Friday, July 19, 2013


7/19 - T-Nation VALERIA Strength and Conditioning Test.  21 reps on Bench, Deadlift, Pullups & Curls for the proscribed/scaled weight for my bodyweight.  Holy Moly, that was tough.  Results - 26:20 at Level 1 scaled at a BW of 191lb/87kg.  At least I made the "Can't complete the Good level with the weight and reps suggested in under 30 minutes?  Sorry, you're not a strength athlete" cut off.  That would have been an ego crusher.  Bench was easy, the deadlifts were brutal.  Basically had to do 21 singles.  Easily what took the longest.  Pullups and curls were okay, but at that point exhaustion and conditioning were the biggest factor.  Going to do this, let's say, every 3 months.  I like it as a good overall strength & conditioning benchmark.

Then I came home and max rep checked my pullups and pushups - 17 & 45, respectively. Taking the next 2 months to focus on getting those numbers back up. Goal 50 & 100. Go Big or What's the Point?

Never too old.  Never too late.  Never give up.  
"These age 50-plus men and women aren't planning for retirement—they're pumping iron, rocking swimsuits, and getting spray tans. On Saturday, the 2013 NPC Southern States Championships in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was teeming with women over 50. "When you hear the word 'bikini' you think of younger women, but older women can be in shape, too," organizer Peter Potter told Yahoo! Shine. "Although we have some open categories for all ages, we added 'over 50' because there was such a demand for it." Check out photos of these superfit contestants, then dust off your gym membership...  The oldest man who competed in the show was 75," said Potter."

"Mary Dent, 53, the winner of the over-50 bikini category. "I have three kids, ages 24, 13, and 10...""

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