Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wrong, but funny.

And having grown up in a Marine town, and having done my own 5 years in - it's also not entirely inaccurate.


5/17 - P90X 32 Yoga X

5/16 - P90X 31 Back & Biceps, Abs

Monday, May 14, 2012


5/14 - P90X 29 Chest, Shoulder, Tris & Abs

Odd, in that working out on vacation early last week was relatively simple, but coming back to Liberia on Thursday AM led to a 4 day abortion of poor food choices/lack of exercise.  So we're gonna have Sherman set the WABAC machine for last Monday and travel back in time to redo last week's P90X. Takes the wiggle room out of the last two months, but that's how that goes.  Onwards.

Awesome progress/results. I must work harder.

Condescending Wonka has your number.

Meme time, ya'll.