Friday, April 13, 2012

"Everything's ridiculous." - Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan remains my philosopher king.  If I had one of those.

"It's all ridiculous. It's not that being a Muslim isn't ridiculous but being a Jew is. Everything's ridiculous. Being a Catholic's ridiculous, being a Protestant is ridiculous, being a Baptist is ridiculous, being a Buddhist is ridiculous, being an anything is ridiculous. You attach yourself and your mind to any ideology and you're going to be on a road, and that road may or may not lead you in a good direction, but you're gonna stay on that road if you're attached to an ideology, and it could be a terrible road... a predetermined pattern of behavior that makes life that much more simple. That's what every fucking religion is! The problem is no one knows. You can not know. You can have your own beautful personal experiences - you could have been the person who was actually touched by god - and it's not that yoga is the answer or that fucking mushrooms are the answer - there's just questions. The human race is stuck in a giant quagmire when it comes to our behavior and our thinking about our behavior and until we're honest about that, we're never gonna evolve...
...religion can give you some inspiration... but there comes a certain point in time when you've got to pop the training wheels off... recognize that all this morality you've developed is good because it's good to treat other people good... there's a reason for it, and that reason is we're connected in some strange way that we don't totally understand. And unless you are good to other people around you... you're not going to fucking enjoy this life. You're just not.

We know how to organize our health yet very few people do it... the right path to being a happy, healthy person is to do all the shit we already know you're supposed to do. Take care of your body, take care of your health, take care of your mind, your stress, meditate, be kind to people... ask anybody, they know how to get by and be most evolved version of you that you can be. Healthy foods in you body. Eat many, many vegetables, a lot of good quality protein, a lot of water - stop the sodas, stop the bullshit - start working out your body and get a better sense of how this machine feels when it's moving, when it's flowing better, there's less tension in it, your mind feels like it's relaxed and you enjoy every single moment of the day better. Step One. Everybody knows that step, right? What's Step Two? Be cool to people. Be nice to as many people as you can. Smile at as many people as you can... tip well when you go to restaurants, just do the most you can. What else? Do what you want to do with your life... don't get locked into doing something crazy because you need the money, don't do that. Do what you want to do. Do what the fuck is it that you really want to do. Because if someone else is doing it, you can do it...

Everyone makes their own path through this world but a lot of people don't follow the path that they really fucking feel pulled to. For whatever reason they got negative programming, you know, when they were kids someone told them they couldn't do it or told them to take the shortcut or take the sure route - that's a sad thing, man. When you talk to dudes, especially talented dudes and they don't follow up with what they want to do..."

"Manual of Evasion."

"Manual of a Evasion LX94 a feature film directed by Edgar Pêra. shot in Lisbon 1994 with Terence Mckenna Robert Anton Wilson & Rudy Rucker."

"I believe that process in the universe is not driven from the events of the past but rather drawn towards a kind of transcendental attractor that is ahead of us in time." Terence Mckenna
"How can we control the rhythm of our time? The techniques are two, my friend. The control of the breath... but more importantly, the use of hallucinogenic plants..." Terence Mckenna
"Can the future affect the present? Can the present affect the past? Well, according to Bell's Theorem it can. According to Bell's Theorem everything in the universe affects everything else everywhichway in spacetime..." - Robert Anton Wilson
"Even so, there's the persistent delusion that time is being used up and you can't go back to the past." - Rudy Rucker

"Biological time, that's what Einstein calls subjective time, it's your inner time... but this clock time that the English invented is an attempt to get you out of the pub and back to work before it's good for a man to leave the pub." - Robert Anton Wilson
"We've created an engine of destruction that no one knows how to stop because it appeals to the worst in us. Product fetishism, that's what capitalism is all about. Getting people to identify personal well being with the possession of physical objects. The only way we can satisfy everyone's desire for products is to cut down the rain forests, dig the mines deeper, run the factories 24 hours a day and then we can give people all this junk that they think they want. But it turns out it's not satisfying. It creates neurosis..." Terence Mckenna

Q - "I'd like to ask you why you do drugs." A - "Different drugs for different things." - Hunter S. Thompson

Great breakdown of the 'War on [Some] Drugs [Users]' insanity, the evolution of consciousness, the positive uses of psychedelics, the technological singularity, the fallacy of authority, broken political systems, geopolitics and, of course, the meaning of life.

"23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?"

Short answer = exercise.  Great presentation & talk, worth checking out in full.

"Is the Catholic Church a Force for Good?"

Stephen Fry:  "What what [Jesus] think of St. Peter's? What would he think of the wealth and the power and the self-justification and the wheedling apologists?"

