Friday, August 08, 2014

Training - "Hooked on a Feeling."

8/8 - pullups

The key to matching a PR is, apparently, to bust your ass for an attempt, fail... have a beer, then try again.  23 pullups, matching what I hit last summer, and 15lbs heavier now, so we'll call that 'progress'/getting stronger. Pretty happy with that, considering my numbers dropped down to 17 reps during my bulking "eat all the things/drink all the beers" experiment. For the form nazis, my metric the last few years has been 'chin over the bar/minimal kipping' so take it for what it's worth. Decently satisfied with today's effort. I promise no more self-aggrandizing, attention-whoring pullup videos until I hit 25 reps. Then 30... then 35... Onwards! Also, Guardians of the Galaxy/"Hooked On a Got a Feeling" FTW. 



Thursday, August 07, 2014

Ray Bradbury Wins.

"I have never listened to anyone who criticized my taste in space travel, sideshows or gorillas. When this occurs, I pack up my dinosaurs and leave the room." - Ray Bradbury, via Richard Kadrey's Damn Tumblr

The Stories We Tell Ourselves | Mark's Daily Apple: "Think for a minute about the stories that you tell yourself – about you. Not necessarily the narrative you would like to tell about yourself (some meticulously crafted testimonial or eulogy). In fact, brush away all the public posturing and cocktail party introductions we all end up doing to some degree at least in certain situations. What is the real narrative you live each day when it’s just you and you. In other words, what inner tape ends up playing? What lens gets applied to the outer circumstances? What’s your role, and what characteristics describe this figure you walk around in each day?"

dean trippe | moonbase one (Two Sentences): "I read a review of #GotG that said the movie didn’t have a plot, or that it was inexplicable without understanding of the Marvel Comics source material. As someone who has NEVER given two damns about the cosmic stuff in the Ol’ 616 until now, and was able to follow along fairly well, I figured I’d take a swing at breaking it down in two sentences. 

1. Cosmic Hitler hires Space Bin Laden to retrieve a powerful weapon in exchange for wiping out SBL’s enemies, who have recently signed a peace treaty with SBL’s native world. 
2. Five misfit criminals attempt to thwart the plans of these genocidal monsters, for selfish reasons at first, but through teamwork and friendship, find hope, heroism, and happiness. 

Whew. One draft. Didn’t even break a sweat...

Second point, though: SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT 
The same reviewer said the reveal of the present at the end was predictable and cheap, lacking in emotional heft. So, okay, no. Every screenwriting book in the history of screenwriting books would have made that a gift from Peter’s father. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. They set it up the whole damn movie, with big flashing lights, that OH SHIT THAT’S GOING TO BE SOMETHING FROM HIS SPACE DAD, because, every Joseph Campbell-regurgitating Hollywood mofo wants their hero’s journey to be about his dad. How many times do we have to hear about what good men Dr. Thomas Wayne and Jor-El were before someone gives Batman and Superman’s moms something to do in a movie? Yeah, well you know what Peter wanted? THAT GIFT. It’s the best emotional payoff I’ve seen in a film this year. The amount of bullshit studio notes that any other studio would’ve lobbed at the simplicity of that reveal would bury the Milano. Hugs and high-fives to Gunn and Perlman from another kid with a great mom."


Blame World War I For Whistleblower Persecution—And So Much More - "...the Obama administration, after bringing charges against Edward Snowden, "has used the Espionage Act more to go after whistleblowers who leaked to journalists not just than any previous administration, but then more than all previous administrations combined." The claim was subsequently endorsed by PolitiFact as "true." That's a shocking use of government power to punish those who would call government officials out for their misbehavior, but hardly an unaccustomed role for for a law passed during World War I and quickly used to muzzle critics of official policy...

In fact, the "war to end all wars" left a legacy of government dominance and intrusive power in its wake that officials still exploit, and from which the country continues to suffer. In its original form, the Espionage Act was used to prosecute Robert Goldstein for producing a movie about the American Revolution. The U.S. having recently allied itself with Britain against Germany, Goldstein's historically rooted portrayal of British soldiers as the bad guys was considered an attempt to hobble the war effort. He served three years in prison for his cinematic labors."

whedonesque: "pirrips: When the actors are, actually, their characters"

What I Learned about Atheists from God’s Not Dead: "If there’s one thing religion does well, it’s teach people to do as they’re told en masse. There’s so much I could say about suffering through this glorified youth group skit turned feature length film.  Much has already been said by friends of mine and I could add far too much more myself.  It’s like the gift that keeps on giving (just like heartburn).  Even during my Christian days I’m certain I would have been nauseated by this terrible movie’s wooden dialogue, forced drama, and two-dimensional characters."

Training - "I would be so mad."

8/7 - squats, leg xt, hip xt, pullups, chins - stretch - pushups


Bas Rutten - My buddy Jens Grau started MMA at 38 and is now...
"My buddy Jens Grau started MMA at 38 and is now fighting his first pro fight, weighed 245 pounds when he came, I told him he "Needed to lose that" and fights now at 205 and is 43 years old. He did this interview for Legacy FC, the show is the 28th this month"

Jens “The Sandman” Grau | Legacy Fighting Championship: "Many people feel that after a certain age you shouldn’t start training mixed martial arts, let alone compete in it, but not Grau. “I was thirty-eight when I started MMA. I feel like I’m 25 now. I can give and take a beating. In the beginning you take a beating; you think that the sport is all about muscle, but it’s only later that you realize that you need to relax, and you relax into what you are doing.”"

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The world is not an illusion, but it is a process of abstraction of the human nervous system.

