Friday, June 29, 2012

Think for yourself and question authority. And stuff.


6/29 - 90m grappling drills/clinch work/jiu-jitsu

6/28 - chins 15/10/5/10/10 - Treadmill/1mile 7:54 - PruFit [5 rounds] hang clean pulls, push press, box jumps - chins x2

6/27 - chins 3x10/8-2, COCT 2x8/2x5/2x timed old, bw rows x2, ring dips 3x5 - boxing 3x3m rounds shadowboxing alt w/3x3m rounds bag work w/5 chins per round break, bw rows x3, hyperx x2

6/26 - chins x20 - cleans 5x5, push presses 5/4/3/2/1, plate/pinch grip farmer's walk - 60m grappling/jiu-jitsu

"Warren Ellis » Money Isn’t Real: Money is Fictional."

" position is based on the denial that money does store wealth. I think it’s a semantic hallucination, the verbal equivalent of an optical illusion..." - Robert Anton Wilson
More at the link -  Warren Ellis » Money Isn’t Real: remarks for the Greg Palast event, 26 June 2012:
"...Economics is an artform. It’s the art of the invisible. Money is fictional.
The folding cash in your pocket isn’t real. Look at it. It’s a promissory note. “I promise to pay the bearer.” It’s a little story, a fiction that claims your cash can be redeemed for the equivalent in goods or gold. But it won’t be, because there isn’t enough gold to go around. So you’re told that your cash is “legal tender,” which means that everyone agrees to pretend it’s like money. If everyone in this room went to The Bank Of England tomorrow and said “I would like you to redeem all my cash for gold, right here, in my hand” I guarantee you that you all would see some perfect expressions of stark fucking terror.
It’s not real. Cash has never been real. It’s a stand-in, a fiction, a symbol that denotes money. Money that you never see. There was a time when money was sea shells, cowries. That’s how we counted money once. Then written notes, then printed notes. Then telegraphy, when money was dots and dashes, and then telephone calls. Teletypes and tickers. Into the age of the computer, money as datastreams that got faster and wider, leading to latency realty where financial houses sought to place their computers in physical positions that would allow them to shave nanoseconds off their exchanges of invisible money in some weird digital feng shui, until algorithmic trading began and not only did we not see the money any more, but we can barely even see what’s moving the money, and now we have people talking about strange floating computer islands to beat latency issues and even, just a few weeks ago, people planning to build a neutrino cannon on the other side of the world that actually beams financial events through the centre of the planet itself at lightspeed..."

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Food Log.

2.5 weeks worth since I had no internet/power for about a week in there...

6/10 - coffee w/Splenda & milk, whiskey & Coke Zero, chips, mac nuts, Amarula
6/11 - coffee w/Splenda & milk, V8, cheese, water, mayo, sardines, albacore
6/12 - coffee, Splenda, milk, water, protein shake, eggs, SPAM, salsa, cheese
6/13 - coffee, Splenda, milk, V8, jamon serrano, chorizo, chicken dogs, cheese, mayo, pork chops, water
6/14 - 3n1 coffee, water, protein shake, eggs, olives, tuna salad
6/15 - coffee, Splenda, milk, pizza, beer, chips
6/16 - Diet Coke, Coke Zero, water, whiskey, sake, beer, fried chicken, cold cuts
6/17 - coffee, Splenda, milk, iced tea, cheese, water, chocolate, peanut butter
6/18 - coffee, Splenda, milk, jamon curado, chorizo, jamon serrano, beef hot dogs, mayo, water
6/19 - coffee, Splenda, milk, protein shake, pork hot dogs, mayo, cheese, Ranch dressing, peanut butter, Diet Coke
6/20 - coffee, Splenda, milk, chicken hot dogs, cheese, mayo, steak, water, cream cheese
6/21 - coffee, Splenda, milk, chicken salad, mozzarella, water, bacon, tuna fish
6/22 - coffee, Splenda, milk, water, whiskey, Diet Coke
6/23-26 - multiple farewell & birthday gatherings, much junk food and liquor, basically an abortion of poor dietary choices & no food tracking... have pulled out of that particular nosedive today.  Onwards.

Monday, June 25, 2012


6/25 - chins x21/15, PruFit - deadlifts 12/10/8/6/4/2/max, scott presses 4x10 + partner resistance, chins 2x max

6/24 - rest/free/off

6/23 - 3x2m rounds shadowboxing alternate w/3x2 m rounds bag work, 2x weighted chins + chins

6/22 - 1m treadmill run 7:55, 30m stretching, 75m grappling/jitss

"Now get me a tumbler of scotch and some hookers."