"Limbo... the idea that babies that were unbaptized would not know heaven... Sometimes as little as 2/3 of a year's salary could ensure that a dead loved one would go to heaven. And money could ensure that your baby, your dead child... could go to heaven..."
"We must remember... that the church is very loose on moral evils because although they try to accuse people like me who believe in empiricsim and the Enlightenment of somehow what they call moral relativism - as if it's some appalling sin - where what it actually means is *thought.*  They, for example, thought that slavery was perfectly fine. Absolutely okay. And then, they didn't. They thought, until the year 2000, that a baby went to Limbo, causing unbelievable distress to parents whose child died, unbelievable distress, and then with a wave of hand and a stamp of a seal, it was no longer true. Something that had been eternally, or at least true for 2000 years, suddenly wasn't.

Because the truth is complicated.

It's hard.

And what is the point of the Catholic Church if it says:
'Oh, we couldn't have known better because nobody else did.' 

Then. What. Are. You. For?"

True Story, Bro.

"It all comes down to.."

Warren Ellis Speaks Clever.

"That is what death means."

I remember you - Roger Ebert's Journal:

"That is what death means. We exist in the minds of other people, in thousands of memory clusters, and one by one those clusters fade and disappear. Some years from now, at a funeral with a slide show, only one person will be able to say who we were. Then no one will know."

"Ideas come from a race of action superheroes that live in all of our heads..."

You have to love Grant Morrison.

EXCLUSIVE: Morrison Unleashes Muscle Mystery in "Flex Mentallo" Collection - Comic Book Resources:
"You pose the eternal question of "where do ideas come from" in the pages of "Flex Mentallo." So, where do your ideas come from?
That was really the main question of the book. And it's one of the questions that writers always get asked. And I thought in that book, I would at least try and answer it. Ideas come from a race of action superheroes that live in all of our heads, so I guess that's where they come from.
Do you believe in superheroes?
I have to believe. I've been making a living off of them for the past 30 years. I better believe."

"Rethink Your Drink."

And the reason for the explosion of Adult Onset Diabetes in America is...


4/13 - P90X 5 Legs & Back, Abs - 60m clinch work, plumb/pummel/standing submissions, joint lock flows

4/12 - P90X 4 Yoga X, 38m.  Yoga X still, easily, the most difficult, not to mention lengthiest [at 90m] P90X workout.  Highly advanced, technical, fast paced, with no scaling cues whatsoever - it seems designed to break your will and punish you.  Well, me anyways.  Last year when I did a round of P90X I substituted some other yoga workouts for Yoga X and will probably do that again starting next week through the first two months/phases.  Revisit Yoga X at the beginning of the last 30 days/phase III of the program.
PruFit - 8 rounds x 6 pullups, 8 pushups, 10 situps, 12 squats + sprint

4/11 - P90X 3 Shoulders & Arms, Abs [6 ex] - jump rope 5x2m rounds, 10m jog, pullups 2x10

Inspirational & ridiculously awesome symmetry.

Funny.  Also impressive.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


4/10 - P90X 2 Plyometrics - 60m grappling

4/9 - P90X 1 - Chest & Back, Abs [5 ex]
PruFit - Sledgehammer/Tire + Run

4/8 - P90X Fit Test RHR 60 Pullups 18 Vertical 14 Pushups 45 Toe Touch 2 Wall Squat 90 Curl 30x14 In & Outs 60

4/7 - 3x10 [giant set] dips, presses, chins

4/6 - 5x3m rounds skipping rope - 60m grappling

Cooking/Food Log.

4/2 - coffee w/Splenda & coconut milk x2, protein shake, omega, multi, neuro, steak, eggs, peanut butter, water
4/3 - coffee w/Splenda & coconut milk x2, water, protein shake, omega, multi, neuro, squid [bought by mistake, ate a bit, but it was not good... didn't finish], hot dogs, cheese, ranch, almonds
4/4 - coffee w/Splenda & coconut milk x2, lunch meat w/cheese & mayo, water, neuro, omega, peanut butter, eggs w/cheese & salsa, bacon
4/5 - coffee w/Splenda & milk, lunch meat/mayo, peanut butter, water, candy, Coke, cookies
4/6 - coffee w/Splenda & milk x2, water, neuro, omega, multi, beer x1, [following not pictured] white wine, shrimp & chicken skewers, birthday cake, candy
4/7 - Diet Coke x4, chocolate milk x2, beer x2, potato chips, fried chicken, fries, biscuit, rum & Diet Coke, brownie & ice cream
4/8 - Diet Coke x3, cheese, cookies, crackers, Jack & Diet Coke, neuro, cake, milk

Off/rest week this week as I loosened up the diet/deloaded the PT.  Tighter next week.

In a week of dinner meetings and dining out, the only thing I threw together for my other half...