Monday, August 13, 2012

Food Log.

Vacation indulgence continues...
8/5 - coffee w/half & half, beer, pizza
8/6 - coffee w/half & half, water, protein shake, Coke Zero, Starbucks Mocha Energy drink, Diet A&W, fried chicken, BBQ, chocolate
8/7 - Diet A&W, fried chicken, BBQ, coffee w/half & half, coconut water, bacon cheeseburger, french fries, Mr Pibb Zero, Coke Zero
8/8 - coffee w/half & half, protein shake, rum, Diet Coke, chicken, steak, mixed salad w/ranch, mayo
8/9 - coffee w/half & half, milk, 2 Hardee's low carb burgers, Diet Coke, Pop Tarts, green drink, roast beef, steak, chocolate milk, cookies
8/10 - Diet Dr Pepper, green drink, donuts, protein shake, Diet Coke, ribs, chicken, salad w/ranch, biscuits w/butter, chocolate bar
8/11 - coconut water, fried chicken, BBQ, beer, Diet Coke, sliders, pizza, cheesesticks
8/12 - coffee w/cream, coconut water, beer, steak, fried shrimp, salad w/ranch, grilled chicken
8/13 - UCC can coffee, coconut water, bloomin' onion, avocado & crab dip & chips, steak, lobster, bread & butter, sweet potato fries, Coke Zero, beer

"Losing weight makes you look good in clothes. Exercise and nutrition make you look good naked."

Sunday, August 12, 2012


8/12 - suspension trainer chins 2x10/3x5 - 20m shadowboxing intervals

8/11 - 1.8m jog/windsprints x8

8/10 - push/pull supersets - wg pullup/wg pushup 5x8/16, pushup/pullup 3x8/16, chins/cg pushup 2x8/16 - zercher squats w/heavy bag 3x5

8/9 - 60m stretching/recovery

8/8 - suspension trainer - chins x100 [pyramid to 5, back to 1, repeat the circuit 4x], bw angled rows 10x10 - walking lunges x100

Pretty tight pad work by an uber-fit bad ass.

No, internet, *you're* awesome.