Friday, November 20, 2015

"'He or she' is a an agenderphobic microaggression, Sharon."

 South Park is killing it this season.

Training - "Too many people believe their mommy’s and think they are the outliers. Chances are you are average as fuck. Work hard and smart."

11/20 - deadlifts [PR 485, repPR 335x15, chalk/belt/mixed grip]
Back at it today after 4 deload wkouts + a sick day... 
11/9 - press, chins 
11/11 - deadlifts, leg raises
11/13 - bench, seated row
11/16 - squats, situps
11/18 - sick day

Increasing Volume of Supplemental and Assistance Work - "The problem with the increase in assistance work is that everyone wants to have their cake and eat it  too. It doesn’t work like that – you can’t be strong like a powerlifter, fast as sprinter, and as big as a linebacker. Well, you can, but these people are so rare that teams pay them millions of dollars and television stations have billion dollar contracts to broadcast them to you. They’re called  professional football players, and if you’re one of them, you aren’t reading this, as you’re too busy counting your  money and cracking skulls. Too many people believe their mommy’s and think they are the outliers. Chances are you are average as fuck.  Work hard and smart."

Amazing 60 Year Old Training - "“The only way you can live your life to the fullest is to be as healthy as you can be… That’s why I train.”"

LIFT-RUN-BANG: Beginner lessons - Early mistakes to avoid: "Newflash.  If you want to be jacked like Dwayne Johnson, be prepared to put in a couple of decades of hard work, take some anabolics, and go through phases where you were chubby, then lean, then chubby, then lean again.  None of this happens in a few months, or even a few years.  And no routine is going to make you "look like someone".  Last time I checked, your dad banged your mom and created you."

Point and Counterpoint.

Honest Trailers/Star Wars - "Wait. So Hayden Christensen's acting choices were intentional? Whoa."

In hindsight, Luke was pretty damned whiny.

"She's hot. I trust her."

Cumberbatch FTW.

Ron Gets It.

Ron Paul Liberty Report: "No more war profiteering! That should be our slogan."
Image via Exist Responsibly

Sunday, November 15, 2015

"I seem to be a verb." - Buckminster Fuller

See also Grant Morrison, personality & fiction suits.  Conflict avoidance is not a core personality trait; it’s malleable according to circumstance « Random Xpat Rantings: "Many of the personality traits you describe are malleable. Operant conditioning can make dramatic personality changes, and people can find that they are not the same person they were five years ago. My personality routinely is dramatically different than five years ago. Avoidance of conflict is something I can point to in myself as something that has dramatically changed since I was in my twenties, and even thirties. It changed through having conflicts. I just got used to it, plus routinely found benefit in conflict. It’s still more pleasant not to have conflict, as I don’t have the pathology of having a high conflict personality, however I’m now very quick to initiate conflict – even extreme conflict – when I feel it required. And of course that’s a huge help."

If you can get outworked by Neil Cavuto, just give up.

Everybody needs a side hustle.