Saturday, August 08, 2015

Power Move.

The Rock is still showing everybody how to win at life.

Obama's Iran agreement “to the benefit of world peace.” - Ron Paul

Ron Paul supports Iran deal | TheHill: "Former Rep. Ron Paul said in two recent interviews that he supports the Obama administration’s nuclear agreement with Iran, calling it “to the benefit of world peace.”"

“We have learned and been conditioned to distrust and hate the Persians, and that they’re gonna kill us,” Paul said. “But there’s no history to show that Iran are aggressive people.”   “When’s the last time they invaded a country? Over 200 years ago!” he added, comparing Iran’s support for terror groups to “what our CIA does.”   “We’re in 160 countries, and Iran is, you know, involved with Hezbollah and the others, trying to protect their interests,” Paul said.   He compared Obama’s deal to one reached by Ronald Reagan with Soviet Russia in the 1980s.   “Reagan did another deal with the Soviets, at the height [of the Cold War], and they had 30,000 missiles!” Paul said.   “They didn’t say boo about Reagan doing it!” he added. “And yet that was even a bigger gamble — but it was the right gamble to make.”"

"We've always known it was the natural order of things, and instead of turning into social warrior crybabies we use it as the impetus to get better, bigger, stronger, faster, jacked, yoked, and awesome."

LIFT-RUN-BANG: If your supplements cost more than groceries, you've already failed: "Little girls get Barbie.  She has a small waist and big boobs.    Little boys get The Hulk and He-Man.  Two guys that can literally lift up mountains.     

So many of the dudes I know that lift and train and aspire to be jacked, have a youth that is embedded in comic book culture.  And there aren't many comic book superheroes that don't make any former or current Mr. Olympia look like a Crossfit noob.   

 Those little boys, who spent all that time reading comics and playing with action figures that boast the same type of insane muscular development, often find their way into the gym just a few years later. And as they say, "welcome to the gym.  Where you will forever be small."   

 Males often establish a pecking order amongst each other.  And make no mistake, in our youth the male with more strength and more muscular development is indeed more respected by his peers.  He gets more attention by the young ladies, the coaches, and even other parents.  

As young men, we're all aware of this.   But unlike women, we don't complain about said pecking order.  We've always known it was the natural order of things, and instead of turning into social warrior crybabies we use it as the impetus to get better, bigger, stronger, faster, jacked, yoked, and awesome.   In other words, we accept this is a social norm.  We aren't running around trying to change society's standards for the "ultimate male physique".  We embrace that this is how things are, and work our asses off in order to garner the same amount of respect, notoriety, and affirmation from our peers that we have seen other jacked dudes get.   We want that.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.  Otherwise, no one would give a shit about arm measurements or bench press numbers.  These things would be deemed insignificant and arbitrary.  But we all know they aren't.  We've made them significant because looking a certain way, or lifting a certain amount isn't JUST about impressing yourself.  Deep down, you absolutely desire the admiration of others for your hard work."

Lady Blackhawk/Birds of Prey.

"The difference between a cult and a religion is that in a cult there is one person at the top who knows full well that it is all hooey..."

"In a religion, that person has died."

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Congruence matters.

The Struggle Continues.

"Chivalry is dead... And women killed it." - Dave Chappelle

"Women got too much advice about men from other women.  And they don't know what the fuck they talking 'bout."


8/6 - squats, bench, db row  8/5 - treadmill, chins, shadowbox

From the Low Hang: "You're not tight, you're just weak": "I hear it all the time, a lifter will say they cant perform a movement or get in a position because... “I’m not flexible enough.” “My mobility sucks.” “I’m too tight.” But what if the issue wasn’t mobility at all? What if the problem was that you’re just weak? Let me rephrase that. What if the problem was the muscles you need to hold you in those positions or complete those movements were weak? I attended a seminar this weekend hosted by Max Aita in which he helped my setup by letting me know that it wasn't my ankles that were immobile, it was my quads being to weak to support the position I was trying to get into, which reminded me of a realization I came to last year. Nothing has helped my mobility more than getting stronger. I used to have a laundry list of what I thought were mobility problems, my knees would buckle on heavy squats/cleans, my lumbar would round at the bottom of a squat, my back would cave on the way up from those same movements...  I wasn't immobile at all, I was just really fucking weak. Since then I have cut my stretching and mobility work by at least 80%, and increased my accessory work about the same. I've never been healthier as a lifter, and I've never been more confident in my positions."

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

It. Just. Got. Interesting!

For reference, at 1:30.

"The Republican vote to defund Planned Parenthood is just one more piece of a deliberate, methodical, orchestrated attack on women's rights."

Still awesome, Coulson.

'Dat realization. 

& this is up there too. 

Still the MCU's best fight scene.

A close second.

"If I See One More Fucking Person Talking About How “Cute” and “Classy” Betty Page and Old School Burlesque Performers/PinUp Girls were, while calling modern sex workers trashy/gross/etc"

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"Daddy needs to express some rage."

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool Trailer : "It's lines like that that give you a taste of what kind of superhero movie Deadpool will be. The film stars Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, a.k.a. the supersoldier Deadpool, who has a grim backstory but still takes time to crack wise. (And in the case of his particular line, Reynolds is also making fun of his previous superhero effort, 2011's unsuccessful Green Lantern.) Reynolds, 38, technically played the character before – in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine – but the Marvel cinematic universe is calling a mulligan on that radically different take on Deadpool. Based on the NSFW red band trailer, which went live Tuesday night, this new movie is keeping the character closer to his portrayal in the comics: deadly but motormouthed. "