Friday, February 04, 2011


Simplefit L2W3 - 13 chins/21 pushups/21 prisoner squats - for time - 2:53 [level up]
WC - 35 pushups, chins, lunges
Rutten MMA wkout 2x3m rounds boxing
2x hindu pushups/squats/bridges

Yesterday 2/3
WC - 34 pushups, chins, lunges
Rutten MMA wkout 10x2m rounds boxing
2x chins, hyperx, dips
2x hindu pushups/squats/bridges

"If your government shuts down the internet, shut down your government."

Via Living Freedom » Blog

For those less geeky than I, that's a Guy Fawkes riff off of the film V For Vendetta - "People should not be afraid of their governments.  Governments should be afraid of their people."  Good film, from the superior graphic novel.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Rutten MMA wkout - 10x2m rounds/boxing
Simplefit L2W2/WC 33 - 5 rounds for time - 3 chins/8 pushups/13 prisoner squats - 215s + 33 lunges & 18 chins
Pullups/Chinups/Dips x2
Spinal stretch 20m
RC - set of hindu pushups/squats/bridge

Never fails to make me laugh.


Adorably chubby Asian baby FTW.

Is nothing sacred? - "Sumo Wrestlers Fixed Matches..."

Sumo Wrestlers Fixed Matches, But Who Gave The Orders?:
"Japanese police sources are saying that there is evidence sumo wrestlers contacted each other via cell-phone to fix sumo matches in advance. AFP has an excellent piece on the recent developments. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Organized Crime Control Division has been aware of contacts, collusion, corruption and betting between members of the Yamaguchi-gumi organized crime group and sumo wrestlers since 2008, but only really began investigating the links in September of 2009..."

"Bad Libertarian Conversion Techniques."

The actual video they highlighted at the link didn't do anything for me, but this bit from the comments - of what NOT to say to somebody who might be interested in your political ideology - made me laugh so hard I cried.

Tuesday Fun Link: Bad Libertarian Conversion Techniques - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine:
"'Guns! Booze! The only thing that gets me hard is freedom! Like to do as you're told? Get the fuck out! I'm fanning my balls with LIBERTY! Don't walk away from me, bitch!'"

Obama's not left-wing; he's a stat quo, authoritarian statist. To his, and our, detriment.

Obvious reasons to ignore those who fan the flames of the "socialist" President. More at the link.

What’s the Matter with Provincetown? - Reason Magazine: "
The president routinely depicted by detractors as the demon seed of the ’60s counterculture is in fact an establishment figure who blocks efforts to end federal discrimination against gay people, supports immunity for federal agents who illegally engaged in warrantless wiretapping, declines to withdraw on any front from either the war on drugs or the war on jihad, made insurance giganticorps the centerpiece of his health care law, failed to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, and helped deliver hundreds of billions of dollars into the hands of insolvent bankers and industrialists..."

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


WC - 32 chins, pushups, lunges
Rutten MMA wkout - 10x2m rounds boxing/3x3m rounds thai boxing
Neck nods/rotations, hip thrusts, dislocates, chest pulls, face pulls
Hyperextensions & dips

Joe Rogan for Philosopher King of Everything.

Yes.  This.  All of it.  Forever and Ever.  Amen.

Ron Paul on Egypt.

Still talks more sense than 99.99% of politicians and ridiculous TV talking heads.

Always with the questions.

Monday, January 31, 2011


Simplefit L2W1 & Waterbury C 31
20m max rounds - 1 chin/3 pushups/4 prisoner squats - 32 rounds
+ 31 lunges

The week in food.

Fairly standard week, except for Friday & Saturday.  Drinks remain water & coffee [now with coconut milk - ran out of cream and remembered that's how I flavored my coffee in Japan for a while... good stuff.]  Got those Atkins bars for free too, which was nice.  Just filled out a couple forms online...  good for kicking the sweet tooth if you get cravings.  Liked the caramel, chocolate, nougat one... the other two were "eh" imho.  
Couple dining out events on Fri/Sat... still getting the hang of how to work those and stay on nutrition plan.  Did better on Fri than Sat.  Consumed/not pictured - [Fri] a beer, a glass of white wine, avocado/shrimp appetizer, seafood salad & [Sat] a dark rum on the rocks, a steak, a rib w/sauce, 2 pc fried chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, cole slaw, corn muffin.  The Sat night meal was a bit much, but I rationalize that away with the 're-feed'/replenish glycogen stores theory you see in cyclical ketogenic nutrition protocols.  Which is part cop-out, but such is life.

As for the Mrs, not a great deal of creativity this week, plus w/the dining out and she did her own Japanese natsukashii cooking for the weekend...  less work on my part.  Sandwiches, salads, leftovers, some boxed Indian fare that's been sitting in our cabinet for 6 months now, and some pre-packaged comfort foods - chicken patties & fries - plus a batch of rice krispy treats as I enable her on stressful days. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011