Tuesday, July 16, 2013


7/16 - press, bench, dips, lateral raises/3 directions, wrist curls/ext/abduction/adduction

Remember the scale is just a tool - Before And After Fat Loss | eternalbones Height: 4’10 / Before: 102 / After:...:
"eternalbones Height: 4’10 / Before: 102 / After: 99 This is proof that scales are useless at measuring progress that one’s made in their fitness journeys. Although I’m only 3 pounds lighter, much of the fat on my body has been replaced with lean muscle mass. In 2012, I went from 120 lbs to 92 lbs. There wasn’t much to my body back then in terms of fat and also in terms of muscle. After I gained some of the weight back, I decided to recommit myself to pursuing the body I want. I wanted to reveal my progress photo to illustrate that squats work, lifting / toning works, clean eating works and above all dedication pays off. I’m proud of how far I’ve overcome and achieved thus far; this is only the beginning. "

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