Friday, August 29, 2008

Megumi Fujii, Japan's Best Female Fighter. *Updated*

IMHO, of course. But, you know, undefeated.

"Megumi 'Mega Megu' Fujii (藤井 恵 Megumi Fujii, born April 26, 1974) is a female Japanese mixed martial artist (MMA).

Fujii is considered one of the best female MMA fighters in the world. She specializes mainly in submission fighting, and is renowned for her quick takedowns and submissions. Her most popular move is the Inazuma Toe Hold submission, dubbed the Megulock. Megumi also holds a black belt in Judo and Jiu-Jitsu, and was trained in MMA by Shooto veteran Hiroyuki Abe and Pro Wrestler, PRIDE Fighting Championships alumni, former UFC Heavyweight Champion, and King of Pancrase, Josh Barnett."

*Updated because Sherdog keeps changing their website/links/pics, so the old ones I had posted/linked here no longer worked. And apparently, this post gets hits... according to the sitemeter, anyways.*

"Do You Overspend on Gifts?"


The Simple Dollar » Do You Overspend on Gifts? Six Things to Think About Before Striking Again:
"Overspending is not love."
Wait, what?

[Totally a problem for me {amongst many.}]

"Pfft (There Is No God); Bigfoot is real though."


TopatoCo: Pfft (There Is No God) Shirt:
"A parody shirt of those parody shirts that use soda pop iconography to make Christianity cool. Every beast devours its own tail."

Wow is England Fucked Up.

Civilians given power to issue on-the-spot fines - Telegraph:
"Despite lacking formal police training, hundreds of civilians have been made part of the "extended police family" by the Home Office under little-known legislation.

They have not been asked to wear any special uniforms to identify themselves, but must wear only a badge that can be as small as 73mm x 80mm.

The disclosure that hundreds of civilians have been given enforcement powers drew accusations that the Government is encouraging the spread of unaccountable policing.

The Home Office revealed yesterday that more than 1,600 non-police officers have been given enforcement powers under its so-called Community Safety Accreditation Schemes.

The schemes, introduced in 2002 legislation, give chief constables the power to serve penalty notices for activities including disorder, truancy, cycling on pavements, littering and dog fouling. They can also be used for seizing alcohol from under-age drinkers and to demand people's names and addresses..."

'Political Correctness Has Ruined Country Humor'

Ah, "country humor"... a euphemism for...?

Hit & Run > 'Political Correctness Has Ruined Country Humor' - Reason Magazine:
"At a Harlan, Kentucky, grocery store last week, perennial gubernatorial candidate Otis "Bullman" Hensley encountered a woman with her two nieces, ages 11 and 13. He offered to trade a "fattening hog" for the girls, a variation on an old Appalachian joke meant as a compliment. The woman evidently didn't get it. A.P. reports that "the family obtained a warrant for Hensley's arrest from the local prosecutor, claiming the comment was intended to entice the children into illegal sexual activity."

...If the hog-for-girl swap is representative, I won't mourn the loss of country humor too much. I'm more worried about the way sex crime hysteria has perverted the law. "In Kentucky," A.P. explains, "citizens can obtain arrest warrants simply by filing a complaint with local prosecutors," and "no investigation is necessary for police to make an arrest when the charge involves an alleged sexual offense.""

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Internet is Awesome - Motivational Subversion.

I don't care if they are played out, I love these faux motivational posters. Subversion? Check? Subversion of retarded corporate "motivation"? Win.

Click to enlarge, if so required.