The human mirroring of the outside process that is occurring. 
Language Creates the Illusion of Reality. Here's How: "...philosopher and mathematician Alfred Korzybski explains how reality as we know it is not an illusion, but an abstraction of the mind. His explanation is quite literally mind blowing. Korzybski explains that reality works the way a fan does. When a fan is stationary, its blades all appear individual and separate. However, when the fan begins to rotate, the individual blades now appear as a rotating disc. The disc is not an illusion, says Korzybski, but an image abstracted by the senses. In other words, the mind fills in the blanks. When we look at an apple, says Korzybski, we do not see the particles and processes that produce the object. Like the individual fan blades that appear to become a disc, we see instead a solid red piece of fruit that we agree looks like something we call an apple. We create the apple–in Korzybski’s words, the apple is “man made.”"

Don't Cheer Obama's 'Ban' on Torture | Freedom of the Press Foundation: "...isn’t banning what’s already illegal just kind of a suspenders-and-a-belt thing? A bit of emphasis, an arguably redundant exclamation point? No, it’s not. Purporting to ban what is already illegal is in fact terribly insidious. And here’s why, in two axioms. 1. What fundamentally makes something a law is that if you violate it, you will face punishment. 2. What one president can prohibit, another can permit. Put these two concepts together, and what do you get when a president reacts to governmental law-breaking by: (1) not prosecuting anyone involved; and (2) instead “banning” what they did?  What you get is not a proscription of law, but a policy of choice.  And this is why Obama’s notion that he has the power to “ban” torture, and his failure to prosecute anyone who ordered it, is so insidious, so caustic to the rule of law (and note that Obama hasn’t even “banned” all torture—only some!). Obama is cementing in the mind of the public the notion that torture is not a crime, but merely a policy choice." 

Jim Jefferies, better than the bible.  

The sun is good for you.  ChAoS & PAIN: Fuck the Treadmill- I've Got A Real Warmup For You #2: "Like most things that people have considered to be a part of normal, everyday life for the entirety of human history, like drinking, eating red meat, putting salt on food, and having promiscuous sex, the powers that be have warned against sun exposure for the last 30 years as if sunlight was some new and horrible emission from space humanity had never faced.  While any thinking person would conclude that the hysteria about exposure to sunlight was, rightly, naught but the produce of gibbering, pants-shitting insanity, the slower ruminants among us have seen fit to slather themselves with opaque glop in an effort to prevent a single ray of sunlight ever reaching their epidermis.

Again, thinking persons should find this hilarious- after all, what the fuck do these cattle think they're rubbing on their skin?  Natural botanical oils?  Not bloody likely.  Instead, these blubbering halfwits are slathering themselves in carcinogens to offset the extremely highly unlikely onset of melanoma- yeah, that's right... EXTREMELY UNLIKELY.  According to the editor of Reuters Health, less than .3% (three tenths of one percent) developed melanoma, even in people who use tanning beds frequently (Oransky).  So, in an effort to avoid something that's less likely than a woman dying during childbirth in North America, people are soaking themselves in oxybenzone, which has been linked to hormone disruption and cell damage that might cause skin cancer, and retinyl palmitate, which "may speed the development of skin tumors and lesions when applied to the skin in the presence of sunlight" (Dellorto, Problem).  Think you're dodging that bullet?  you're likely not- according to the Environmental Working Group, only "Twenty-five percent of 800 tested sunscreens are effective at protecting your skin without the use of potentially harmful ingredients" (Dellorto).  In other words, your odds are not good when using sunscreen.

Oh, but consumer genius doesn't end there.  When they douse their disgusting fat bodies in carcinogens, they don't just expose themselves to an increased risk of cancer- the same people who slather themselves with sunblock are the ones who go out of their way to avoid sun exposure in general, which is awesome because that limits their Vitamin D production.  Studies have shown that melanoma patients with more sun exposure have an increased rate of survival over patients without intermittent lifetime sun exposure, that "intermittent sun exposure had a tendency to be inversely associated with the risk of death from melanoma" (Rosso), and that people with the highest concentrations of Vitamin D in the blood had the thinnest melanomas (making them easier to treat), greatest survivability of melanoma, and least incidence of melanoma (Caini).  In short, getting a tan is considerably healthier than looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost." 

Training - "I WILL WHAT I WANT."

8/6 - stretch, bench, press, pushups



"I think people operate their lives primarily on momentum..."

"...and that momentum is very, very difficult to break."

Still miss Leverage.

Hmm.  Relevance of gender roles in life satisfaction in adult people:"The aim of this study was to investigate the relevance of self-identification in traditional gender roles of masculinity and femininity in women’s and men’s life satisfaction. Participants consisted of 1233 women and 1233 men from the Spanish general population aged between 20 and 60 years. Hierarchical multiple regression analyses showed that although in both genders the most important predictors of life satisfaction were self-esteem and social support, both masculinity and femininity were associated with higher life satisfaction in women and men... These results provide information concerning the significance of adherence to gender roles in life satisfaction."

Chris Pratt spits fire, continues to be awesome.  Chris Pratt Tries to Rap Like Eminem, Does Not Embarrass Himself - "The Guardians of the Galaxy star was on a radio show reliving a time in his life when he was living in a van in Hawaii, smoking lots of weed, and listening to Eminem and Dr. Dre on the ‘reg. The hosts has the audacity to challenge his credibility, which led to the rapping. Considering the relative success of everything Pratt’s done over the past few years, perhaps doubting his ability to do anything is irresponsible. This guy turned into one of the biggest movie stars in the world like a magician."

It's really pretty damn impressive what the MCU has done, when you look back on it.