Friday, July 12, 2013


7/12 - hyperxt 4x15, shrugs 2x18/3x8, plate shrugs 3x20, neck nod/rot/dt x40, wrist curls/ext/abd/add 3x20/10/8/8, posterior wrist curls/rev curls 3x20/10, hammer curls 3x10, calf press single 3x8, calf press 3x10, knee ups x10/8, crunches x25/20 -- gtg hanging knee ups -- 25 chins & 50 pushups for time
"the **number one reason** anybody isn’t succeeding is because they’re bullshitting themselves into thinking they’re putting in a lot of effort when they’re not. and then they give up because its “not their thing”
What goes through my head whenever someone tells me ‘bro I lift and eat all the time, but I still look the same’."

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