Saturday, July 21, 2012

Food Log.

7/13 - coffee, milk, Splenda, protein shake, beer, Indian food, ice cream, rum
7/14 - coffee, milk, Splenda -- brunch & Game of Thrones day of gluttony & alcoholism
7/15 - fried chicken, fries, chicken strips, Coca Cola, water
7/16 - coffee, milk, Splenda, mixed nuts, water, protein shake, pizza, beer
7/17 - coffee, milk, Splenda, water, beer, chicken cheese, ranch
7/18 - coffee, milk, Splenda, Coca Cola Light, wine, cheese, bread, butter, coffee, whiskey, meats, cake, olives
7/19 - Coca Cola Light, water, protein shakes, milk, BLT Chicken sandwich, cheese fries, ranch
7/20 - water, Splenda, beer, chicken, fries, roll, Coke Zero, beef, french fries, bread, butter, shrimp, salad, Thai curry soup, wine, champagne, mixed nuts, rice, mango tart, bloody mary


7/21 - 100 burpees for time [w/pushup] 10:39 - Finisher 10 extra burpees

7/20 - 30x pushups, deep breathing 1, dynamic tension pulldown, deep breathing 2, waist twists, dynamic tension pull aparts, glute bridge, neck nods/rotations, calf raise - wall squat 1m

Motivational Baddassery.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


7/19 - treadmill/mile run 8:03, 4x10 leg press, pullovers, hyperx

7/18 - dead hang chinups x26 [new PR] - PruFit Team tire flips [250]/plank/laps

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


7/17 - 2 hours grappling/jiu-jitsu

7/16 - chinups x23, PruFit [2 rounds x25] situps/pushups/hyperx/ballistic med ball press, neutral grip pullup finisher

7/15 - rest/off

7/14 - 15m Death By Chinup/BW Row - chins 1 to 10, bw row 11 to 15

Be Optimistic.

It's funny, I grew up in Eastern NC, and knowing this was going on an hour or so away at the same time I was grinding through HS is an interesting thing to wrap my mind around.  I wonder how my life would have turned out had I been exposed to Wilson's ideas at a much earlier age.  Feel oddly - is wistful the right word? - when I consider it. A RAW visit to North Carolina's Triangle region:
"While many people cling to a grim and depressing view of the world around them, and have evidence to support them in the acts of governments, among others, Bob suggests that the really important changes are being made by people working in such fields as computers, consciousness change, nutrition, and others, and that they are making breakthroughs that will give us a world so good that even the politicians can't mess it up."

"Like what you like, enjoy what you enjoy, and don't take crap from anybody." - Robert Anton Wilson

Embrace you inner geek, whatever it is.  Own that shit and love your life.

[These are awesome.]