Friday, October 14, 2011

"Right now, you are making a choice..."

"Right now, you are making a choice.  It may not seem like a large and terrible choice, but in the long term, it may well be.  You are choosing whether you will be the master of your own fate, with the power to create what you will from the world - or whether you will simply... get by.  Unremarkable.  Complacent.  Mediocre.

Mediocrity is a terrible fate."

From the latest Harry Dresden novel - Ghost Story.  Good read, btw.

"Please Don't Die."

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Haven't posted up one of these in several weeks, so this'll be lengthy for the sake of completeness...

10/13 - 20m HIIT shadowboxing 10/12 - LBW - goblet squat, sissy squats, RDL, hip thrusts, calf raises, angled calf raises, mason twists, crunches 10/11 - 20m HIIT heavy bag 10/10 - UBW DB bench, dips, laterals, push press, 1A DB row, chins, overheadx, tri pushups, 1A alt DB curls, hammer curls, shrugs, hyperxtensions, stretching 10/9 thru 10/3 was the week of self pitying, indulgent bullshit.  No workouts.  That's over now.  10/2 - rest/free/off 10/1 - LBW - legx, sissy squats, hip thrusts, elevated hip thrusts, calf raises, crunches, leg raises 9/30 - 20m HIIT treadmill 9/28 - bench, fly, seated press, push press, wide grip pulldowns, rv grip pulldowns, floorx, tri pushups, curls, hammer curls 9/27 - 20m HIIT treadmill 9/26 - LBW - squats, legx, RDL, leg curls, calf raises, angled cr, twisting situps, DB mason twists 9/25 - 20m HIIT treadmill 9/24 - rest/free/off 9/23 - UBW - bench, fly, seated DB press, push press, DB row, chins, floorx, tri pushups, curls, hammer curls 9/22 - 20 HIIT treadmill 9/21 - 20m HIIT treadmill 9/20 - LBW - squats, legx, RDL, leg curls, calf raises, angled cr, twisting situps, mason twist 9/19 - rest/free/off 9/18 - UBW - DB fly, strap fly, seated DB laterals, up rows, 1A DB rows, chins/pulls, overheadx, strap tri, 1A DB curls, hammer curls 9/17 - 20m HIIT heavy bag, chins/dips  9/16 - LBW - goblet squat, step back lunges, rdl, glute bridge, seated & standing calf raises, twisting situps, med ball mason twist, med ball drops  9/15 - 20m HIIT heavy bag  9/14 - UBW - db bench, dips, seated db press, push press, 1A db row, chins/pullups, overhead x, tri pushups, curls, hammer curls  9/13 - HIIT heavy bag  9/12 - LBW - goblet squat, sissy squat, sldl, glute bridge, standing & seated calf raises, twisting decline situps, med ball mason twists  9/11 - chins, pushups, dips, rows, rebounder, mobility/stretching

Motivating pics.

38 year old mother of two.  Lawyer.  [Awesome back development, too.]
48 years old.

A doctor.  50 years old.  That's 5-0.

To sum up the last 3 pics:  NO FUCKING EXCUSES.

consistent workouts
consistent clean eating
5-6 small meals a day
eating every 2.5-3 hours
water with every meal
no sugar
no alcohol
no supplements
“You are Braver than you Believe, Smarter than you Seem, and Stronger than you Think.” ~ Winnie the Pooh"

"The mother of all before and after pictures.  A friend of mine posted the photo on the left on his Facebook page. I lost a photo album of mine with all pictures of me from this era. The photo on the left is a little over 15 years old. I am 34 years old, 168 pounds and maybe 11 percent body fat, with a drink in my hand which was de rigor for me back then... The photo on the right is me weeks before my 50th birthday. 200 pounds even and 8 percent body fat...  To add insult to injury, the new me could kick the younger me's living ass. Badly. Moral of the story: Don't you people give me any sh!t about "I'm getting older and miss my youth blah, blah, f-cking blah." I seriously don't want to hear it. Get off your soft, liver-spotted asses and do something. Not tomorrow, today. Class dismissed."

Random LOLs.

The internets has continued on in my somewhat limited absence.  I am amused.