinous views on a slew of critical issues and himself has done heinous things with the power he has been vested. He has slaughtered civilians — Muslim children by the dozens — not once or twice, but continuously in numerous nations with drones, cluster bombs and other forms of attack. He has sought to overturn a global ban on cluster bombs. He has institutionalized the power of Presidents — in secret and with no checks — to target American citizens for assassination-by-CIA, far from any battlefield. He has waged an unprecedented war against whistleblowers, the protection of which was once a liberal shibboleth. He rendered permanently irrelevant the War Powers Resolution, a crown jewel in the list of post-Vietnam liberal accomplishments, and thus enshrined the power of Presidents to wage war even in the face of a Congressional vote against it. His obsession with secrecy is so extreme that it has become darkly laughable in its manifestations, and he even worked to amend the Freedom of Information Act (another crown jewel of liberal legislative successes) when compliance became inconvenient.
He has entrenched for a generation the once-reviled, once-radical Bush/Cheney Terrorism powers of indefinite detention, military commissions, and the state secret privilege as a weapon to immunize political leaders from the rule of law. He has shielded Bush era criminals from every last form of accountability. He has vigorously prosecuted the cruel and supremely racist War on Drugs,including those parts he vowed during the campaign to relinquish — a war which devastates minority communities and encages and converts into felons huge numbers of minority youth for no good reason. He has empowered thieving bankers through the Wall Street bailout, Fed secrecy, efforts to shieldmortgage defrauders from prosecution, and the appointment of an endless roster of former Goldman, Sachs executives and lobbyists. He’s brought the nation to a full-on Cold War and a covert hot war with Iran, on the brink of far greater hostilities. He has made the U.S. as subservient as ever to the destructive agenda of the right-wing Israeli government. His support for some of the Arab world’s most repressive regimes is as strong as ever.
Most of all, America’s National Security State, its Surveillance State, and its posture of endless war is more robust than ever before. The nation suffers from what National Journal‘s Michael Hirsh just christened “Obama’s Romance with the CIA.” He has created what The Washington Post just dubbed a vast drone/killing operation,” all behind an impenetrable wall of secrecy and without a shred of oversight. Obama’s steadfast devotion to what Dana Priest and William Arkin called “Top Secret America” has severe domestic repercussions as well, building up vast debt and deficits in the name of militarism that create the pretext for the “austerity” measures which the Washington class (including Obama) is plotting to impose on America’s middle and lower classes.
The simple fact is that progressives are supporting a candidate for President who has done all of that — things liberalism has long held to be pernicious. I know it’s annoying and miserable to hear. Progressives like to think of themselves as the faction that stands for peace, opposes wars, believes in due process and civil liberties, distrusts the military-industrial complex, supports candidates who are devoted to individual rights, transparency and economic equality. All of these facts — like the history laid out by Stoller in that essay — negate that desired self-perception...
The parallel reality — the undeniable fact — is that all of these listed heinous views and actions from Barack Obama have been vehemently opposed and condemned by Ron Paul: and among the major GOP candidates, only by Ron Paul. For that reason, Paul’s candidacy forces progressives to face the hideous positions and actions of their candidate, of the person they want to empower for another four years. If Paul were not in the race or were not receiving attention, none of these issues would receive any attention because all the other major GOP candidates either agree with Obama on these matters or hold even worse views..."

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Training [&No Cooking/Food Log.]

1/1 - 10x2m rounds heavy bag/Rutten MMA Workout/Thai Boxing - 10m rebounder - P90X One on One Stretch & Recovery

No workouts since Xmas day, the evening of which I got hit with some kind of bug that knocked me on my ass this past week.  Still not back to 100% but good enough to grind out a workout today, plus PT is a good way to ring in the New year.  Likewise, no 'Food Log' post for this past week, as Xmas eating morphed into sickness/comfort food/New Year's Eve alcohol.  Back next week.

12/25 - 7x2m rounds shadowboxing, 3x2m rounds heavy bag - neck nods/rotations x100 - wrist roller x2 @10lbs
12/24 - supersets - pullups/dips 10x5/5, chins/dips 5x5/5, inverted rows/pushups 3x10/10 - hyperx 25/20
12/23 - 8x2m rounds heavy bag, 2x2m rounds shadowboxing - Bas Rutten MMA Workout/Boxing


Great progress.
"Once a gym rat the oxygen and muscle fitness mags piled high in my linen closet. 9 years later I'd become complacent, tapping into my 6 yr olds mac and cheese at dinner time, enjoying biscuits and gravy for breakfast at the fire house with my crew and needing something sweet after every meal in order to feel satisfied. My disciplined 6 days a week to the gym became a lazy 3, and my once athletic nickname of "mighty mouse" had became "little sausage"...Everyone called me a "sausage!" I was never called fat out of fear of my feelings being hurt and maybe I wasn't entirely FAT, but I was no longer healthy. No longer conditioned and strong, no longer confident, no longer happy... Call it a woman thing if you want, but women are not happy with 90% of the things in their life when they're not comfortable in their own skin. No one needed to say it to my face for me to know I'd let myself go, I felt it. It was time for a change. I was too young to be so miserable in my own skin. So I walked into my gym on a Monday morning and once a very familiar place now felt like a Chinese puzzle. I had no idea where to start! I decided not only was I going to get myself back, but I was going to take my body places it had never been doing something I had once been VERY passionate about. I wanted Nicole back!!! more than I wanted a half a loaf of bread with my dinner or even the ice cream with heath pieces and caramel on top after the dinner!!! And so as fate would have it, "GOFitness (Walt & Gina)" was brought to my attention. More motivated than I'd ever been to over come what felt like such a monumental challenge, my journey with Gina and Walter Ostarly began March 1st, 2011. - Nicole:)"