Friday, July 13, 2012


7/13 - treadmill 2.5m/20:36, power cleans 5x5, cable rows 4x10 + 1x15 partials, rear delt cable 4x10, suitcase deadlift hold 2x max time, wrist curl/rv wrist curls 2xburnout

7/12 - 10x10 pushups, 5x10 band presses/strap rows/band curls/strap tri x/glute bridge, 2x25 floor hyperx/crunches/air squats/calf raise, finisher - strap/door chins 2x10

7/11 - 50m grappling/jiu jitsu - 2x10 door/strap chins

7/10 - treadmill 2m/17:00 - deadlifts 10x10 - 60m grappling/jiu jitsu

7/8 & 7/9 - no PT/apt pack out

Awesome Work - - Body Transformation: Dis This!

Food Log.

Prepping to leave Liberia, diet is all over the place, probably will continue to be for the next week with brunches, farewells, airplane food and getting back into the US indulgences.  Try to not go too crazy - and when I do I'll make sure to punish myself, in keeping with the Catholic guilt and shame I was raised with.  Joking!  A little...  Really looking forward to getting back to a land of food choices, fresh fruits and vegetables and where my diet isn't determined by what fell off the truck in southern Europe...

6/27 - coffee, Splenda, milk, eggs, salsa, cheese, water, tuna salad, mixed nuts
6/28 - coffee, Splends, milk, water, chicken, mixed nuts
6/29 - coffee, Splenda, chicken, mixed nuts, Jack Daniel's, Pepsi Max, water, chorizo, camembert, brie
6/30 - Starbucks Frappacino, water, scrambled eggs, deviled eggs, fries, aspic, spinach dip, Bloody Mary, water, Diet Pepsi, quesadilla, cheese sandwiches
7/1 - Pepsi Max, Pepsi Light, peanut butter, chocolate, whiskey, ginger ale, cheese sandwich, ramen
7/2 - coffee, Splenda, milk, Starbucks Frappacino, whiskey, chicken, avocado, onion
7/3 - Pepsi Max, chicken, avocado, whiskey, ginger ale, vodka, V8, chorizo, bacon, water
7/4 - coffee, Splenda, milk, eggs, Spam, avocado, ginger ale, water, peanut butter, farewell dinner [decadent and comprehensive - much tasty, not good for you, food]
7/5 - water, Splenda, Spam, peanut butter, breaded chicken w/mayo & ranch
7/6 - coffee, Splenda, milk, water, double cheeseburger, chips, brie, camembert, chorizo, jamon serrano, beer, ice cream
7/7 - Coca Cola Light, water, 1 year old birthday party food, pizza & ice cream
7/8 - coffee, Splenda, milk, Mexican layered dip/salad, wine
7/9 - coffee, Splenda, milk, Coca Cola Light, protein shake, cream of broccoli soup, chicken, cake, ice cream, Coca Cola
7/10 - coffee, Splenda, milk, Coca Cola Light, cake, cream of broccoli soup, chicken, ranch, chicken fingers, Dr Pepper, Coca Cola, water
7/11 - coffee, Splenda, milk, cheese, mayo, chicken, water
7/12 - coffee, Splenda, milk, water, chicken tajine, couscous, Moroccan bread, beer