Thursday, July 18, 2013


7/18 - last week I caught the video below of the woman absolutely destroying 25 chins & 50 pushups in 1:30 and likewise tried it for time [last Friday] but hit the wrong button on my timer and didn't get a proper read...  thought it was around 2:45 or so...

Anyway, caught her follow up video where she shaved 10sec off her time [also below] and was absolutely crushed today when I tried it again and it took me 3:05.  Ego.  Checked.  

So, today's PT - 25 chins/50 pushups for time - 3:05 -- then throughout the day gtg protocol, superset chins/pushups x13/26, 14/28, 13/26, 12/24 - gtg superset ng chins/pushups 3x10/20, 2x6/12, 13/26

Think I'm going to keep doing that 25/50 for time at least once a week until I can get it down to about 1:30 or so...

7/17 - hyperextensions, squats, calf raises, leg press, calf press, ab knee ups, crunches

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