Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Training - 'I say "Fuck you Jobu", I do it myself.'

7/18 - stretch
7/17 - deadlifts, situps, back raise, stretch
7/16 - stretch
7/15 - stretch
7/14 - press, chins, dips, stretch
7/13 - gtg/coct grip & chins, kb bottoms up press, stretch
7/12 - stretch
7/11 - jumps, power cleans, squats, lunge, cable curls, pushdowns, stretch
7/10 - bench, chins, pushups, situps, back raise, gtg/coct grip & chins, stretch
7/9 - stretch
7/8 - stretch
7/7 - jumps, deadlifts, situps, back raise, pushdowns, seated row, stretch
7/6 - stretch, kb swings & getups, bottoms up presses, chins
7/5 - jumps, presses, chins, dips, cable curls, pushdowns, situps, hip thrust, stretch
7/4 - stretch
7/3 - jumps, power cleans, squats, lunges, cable curl, pushdowns, stretch
7/2 - stretch
7/1 - stretch

‪‪International Yoga Day‬: India's oldest yogini V Nanammal, 98, says you shouldn't work up a sweat during yoga — Quartz: "If you’re a power yoga enthusiast or a hot yoga buff with the ability to pull off 100 surya namaskaras (sun salutations) in one go, India’s oldest yoga teacher wants you to know you’re doing it all wrong. V Nanammal, the 98-year-old yoga expert from the southern state of Tamil Nadu, believes that, in its true form, yoga isn’t about rigorous activity or getting all sweaty and breathless; it’s about peace and relaxation, and this is what she’s been practicing every day for nearly a century. Despite her age, Nanammal can effortlessly curl into any yoga asana you name, an ability that’s earned her accolades and awards. To this day, she’s never stepped into a hospital and seems healthier than most millennials, for all their dieting and exercise. She’s now become a celebrity in the yoga, and wellness world and videos of her performing complicated aasanas have gone viral, attracting millions of views."

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